htri, Finland TSP
Units: ng m-3
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Date 1982 Na Mg Al Cl Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn As Se Br Rb Mo In Sb I Cs Ba La Ce Sm Eu Lu Th
21-Feb 3.00E+02 4.20E+01 7.60E+01 1.95E+02 5.90E+01 1.03E-02 4.20E+00 6.10E+00 3.45E+00 6.60E+01 6.50E-02 1.56E+00 1.52E+00 1.43E+01 2.50E+00 1.23E-01 4.00E+01 2.60E-01 8.00E-02 3.60E-01 1.21E+00 2.10E-02 1.80E+00 5.80E-02 6.50E-02 3.50E-03 6.40E-03 2.50E-03 8.70E-03
22-Feb 2.70E+02 6.50E+01 1.27E+02 1.35E+02 6.80E+01 2.10E-02 1.01E+01 2.80E+00 2.40E-01 4.70E+00 9.60E+01 8.50E-02 8.20E-01 2.60E+00 1.56E+01 1.38E+00 6.20E-02 1.08E+01 5.70E-01 2.10E-01 1.10E-01 8.20E-01 2.50E-02 4.60E+00 9.00E-02 1.02E-01 6.30E-03 6.40E-03 2.60E-03 1.99E-02
23-Feb 2.20E+02 3.90E+01 1.00E+02 6.90E+01 7.70E+01 1.52E-02 1.19E+01 3.80E+00 8.60E+00 1.02E+02 2.50E-01 7.00E+00 7.70E+00 6.10E+01 1.67E+00 3.20E-01 1.18E+01 1.03E+00 1.37E+00 5.20E-03 4.40E-01 1.24E+00 5.80E-02 2.30E+00 1.11E-01 9.50E-02 5.80E-03 5.90E-03 1.50E-03 2.00E-02
24-Feb 1.51E+02 3.10E+01 5.10E+01 3.80E+01 4.60E+01 8.20E-03 1.18E+01 6.20E+00 7.30E-01 4.20E+00 4.55E+01 9.60E-02 2.80E+00 2.80E+00 3.00E+01 9.40E-01 2.20E-01 6.60E+00 3.00E-01 5.20E-01 2.80E-03 2.35E-01 7.80E-01 3.20E-02 1.30E+00 4.80E-02 4.40E-02 3.80E-03 3.50E-03 2.10E-03 8.70E-03
25-Feb 2.80E+02 8.00E+01 1.71E+02 1.14E+02 7.60E+01 3.40E-02 2.10E+01 3.90E+00 9.80E-01 3.65E+00 1.99E+02 4.95E-01 3.70E+00 3.70E+00 2.90E+01 2.60E+00 3.80E-01 2.50E+01 8.90E-01 4.60E-01 4.30E-03 3.60E-01 5.90E-01 6.70E-02 3.90E+00 1.30E-01 2.30E-01 8.70E-03 8.40E-03 2.40E-03 3.70E-02
26-Feb 3.40E+02 1.30E+02 2.70E+02 7.90E+01 2.40E+02 6.10E-02 1.47E+01 5.50E+00 1.44E+00 6.45E+00 2.30E+02 1.91E-01 3.00E+00 1.88E+00 3.10E+01 2.30E+00 1.64E-01 1.02E+01 1.17E+00 2.90E-01 7.00E-03 4.10E-01 1.06E+00 6.60E-02 6.10E+00 2.50E-01 4.00E-01 1.84E-02 1.08E-02 4.00E-03 5.70E-02
27-Feb 1.88E+02 6.30E+01 1.88E+02 2.60E+01 3.50E+02 3.20E-02 9.70E+00 1.30E+01 8.00E-01 5.25E+00 1.26E+02 8.80E-02 4.40E+00 4.20E+00 3.10E+01 1.85E+00 2.40E-01 7.20E+00 1.50E+00 3.50E-01 4.20E-03 5.10E-01 1.67E+00 1.10E-01 3.20E+00 2.10E-01 1.81E-01 1.28E-02 7.50E-03 2.90E-03 2.90E-02
28-Feb 1.43E+02 6.50E+01 8.10E+01 2.80E+01 8.50E+01 1.65E-02 5.10E+00 1.32E+01 3.30E-01 3.25E+00 7.20E+01 8.70E-02 5.20E+00 2.40E+00 2.70E+01 1.38E+00 3.30E-01 4.45E+00 9.50E-01 2.90E-01 3.10E-03 5.80E-01 1.15E+00 8.40E-02 2.30E+00 6.30E-02 1.33E-01 5.10E-03 6.90E-03 2.80E-03 1.78E-02
