The FBI's Report

    The FBI made its report public on 9 December 1963, about ten days after the Warren Commission was established. This report formed the starting point for the Commission's investigations, and certainly influenced its thoughts. Given this, it is surprising how few students of the assassination have never read the FBI's report. Here it is, courtesy of free-lance journalist David Reitzes and his web site .

Title page, Preface

Table of Contents

I. The Assassination

II. The Evidence

III. Lee Harvey Oswald

Part Two: Additional Information Concerning Lee Harvey Oswald

I. Personal History

II. Relatives

III. Associates

IV. Finances

V. Affiliations

VI. Forged Documents in Oswald's Possession

VII. Travel to Mexico

VIII. Activities in USSR

IX. Plans to Return to USSR

X. Murder of Patrolman J. D. Tippit

XI. Scope of Investigation

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