The Dust Club

    Welcome to the home page of the Dust Club! We are a small, informal group of people from around Beijing who are interested in Chinese dust storms and come together from time to time, just like a club, to discuss the current state of the field. We have our own E-mail discussion list,, that is open to anyone who is interested. (To be added to the list, just write to and ask.) The list currently has about 60 subscribers, nearly all from China. We have an FTP site with articles about dust storms (, set up for anonymous log-in with your E-mail address as password. It currently contains about 60 articles, mostly in pdf format. We have had our first meeting, an informal workshop, in Beijing during 4–5 April 2005. (See report below.)
    The Dust Club is the joint idea of Kenneth A. (Ken) Rahn and Gao Qingxian. We are both very interested in understanding Chinese dust storms, and have discussed the subject frequently. Gao even took me on a trip to Inner Mongolia in the spring of 2004 to view firsthand the old and new deserts there. (A photo record of this trip is available.) When the last part of my February–April trip to China in spring 2005 got postponed, I suggested to Gao that we use some of the extra time to get together for an intensive discussion of dust storms, something we had never had time to do. That idea quickly grew into inviting a few friends to join us. Gao christened us the "Dust Club" because it would be much more informal than a traditional scientific meeting. He and I compiled a list of interested researchers around Beijing. I set up an E-mail discussion list and notified them that way.
    With the success of our first meeting, we consider ourselves an established organization. Exactly what the future holds, however, none of us knows.

Goals of the Dust Club
Bring like-minded scientists together for regular discussions.
    (2) Provide a friendly, relaxed environment for friends to meet.
    (3) Promote free and open exchange of ideas and information on dust storms.
    (4) Promote dust-storm research.
    (5) Stimulate collaborative research.

The first meeting, 4–5 April 2005 in Beijing

    The Third International Workshop on Sandstorms and Associated Dust-fall will be held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, during 25–27 August 2005. It will be sponsored by the China Meteorological Society, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Association for Science and Technology, the Inner Mongolia Meteorological Society, the Geography College of Inner Mongolia Normal University, the Korea-China Center for Atmospheric Research, and the China-Korea Center for Atmospheric Research (Peking University). The deadline for submitting abstracts and the registration form is 30 June 2005. There are preliminary plans for an expedition to a source region for dust storms after the workshop. The full announcement can be read here.
    (13 June 2005) The Second Announcement of the workshop in Hohhot is now available. I have posted the English and Chinese versions. Both are in MS Word format. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 30 June 2005.

Problem with E-mail list
    The server for the E-mail list recently disabled the addresses of several members because of excessive "bounces," which means repeated inability to establish contact. I reinstated them on 17 May 2005, but the problem remained. It appears that messages from the Dust Club list are not reaching subscribers with addresses at,,,, and I suspect that something at these servers is falsely rejecting our messages as spam. I therefore ask anyone with these addresses to provide me with different addresses as soon as possible. It appears that you haven't been getting the Dust Club messages for a long time! I have listed the specific addresses here.

As an additional resource for us, I have just set up a newsgroup that will be served by my new computer. You can post messages there and read them, just like on any Usenet newsgroup. This is an experiment, because I know that many Chinese people don't read newsgroups much.
    I strongly recommend that interested people follow this procedure:  (1) Install Outlook Express if you haven't already. (2) Click Tools/Accounts. (3) Click News/Add/News. (4) Fill your name and E-mail address. (5) When the third screen asks you for an NNTP server, enter, then close the box. That name will then appear under "Folders" on the main screen. (6) Right-click on it, and choose "Newsgroups." You should see a list of several. (7) Click on Dustclub, and choose subscribe. You should now be able to read and post messages with ease.
    Good luck!

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