01-Mar 2.80E+02 4.00E+01 7.00E+01 2.50E+01 4.80E+01 1.51E-02 3.80E+00 1.42E+01 9.40E-01 6.80E+00 8.40E+01 1.36E-01 5.00E+00 5.50E+00 6.20E+01 3.40E+00 9.70E-01 7.50E+00 1.38E+00 5.10E-01 1.05E-02 1.34E+00 1.82E+00 1.51E-01 2.50E+00 7.20E-02 5.20E-02 5.60E-03 5.40E-03 1.37E-03 1.59E-02
02-Mar 2.10E+02 1.90E+01 6.60E+01 4.30E+01 1.93E-03 2.40E+00 3.80E+00 2.03E+00 8.00E+00 1.75E-02 1.77E+00 9.90E-01 1.01E+01 7.10E-01 1.98E-01 3.90E+00 2.70E-01 1.94E-01 2.40E-01 6.50E-01 5.30E-02 5.00E-02 4.70E-02 2.30E-03 5.40E-03 1.67E-03
03-Mar 3.30E+02 4.70E+01 4.20E+01 6.80E+01 4.60E+01 8.20E-03 3.10E+00 5.70E+00 1.22E+00 3.40E+00 5.90E+01 7.40E-02 3.20E+00 3.80E+00 1.77E+01 1.40E+00 3.30E-01 5.30E+00 4.60E-01 2.40E-01 2.60E-03 2.30E-01 8.30E-01 4.80E-02 2.90E+00 4.40E-02 4.30E-02 4.10E-03 4.40E-03 2.30E-03 5.80E-03
04-Mar 1.40E+02 1.36E+01 3.70E+01 3.50E+01 1.91E-03 4.00E+00 2.15E+00 1.22E+01 1.76E-02 1.89E+00 2.10E+00 1.12E+01 6.70E-01 1.75E-01 4.80E+00 3.00E-01 2.50E-01 1.33E-02 2.15E-01 5.40E-01 2.80E-02 1.28E+00 3.50E-02 5.60E-02 1.59E-03 4.40E-03 3.60E-03 4.00E-03
05-Mar 3.80E+02 4.70E+01 4.50E+01 1.40E+02 5.00E+01 8.60E-03 2.40E+00 3.90E+00 4.70E-01 3.10E+00 6.90E+01 2.60E-01 3.10E+00 4.50E+00 2.10E+01 1.26E+00 3.80E-01 8.00E+00 5.70E-01 1.97E-01 2.30E-03 2.05E-01 7.00E-01 3.60E-02 9.80E-01 6.60E-02 1.19E-01 5.20E-03 5.50E-03 2.40E-03 8.80E-03
06-Mar 3.50E+02 3.10E+01 3.00E+01 1.91E+02 4.10E+01 6.70E-03 3.70E+00 3.00E+00 1.34E+00 3.70E+01 1.21E-01 2.60E+00 5.00E+00 1.71E+01 1.73E+00 2.10E-01 1.55E+01 3.90E-01 1.67E-01 3.00E-03 3.25E-01 5.00E-01 5.50E-02 1.82E+00 5.80E-02 3.50E-02 3.00E-03 3.10E-03 1.64E-03 5.90E-03
07-Mar 6.00E+02 5.20E+01 3.40E+01 2.70E+02 5.00E+01 5.60E-03 5.80E+00 6.00E+00 2.55E+00 4.20E+01 5.50E-02 2.30E+00 2.60E+00 2.50E+01 7.70E-01 2.90E-01 2.40E+01 5.00E-01 1.81E-01 2.35E-01 1.58E+00 2.90E-02 3.10E-02 2.70E-02 2.40E-03 4.20E-03 1.56E-03 6.70E-03
08-Mar 5.90E+02 7.70E+01 3.00E+01 1.40E+02 5.70E+01 5.10E-03 3.80E+00 3.20E+00 6.60E+01 9.20E-02 1.63E+00 3.20E+00 3.90E+01 2.50E+00 3.50E-01 1.77E+01 3.10E-01 3.10E-01 4.10E-03 2.80E-01 1.41E+00 4.30E-02 3.60E+00 3.20E-02 4.30E-02 2.90E-03 4.20E-03 1.58E-03 4.80E-03
