November 20–24, 1963

by M. A. Moyer and Betty Windsor




(a)  Warren Commission Timeline CE 2344
(b)  Warren Report Timeline w/Index
(c)  HSCA Timeline
(d)  Partial view of Dallas City Map, 1963


      Trying to follow the trail of the ever-elusive Jack Ruby from November 20 through November 24, 1963 was a lesson in frustration. True to his nocturnal habits, Jack was, as always, the "man about town". The Warren Report, in tracing Ruby's movements, placed their own interpretation on the occurrences of those four days—and, in some instances, skewed times, and in other instances, decided the witness was simply wrong. (Example, Seth Kantor testimony) We have enclosed the Commission's report on Ruby's activities for comparison purposes.
In the process of writing this paper we rapidly became aware that many witnesses estimated time, and then swore to their recollections. We did not feel it was our responsibility to separate the "wheat from the chaff" although more factual evidence often indicated the witness' recollections could not be accurate. We also discovered that the Commission relied heavily on Jack's own statements regarding his "comings and goings" and backed him up with selected, and supportive, testimony of witnesses.
We carefully checked witness testimonies, particularly primary statements made shortly after the assassination. By the time Warren Commission testimony was taken, sometimes four or five months after the assassination, "time" recollections often changed. For example, even though Eva Grant, Jack's sister, was shown her original statements, she still relied heavily on Jack's trial to recall certain events. Other witnesses relied on friends and associates to reconsider their recollections and others stuck to their original statements. In instances where testimonies changed, we have cited the date of the interview to allow the reader to assess the plausibility of the time sequence.
The extensive use of phone records belonging to Ralph Paul, Eva Grant, the Carousel, and Jack's home, were used to establish time sequences. However, one must be wary of the phone records—for instance, a call to the Bull Pen in Ft. Worth originating from the Carousel, does not necessarily mean that Jack was the person making the call, or that Ralph Paul was the recipient. By cross-checking witness statements, we were able to verify most telephone calls. We discovered that if Ralph Paul said he received a call from Ruby (which would have been long distance) and it was not recorded in the phone records, it does not necessarily mean that Paul was in error. We know, from Jack's own testimony, he made liberal use of public pay phones all over Dallas.
With a few exceptions—this timeline covers Jack's activities based on early testimonies from '63 and '64. With the recent release of thousands of documents concerning the events surrounding the assassination—new information may be found that would change the events as we have recorded them. This study has confirmed our belief that we were dealing with the just the "tip of the iceberg"!

M. A. Moyer/Betty Windsor Copyright, 1998


(If a time was not given—it is not listed here. ALL sightings are presented on attached annotated Timeline)

November 20

November 21

November 22

November 23

November 24



12:45KLIF Radio Station

12:45Ruby’s apartment

1Cabana Coffee Shop

1Cabana Coffee Shop

1:30B&B Restaurant

1Simon’s Garage; DPD; KLIF

1Ruby’s apartment

1–2Tortoriella Apartment; Unkn motel room; Nichol's Garage



2Carousel; Ruby’s apartment

2Ruby’s apartment; Simon’s Parking Garage

2Ruby’s apartment

2:30Vegas; B&B Restaurant; Ruby’s apartment

2:30Left KLIF


3–5Carousel Club

3Ruby’s apartment

3Left KLIF; Ruby’s apartment; Dallas Times-Herald

3Ruby’s apartment

3:45Vegas Club; B&B Restaurant




4Ruby’s apartment

4Dallas Times-Herald; Ruby’s apartment; Carousel; Webb’s Waffle Shop

4Ruby’s apartment



5Ruby’s apartment

5Ruby’s apartment; Waffle Shop; Carousel; Post Office

5Ruby’s apartment


6Ruby’s apartment

6Ruby’s apartment

6Ruby’s apartment

6Ruby’s apartment



7Ruby’s apartment

7:30Ruby’s apartment

7Ruby’s apartment

7DPD; Ruby’s apartment


8Ruby’s apartment

8Harwood Street DPD

8Ruby’s apartment

8DPD; Ruby’s apartment


9Ruby’s apartment

9:30Ruby’s apartment

9Ruby’s apartment

9Ruby’s apartment

10:56Ruby's Apartment 

10:30Ruby’s apartment

10:30Dallas Morning News

10Ruby’s apartment

10Ruby’s apartment

10:30DPD; Dealey Plaza

11Mercantile Building

11Pick up Trammell; Merchant's State Bank; Mercantile Building; AAA Bonding Service

