Pre-WCR Reactions by the Right
(They blamed the Communist Left)

Reactions of the Right
    The Right reacted strongly, even virulently, to the assassination, as Senator Moynihan had predicted. They saw it as the work of the Communist Conspiracy, as led by the Soviet Union. Most interestingly, they reacted before they (or anyone else) had proof that "the Communists did it." But that didn't stop the Right from being sure about it. Our selection of articles and comments includes Professor Revilo P. Oliver of the University of Illinois, an early John Bircher who was arguably the harshest voice of the Right, Congressman Martin Dies, who helped found the House Committee on Un-American Activities Committee and chaired it for seven years, the Reverend Billy James Hargis, founder-director of the Christian Crusade, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Evangelist John R. Rice, of Murfeesboro, Tennessee. Together, their reactions present a reasonable cross-section of the response of the Right.

Revilo P. Oliver, of the University of Illinois
        Marxmanship in Dallas I (February 1964)
        Marxmanship in Dallas II (March 1964)
Assassination and Its Aftermath
, ( Congressman Martin Dies, March 1964)
The Far Left (Billy James Hargis, 1964)
What Was Back of Kennedy's Murder? (Evangelist John R. Rice, 1964, shortly after the assassination)

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