09-Mar 2.35E+02 1.08E+02 2.50E+02 1.28E+02 4.30E+02 5.60E-02 6.60E+00 2.20E+01 1.37E+00 8.60E+00 1.60E+02 1.73E-01 5.20E+00 2.90E+01 1.50E+00 4.50E-01 1.04E+01 1.40E+00 3.90E-01 3.60E-03 4.80E-01 2.20E+00 1.00E-01 4.70E+00 4.50E-01 3.20E-01 3.60E-02 5.60E-03 2.20E-03 4.50E-02
10-Mar 4.30E+02 1.50E+02 4.30E+02 8.40E+01 8.10E+02 7.10E-02 2.70E+01 1.52E+01 2.50E+00 1.22E+01 3.30E+02 1.92E-01 5.00E+00 4.40E+00 4.00E+01 1.28E+00 4.30E-01 9.00E+00 2.10E+00 5.20E-01 4.00E-03 4.50E-01 3.20E+00 1.53E-01 7.30E+00 3.40E-01 4.30E-01 4.90E-02 6.80E-03 4.00E-03 7.40E-02
11-Mar 4.95E+02 3.80E+01 2.30E+02 7.70E+01 1.84E+02 4.00E-02 1.08E+01 1.86E+01 1.64E+00 1.06E+01 2.10E+02 1.41E-01 5.90E+00 4.10E+01 8.30E-01 4.10E-01 4.50E+00 1.19E+00 2.60E-01 3.80E-01 1.24E+00 6.60E-02 2.80E+00 1.77E-01 2.70E-01 2.60E-02 6.50E-03 4.30E-02
12-Mar 3.30E+02 6.50E+01 3.20E+02 5.00E+01 1.23E+02 4.80E-02 1.48E+01 2.10E+01 1.56E+00 1.14E+01 1.95E+02 1.42E-01 6.90E+00 2.90E+00 3.20E+01 1.07E+00 5.70E-01 5.40E+00 1.20E+00 3.50E-01 4.85E-01 1.75E+00 8.60E-02 4.80E+00 2.30E-01 3.10E-01 3.30E-02 7.60E-03 2.10E-03 5.80E-02
13-Mar 8.50E+02 8.80E+01 1.61E+02 9.00E+01 2.30E+02 3.30E-02 1.49E+01 9.30E+00 7.70E-01 5.35E+00 9.25E+01 1.00E-01 2.50E+00 5.20E+00 1.95E+01 9.20E-01 4.60E-01 8.40E+00 8.50E-01 1.55E-01 2.40E-03 5.20E-01 1.51E+00 6.70E-02 2.60E+00 1.85E-01 1.55E-01 1.94E-02 3.30E-03 6.40E-04 2.70E-02
14-Mar 6.20E+02 7.00E+01 8.40E+01 1.25E+02 9.30E+01 2.50E-02 5.40E+00 7.00E+00 2.40E-01 3.40E+00 5.80E+01 8.60E-02 2.80E+00 2.30E+00 2.10E+01 1.28E+00 5.30E-01 9.00E+00 6.00E-01 2.80E-01 4.00E-03 5.60E-01 1.00E+00 6.40E-02 2.30E+00 1.31E-01 1.31E-01 8.20E-03 6.10E-03 2.20E-03 1.79E-02
15-Mar 2.10E+02 4.80E+01 9.70E+01 8.20E+01 1.35E+02 3.20E-02 6.40E+00 7.30E+00 3.80E+00 5.30E+01 7.90E-02 2.20E+00 2.30E+00 1.49E+01 1.43E+00 2.40E-01 5.70E+00 5.70E-01 1.96E-01 1.93E-03 3.25E-01 8.50E-01 5.40E-02 3.40E+00 2.60E-01 1.59E-01 1.37E-02 4.80E-03 1.72E-03 2.20E-02
16-Mar 4.55E+02 7.80E+01 1.69E+02 5.60E+01 2.10E+02 4.00E-02 6.60E+00 9.80E+00 1.17E+00 7.05E+00 1.39E+02 1.55E-01 4.70E+00 3.50E+00 4.00E+01 2.80E+00 9.30E-01 9.00E+00 8.30E-01 3.00E-01 5.70E-03 9.45E-01 1.57E+00 1.32E-01 5.20E+00 2.40E-01 1.93E-01 2.50E-02 5.20E-03 1.21E-03 3.10E-02
17-Mar 3.00E+02 5.10E+01 2.80E+02 1.20E+02 4.30E+02 5.30E-02 1.59E+01 1.61E+01 1.54E+00 1.22E+01 1.88E+02 1.45E-01 3.70E+00 4.70E+00 4.00E+01 3.60E+00 8.50E-01 1.18E+01 1.74E+00 3.60E-01 1.00E-02 1.14E+00 1.48E+00 1.79E-01 6.50E+00 4.10E-01 2.60E-01 3.70E-02 5.90E-03 2.10E-03 4.20E-02
