Camelot! Camelot!
Where did you go?
Those hopes and dreams
You used to show
Are fading away
To be part of our past
With just one link left
To the mold that was cast.

Camelot! Camelot!
The light which once shone
Now just a flicker
Of brilliance you've known
But, the "eternal flame"
Seems brighter today
Fueled by the souls
Of those passed away.

Camelot! Camelot!
Will ne'er be the same
A place in our hearts
More than just a name
A lone Lady left
With the torch to bear
Of heartache and grief
Which we all share.

Camelot! Camelot!
You made a place
Which history will
Be able to trace
By all the sadness
And the great love, too
Along with the strength
And faith that you knew.


After John, Jr.