19-Mar 3.80E+02 3.20E+02 8.10E+02 3.00E+01 7.10E+02 1.34E-01 4.70E+01 3.60E+01 3.60E+00 2.70E+01 6.75E+02 4.90E-01 8.10E+00 6.00E+01 6.80E+00 1.34E+00 1.87E+01 2.70E+00 4.70E-01 2.50E-02 2.05E+00 2.40E+00 1.90E-01 1.22E+01 5.30E-01 7.10E-01 7.90E-02 1.41E-02 3.80E-03 1.12E-01
20-Mar 1.98E+02 7.50E+01 2.90E+02 4.10E+01 3.20E+02 4.70E-02 1.83E+01 2.30E+01 2.50E+00 1.35E+01 2.95E+02 2.40E-01 5.30E+00 4.10E+01 5.00E+00 1.00E+00 1.06E+01 1.43E+00 5.00E-01 1.78E-02 1.43E+00 1.89E+00 1.26E-01 5.50E+00 2.40E-01 2.50E-01 2.60E-02 5.00E-03 1.08E-03 4.10E-02
21-Mar 3.20E+02 1.81E+02 4.70E+02 6.40E+02 6.40E-02 3.40E+01 2.50E+01 1.89E+00 1.42E+01 2.60E+02 2.25E-01 5.30E+00 4.60E+00 2.60E+01 3.50E+00 6.10E-01 9.60E+00 1.56E+00 5.70E-01 1.10E-02 8.80E-01 2.40E+00 1.14E-01 6.60E+00 3.20E-01 3.30E-01 4.60E-02 7.60E-03 2.20E-03 5.30E-02
22-Mar 4.85E+02 2.40E+02 7.60E+02 3.40E+01 5.00E+02 1.01E-01 2.20E+01 2.40E+01 2.10E+00 1.97E+01 4.20E+02 3.45E-01 7.80E+00 4.00E+01 3.10E+00 5.30E-01 1.21E+01 1.98E+00 3.50E-01 1.67E-02 6.75E-01 1.68E+00 1.65E-01 8.30E+00 5.50E-01 4.70E-01 6.50E-02 9.70E-03 3.40E-03 8.90E-02
23-Mar 2.85E+02 1.01E+02 2.60E+02 1.73E+02 3.60E-02 3.20E+01 1.73E+01 2.60E+00 1.80E+01 2.30E+02 1.96E-01 3.70E+00 6.00E+00 5.30E+01 4.20E+00 1.24E+00 7.10E+00 1.45E+00 5.80E-01 1.21E-02 1.07E+00 2.30E+00 1.54E-01 2.80E+00 1.61E-01 2.30E-02 4.40E-03 1.51E-03 3.30E-02
24-Mar 5.85E+02 1.84E+01 3.60E+01 1.82E+02 6.20E+01 5.20E-03 5.20E+00 4.70E+00 1.26E+00 5.95E+00 5.25E+01 1.26E-01 2.80E+00 3.50E+00 3.40E+01 2.00E+00 4.00E-01 5.15E+00 3.10E-01 4.60E-01 5.00E-03 4.10E-01 1.14E+00 2.00E-02 2.70E+00 3.80E-02 2.80E-02 5.20E-03 7.10E-03
25-Mar 5.45E+02 7.60E+01 5.50E+01 5.30E+02 4.80E+01 7.30E-03 3.10E+00 1.44E+00 1.90E+00 2.80E+01 1.40E-02 5.40E-01 1.87E+01 4.70E-01 4.40E-02 3.20E+00 3.10E-01 1.00E-01 6.85E-02 6.10E-01 2.30E-02 1.08E+00 3.80E-02 4.10E-02 3.70E-03 2.60E-03 2.00E-03 7.50E-03
26-Mar 1.88E+02 3.30E+01 1.15E+02 1.00E+02 6.80E+01 1.86E-02 6.40E+00 1.51E+00 2.90E+00 6.60E+01 2.70E-02 3.70E-01 1.47E+01 3.40E-01 5.50E-02 3.50E+00 4.20E-01 1.18E-01 6.00E-02 7.50E-01 3.60E-02 1.78E+00 1.01E-01 1.18E-01 7.80E-03 5.40E-03 1.03E-03 2.10E-02
27-Mar 7.30E+02 9.60E+01 1.21E+02 8.60E+02 7.50E+01 2.40E-02 1.30E+00 2.65E+00 8.20E+01 3.50E-02 3.20E+01 3.80E-01 6.60E-02 4.10E+00 4.30E-01 9.80E-02 4.05E-02 9.20E-01 1.99E-02 1.67E+00 8.50E-02 1.03E-01 7.50E-03 3.30E-03 1.76E-03 2.20E-02
28-Mar 6.45E+02 1.13E+02 2.10E+02 6.80E+02 1.16E+02 4.00E-02 1.10E+01 2.70E+00 8.30E-01 4.25E+00 1.42E+02 8.30E-02 1.09E+00 7.90E+00 3.40E-01 7.20E-02 4.60E+00 6.00E-01 8.40E-02 4.70E-02 1.00E+00 2.80E-02 3.00E+00 1.50E-01 2.60E-01 1.27E-02 6.40E-03 1.54E-03 3.80E-02
29-Mar 5.80E+02 2.80E+02 8.90E+02 3.65E+02 2.50E+02 2.20E-01 3.20E+01 4.00E+00 1.11E+00 1.06E+01 7.80E+02 4.90E-01 1.10E+00 1.57E+01 1.31E+00 1.28E-01 1.23E+01 2.80E+00 3.20E-01 2.65E-01 7.10E-01 1.14E-01 1.90E+01 8.20E-01 1.33E+00 6.00E-02 2.20E-02 5.10E-03 2.10E-01
30-Mar 5.50E+02 1.05E+02 1.89E+02 3.15E+02 1.08E+02 3.90E-02 1.98E+01 3.30E+00 3.85E+00 1.32E+02 7.40E-02 1.38E+00 1.38E+00 1.18E+01 5.80E-01 1.96E-01 5.60E+00 6.90E-01 2.20E-01 1.20E-03 1.46E-01 1.57E+00 3.80E-02 4.30E+00 1.82E-01 2.30E-01 1.42E-02 6.90E-03 1.84E-03 4.20E-02
31-Mar 7.30E+02 1.07E+02 1.58E+02 7.30E+02 9.80E+01 3.20E-02 4.80E+00 2.00E+00 2.85E+00 1.19E+02 7.10E-02 5.00E-01 9.00E+00 6.30E-01 1.00E-01 4.45E+00 5.80E-01 1.21E-01 7.30E-02 1.13E+00 2.90E-02 3.40E+00 1.02E-01 1.66E-01 9.10E-03 6.00E-03 1.09E-03 2.60E-02
15-Sep 2.82E+02 3.80E+01 5.90E+01 9.80E-03 6.60E+00 2.59E+00 2.86E+00 4.08E+00 7.30E+01 1.10E-01 2.93E+00 3.49E+00 3.08E+01 1.38E+00 5.60E-01 6.40E+00 3.80E-01 7.60E-01 1.30E-02 4.05E-01 1.33E+00 2.70E-02 2.36E+00 6.50E-02 9.20E-02 8.60E-03 1.70E-03 1.10E-03 1.10E-02
16-Sep 5.49E+02 1.27E+02 7.20E+01 1.69E+02 2.00E-02 4.80E+00 1.02E+00 2.00E+00 2.26E+00 1.22E+02 7.70E-02 1.26E+00 6.81E+00 3.40E-01 9.40E-02 6.30E+00 4.10E-01 3.10E-02 1.15E+00 1.20E-02 2.35E+00 5.30E-02 1.00E-01 8.80E-03 1.20E-03 9.50E-04 1.40E-02
17-Sep 3.51E+02 5.00E+01 3.28E+03 1.81E+02 2.50E-02 2.92E+01 1.76E+01 6.00E-01 3.68E+00 1.60E+02 1.35E-01 1.19E+00 2.30E+01 1.96E+01 4.70E-01 1.30E-01 1.23E+01 4.60E-01 2.40E-01 4.00E-03 1.75E-01 1.28E+00 1.70E-02 2.48E+00 7.20E-02 1.70E-01 1.30E-02 2.00E-03 7.30E-04 2.30E-02
18-Sep 2.20E+02 4.60E+01 1.55E+02 1.14E+02 4.00E-02 1.06E+01 3.90E+00 4.34E+00 5.62E+00 1.65E+02 1.65E-01 2.52E+00 3.84E+00 4.15E+01 2.20E+00 7.60E-01 9.30E+00 8.90E-01 6.10E-01 1.20E-02 8.10E-01 2.05E+00 4.60E-02 5.56E+00 1.60E-01 2.10E-01 2.70E-02 3.10E-03 1.60E-03 3.60E-02
19-Sep 1.51E+02 1.15E+02 2.60E+02 1.69E+02 7.10E-02 1.70E+01 5.20E+00 4.24E+00 1.25E+01 3.98E+02 3.40E-01 4.53E+00 3.90E+00 8.65E+01 3.73E+00 1.62E+00 1.06E+01 1.03E+00 3.60E-01 1.50E-02 1.18E+00 1.90E+00 1.20E-01 5.93E+00 3.40E-01 5.30E-01 4.70E-02 3.20E-03 4.00E-03 6.20E-02
20-Sep 1.79E+02 5.30E+01 1.86E+02 9.90E+01 4.70E-02 1.82E+01 3.87E+00 3.78E+00 8.50E+00 2.80E+02 1.95E-01 1.94E+00 3.66E+00 4.94E+01 2.49E+00 9.70E-01 7.60E+00 1.50E+00 5.20E-01 6.00E-03 1.13E+00 1.58E+00 1.30E-01 6.04E+00 2.20E-01 3.10E-01 2.70E-02 2.70E-03 4.40E-02
21-Sep 6.38E+02 6.00E+02 1.66E+03 1.15E+03 2.35E-01 1.31E+02 1.66E+01 7.55E+00 6.46E+01 9.88E+02 5.45E-01 7.04E+00 2.58E+01 1.52E+02 1.30E+01 2.80E+00 2.16E+01 4.77E+00 1.77E+00 5.00E-02 4.70E+00 7.50E+00 5.30E-01 2.39E+01 1.15E+00 1.43E+00 2.28E-01 2.70E-02 1.40E-02 2.10E-01
22-Sep 5.79E+02 8.40E+01 1.61E+02 4.40E+01 1.18E+02 4.60E-02 8.40E+00 1.78E+00 4.00E+00 7.10E+00 2.04E+02 1.40E-01 2.70E+00 2.50E+00 3.82E+01 2.67E+00 5.50E-01 4.90E+00 8.10E-01 3.90E-01 5.00E-03 7.15E-01 1.67E+00 7.20E-02 7.04E+00 1.80E-01 3.10E-01 3.00E-02 7.90E-03 4.00E-03 4.30E-02
23-Sep 2.29E+02 5.50E+01 1.60E+02 9.40E+01 1.05E+02 5.30E-02 1.38E+01 6.10E-01 3.02E+00 3.00E+00 2.80E+02 1.70E-01 2.46E+00 1.65E+01 2.60E-01 7.80E-02 1.69E+01 6.40E-01 1.60E-01 1.65E-01 7.10E-01 2.70E-02 4.78E+00 1.60E-01 2.90E-01 2.50E-02 4.30E-02
24-Sep 1.18E+02 7.10E+01 1.32E+02 6.60E+01 3.40E-01 1.29E+01 1.10E+00 3.58E+00 3.30E+00 2.85E+02 6.40E-01 3.51E+00 5.00E+00 7.15E+01 1.23E+00 1.80E-01 2.00E+01 4.30E-01 3.00E-01 1.10E-02 2.20E-01 6.30E-01 1.60E-02 4.41E+00 1.30E-01 1.90E-01 2.50E-02 3.40E-03 3.20E-02
25-Sep 1.98E+02 4.70E+01 7.80E+01 9.60E+01 3.40E-02 7.20E+00 3.50E+00 2.03E+00 3.20E+00 1.71E+02 2.05E-01 2.09E+00 2.80E+00 4.13E+01 2.72E+00 2.80E-01 1.93E+01 5.50E-01 2.10E-01 5.00E-03 4.20E-01 1.30E+00 9.00E-02 5.52E+00 1.20E-01 2.20E-01 2.30E-02 3.80E-03 2.10E-03 2.70E-02
26-Sep 1.29E+02 4.90E+01 1.41E+02 1.01E+02 4.10E-02 1.10E+01 3.10E+00 2.74E+00 3.00E+00 1.95E+02 1.50E-01 3.93E+00 6.50E+00 2.17E+01 1.02E+00 2.70E-01 1.48E+01 7.90E-01 1.50E-01 2.55E-01 1.10E+00 5.50E-02 3.71E+00 2.30E-01 2.70E-01 2.10E-02 2.00E-03 1.30E-03 3.20E-02
27-Sep 3.50E+02 1.17E+02 2.34E+02 1.76E+02 9.90E-02 2.20E+01 6.50E+00 3.08E+00 5.10E+00 2.53E+02 2.30E-01 4.82E+00 3.60E+00 2.23E+01 1.26E+00 3.10E-01 5.10E+00 1.20E+00 2.20E-01 2.20E-01 7.80E-01 7.80E-02 7.66E+00 4.20E-01 6.00E-01 6.50E-02 1.10E-02 5.30E-03 8.60E-02
28-Sep 3.92E+02 1.22E+02 2.80E+02 2.96E+02 7.40E-02 1.50E+01 5.10E+00 3.34E+00 8.00E+00 3.51E+02 2.45E-01 3.95E+00 8.50E+00 4.00E+01 8.20E-01 1.10E-01 1.45E+01 1.44E+00 1.50E-01 1.91E-01 6.50E-01 5.40E-02 6.54E+00 2.80E-01 4.40E-01 4.70E-02 1.00E-03 3.90E-03 6.30E-02
29-Sep 1.20E+02 7.50E+01 1.91E+02 1.30E+02 5.50E-02 1.30E+01 5.40E+00 2.85E+00 6.90E+00 4.38E+02 3.80E-01 5.77E+00 4.00E+00 2.37E+01 1.82E+00 2.60E-01 1.44E+01 8.30E-01 2.50E-01 4.00E-01 1.10E+00 4.90E-02 3.26E+00 5.30E-01 4.30E-01 4.50E-02 6.90E-03 2.20E-03 5.30E-02
30-Sep 1.63E+02 8.90E+01 2.17E+02 2.72E+02 5.10E-02 1.39E+01 8.50E+00 4.69E+00 9.40E+00 5.28E+02 5.25E-01 8.63E+00 1.02E+01 4.50E+01 3.37E+00 3.20E-01 1.37E+01 1.11E+00 4.20E-01 4.00E-03 8.35E-01 1.09E+00 7.20E-02 7.95E+00 2.30E-01 3.70E-01 3.20E-02 7.40E-03 4.10E-03 4.60E-02
01-Oct 1.73E+02 1.04E+02 2.11E+02 1.28E+02 5.50E-02 1.06E+01 5.00E+00 3.20E+00 7.00E+00 4.10E+02 3.30E-01 5.09E+00 4.08E+01 1.44E+00 1.50E-01 1.83E+01 7.50E-01 4.60E-01 3.78E-01 7.40E-01 4.60E-02 9.70E+00 2.20E-01 3.90E-01 3.10E-02 5.40E-03 1.50E-03 4.60E-02
02-Oct 2.34E+02 9.40E+01 1.64E+02 3.15E+02 3.30E-02 9.60E+00 5.90E+00 2.83E+00 6.90E+00 1.34E+02 1.06E-01 4.24E+00 2.00E+00 3.84E+01 1.47E+00 2.99E-01 6.50E+00 1.04E+00 2.50E-01 3.30E-01 2.05E+00 1.01E-01 4.50E+00 2.00E-01 2.70E-01 2.10E-02 3.30E-03 1.40E-03 3.10E-02
03-Oct 2.54E+02 8.40E+01 3.18E+02 2.13E+02 6.40E-02 1.95E+01 8.50E+00 1.71E+00 1.44E+01 2.60E+02 1.83E-01 3.43E+00 5.39E+01 2.79E+00 8.02E-01 7.40E+00 1.70E+00 4.10E-01 5.00E-03 1.50E+00 3.70E+00 1.79E-01 7.87E+00 2.50E-01 3.60E-01 4.00E-02 6.00E-03 3.60E-03 5.30E-02
04-Oct 2.06E+02 1.35E+02 3.41E+02 2.60E+02 8.00E-02 2.70E+01 8.90E+00 3.16E+00 1.44E+01 3.09E+02 2.24E-01 6.86E+00 7.70E+00 4.94E+01 3.58E+00 8.57E-01 8.00E+00 1.93E+00 3.80E-01 5.00E-03 1.32E+00 3.40E+00 1.63E-01 1.36E+01 2.80E-01 4.70E-01 4.90E-02 8.10E-03 5.00E-03 6.80E-02
05-Oct 1.53E+02 8.20E+01 1.94E+02 2.52E+02 3.90E-02 1.41E+01 8.50E+00 2.05E+00 7.10E+00 2.32E+02 2.05E-01 5.44E+00 7.00E+00 2.95E+01 1.23E+00 4.22E-01 8.35E+00 9.10E-01 2.80E-01 5.15E-01 3.30E+00 9.50E-02 1.60E-01 3.10E-01 2.40E-02 5.50E-03 2.50E-03 3.60E-02
06-Oct 1.67E+02 1.66E+02 3.80E+02 4.32E+02 7.00E-02 2.62E+01 1.10E+01 2.54E+00 1.59E+01 3.76E+02 2.32E-01 5.72E+00 8.00E+00 2.75E+01 2.13E+00 4.70E-01 1.40E+01 1.92E+00 3.00E-01 4.00E-03 9.30E-01 3.50E+00 1.39E-01 1.38E+01 2.90E-01 5.50E-01 4.80E-02 4.70E-03 2.90E-03 6.00E-02
07-Oct 7.00E+01 6.20E+01 1.72E+02 1.21E+02 4.40E-02 6.50E+00 4.60E+00 6.90E-01 5.00E+00 3.18E+02 3.06E-01 3.69E+00 3.90E+00 1.63E+01 1.22E+00 3.38E-01 4.42E+00 7.50E-01 3.70E-01 6.70E-01 1.80E+00 5.10E-02 7.08E+00 1.90E-01 4.03E-01 3.20E-02 6.60E-03 2.50E-03 4.10E-02
08-Oct 1.97E+02 1.27E+02 2.68E+02 1.08E+02 5.50E-02 1.22E+01 1.30E+00 2.09E+00 5.10E+00 4.27E+02 5.99E-01 9.10E+00 7.13E+00 8.80E-01 1.94E-01 4.77E+00 8.30E-01 9.90E-02 5.00E-03 9.85E-01 4.70E-01 2.00E-02 5.52E+00 2.80E-01 6.20E-01 4.70E-02 7.20E-03 3.50E-03 5.60E-02
09-Oct 4.40E+02 3.52E+02 1.80E+02 7.20E-02 1.13E+01 1.87E+00 6.80E-01 5.75E+00 5.58E+02 4.98E-01 7.70E+00 1.26E+01 5.80E-01 9.60E-02 2.63E+01 1.26E+00 2.00E-01 1.13E-01 5.50E-01 2.50E-02 7.04E+00 2.90E-01 6.70E-01 5.50E-02 7.10E-03 2.80E-03 7.20E-02
10-Oct 1.49E+02 6.50E+01 3.15E+02 7.10E-02 1.77E+01 1.90E+00 1.96E+00 5.06E+00 4.63E+02 3.80E-01 1.48E+00 5.90E+00 1.38E+01 5.30E-01 6.40E-02 3.06E+01 6.80E-01 2.00E-01 1.75E-01 5.00E-01 4.10E-02 6.14E+00 2.40E-01 4.80E-01 4.80E-02 8.20E-03 4.00E-03 6.20E-02
11-Oct 1.94E+02 9.00E+01 4.04E+02 1.51E+02 7.90E-02 1.99E+01 3.26E+00 2.06E+00 8.84E+00 6.06E+02 4.87E-01 1.41E+00 1.52E+01 6.20E-01 1.00E-01 2.30E+01 1.17E+00 2.30E-01 2.15E-01 5.50E-01 3.30E-02 7.76E+00 2.80E-01 6.30E-01 5.60E-02 8.00E-03 4.00E-03 7.30E-02
12-Oct 1.96E+02 1.47E+02 4.31E+02 3.93E+02 7.60E-02 3.24E+01 6.61E+00 2.55E+00 1.12E+01 4.07E+02 3.01E-01 2.26E+00 2.37E+01 1.35E+00 1.34E-01 2.28E+01 1.29E+00 4.70E-01 4.75E-01 1.26E+00 4.50E-02 8.16E+00 4.00E-01 5.20E-01 6.50E-02 7.00E-03 4.00E-03 6.70E-02
13-Oct 2.23E+02 2.41E+02 4.39E+02 6.96E+02 7.40E-02 2.59E+01 1.09E+01 1.81E+00 1.14E+01 3.66E+02 2.35E-01 7.00E+00 7.60E+00 2.98E+01 1.80E+00 3.00E-01 8.40E+00 1.92E+00 3.40E-01 7.00E-03 5.45E-01 1.98E+00 9.30E-02 5.52E+00 3.60E-01 5.90E-01 5.50E-02 8.00E-03 7.10E-02
14-Oct 3.21E+01 1.17E+01 1.61E+01 2.00E-03 1.60E+00 1.03E+00 1.29E+00 9.20E-01 2.40E+01 1.55E-02 1.00E+00 1.41E+00 5.19E+00 1.40E-01 3.20E-02 1.81E+00 1.10E-01 8.80E-02 5.40E-02 2.40E-01 4.30E-03 7.00E-03 3.20E-02
15-Oct 2.69E+01 2.50E+01 3.60E+01 2.70E+01 7.10E-03 4.70E+00 6.50E-01 1.32E+00 1.25E+00 7.10E+01 6.45E-02 1.44E+00 6.57E+00 1.50E-01 4.50E-02 3.46E+00 2.20E-01 4.25E-02 3.70E-01 6.30E-03 1.05E+00 2.40E-02 2.30E-02 3.10E-03 7.40E-03

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