11Dallas Morning News

11Ruby’s apartment; DPD; Ruby’s apartment

11Western Union; DPD

11:30Dealey Plaza


NoonRecords Building: Carousel Club

NoonDallas Morning News

NoonDPD; Ruby’s apartment

12:30On corner near Postal Annex Building; Dealey Plaza; Dallas Morning News


1Carousel Club

1Dallas Morning News

1Ruby’s apartment; Sol’s Turf Bar; Nichol’s Garage

1:15Carousel; Dallas Morning News

1:30Dallas Morning News; Parkland Hospital



2KLIF Radio Station

2Carousel Club; Houston, TX


2Nichol’s Garage; Corner of Elm and Houston


3:30Commerce Street; Houston, TX

3Eva grant’s apartment; Carousel

3Corner of Elm and Houston; Sol’s Turf Bar; DPD; Nichol’s Garage; Dealey Plaza

3:30Carousel; Merchant’s State Bank; Ritz Deli

4Carousel Club

4Dallas Times-Herald; Houston, TX


4Eva Grant’s apartment; DPD

4:30DPD; Carousel; Eva Grant’s apartment

5Carousel Club

5Houston, TX

5:00Carousel; Esquire Shine & Press; DPD; Eva Grant’s apartment

5Eva Grant’s apartment; DPD; Browder and Commerce

5:30Eva Grant’s apartment; Esquire Shine & Press; DPD

6Doctor’s office

6:40Ruby’s apartment; Houston, TX

6Eva Grant’s apartment; Carousel; DPD

6Eva Grant’s apartment; Carousel


7:30Carousel Club

7Eva Grant’s apartment; DPD

7Nichols Garage; Eva Grant’s apartment

7:30Ruby’s apartment; DPD


*8Carousel Club

8:48Ruby’s apartment

8Eva Grant’s apartment; Ruby’s apartment

9:32Ruby’s apartment

*9Carousel Club; Cabana Club

**9:30Carousel Club

9Ruby’s apartment

9Empire Room


10Downtown Dallas

*10Egyptian Lounge

**10Egyptian Lounge

10Synagogue; DPD; Phil’s Deli

10Halls’ Diner; Ruby’s apartment; Carousel


*11Egyptian Lounge

**11Carousel Club

11Synagogue; DPD

11Carousel; Ruby’s apartment; Pago Club; Nichol’s Garage; Carousel


*MidnightCabana Club

**MidnightCarousel Club

MidnightDPD; B&B Restaurant

MidnightPago Club

*Beverly Oliver
**Jack Ruby

NOTE: If all "sightings" are even close to being accurate—from 11-21 to 11-24—Jack Ruby slept a total of fourteen hours (or less). It has been suggested that Ruby's frenetic activity, of those four days in November, was a combination of drugs and grief over the assassination of the President.

(Ruby was an admitted user of the drug Preludin, an appetite suppressant)

Or was Ruby driven to react as a man possessed, by other, more sinister, forces?


“I've Been Used For A Purpose…”*

M. A. Moyer and Betty Windsor


1:00 AM          JOSEPH, Milton: Jack Ruby at Cabana Coffee Shop. "couple of days before assassination". They exchanged greetings. (25 H 373)                        NOTE: Possible for this to have been 11/19 or 11/21.

2:38 AM          CARLIN, Bruce: called Nichols Garage from Ft. Worth. (18 minutes) (25 H 267)

3:00 AM          Call to Nichols Garage for Karen Carlin from 812 Club in Ft Worth. (25 H 267)

10:56 AM        RUBY, Jack : called Chicago AGVA in Chicago (8 minutes) from his aptmt. (25 H 240)

10–11 AM       ROSSI, Joseph: talked w/Ruby in lobby at Mercantile Bldg.; Ruby had twistboard w/him.(15 H 237) (21 H 314, Rossi Ex. l, 314-15) Rossi described himself as being in Real Estate. Name in Ruby's notes.

Unkn                TRAMMEL, Connie: called Ruby about employment with H. L. Hunt (On November 21 Ruby came out to her aptmt and took her to Hunt's office Mercantile Building. . Stated she was with Ruby from 11:00 to 1:00 P.M. Said Ruby stopped at Merchant's bank on the way.(25 H 194) See Trammell on 11-21, Interview 12/20/63

2:00 PM           PRYOR, Roy: of KLIF radio station said he saw Ruby in Reception Area of station (15 H 560)

4-5:00 PM       CRAFARD, Larry, handyman at Carousel: Ruby arrived at Carousel. Told Crafard that he wanted him to work at Vegas Club that night as a bartender. (25 H 173) (19 H 356)

Unkn                CARR, Mrs. Billy C. manager of band "Impellas": talked with Ruby about booking the band. (25 H 359)

                        *5 H 211

Unkn                WHITE, Pete: Saw and talked to Ruby at Court House. (CR 360, p. 130)

6:30 PM           CRAFARD: Ruby left Carousel (19 H 356, (Ex. 5226)

6–6:30 PM       Ruby visits his Trichologist for treatment of baldness. Each treatment takes one and half hours. (22 H 913) CE 1494.

8:00 PM           CRAFARD: Ruby returned to Carousel and took Crafard to Vegas Club. (19 H 356)

8:00 PM           AASE, Jean: She and Lawrence Meyers arrived in Dallas. Spent night at Ramada Motel. Moved to Cabana Motel on 11/21. (25 H 190)

9:32 PM           Call to Bull Pen from Ruby's home phone, six minutes. (25 H 240)

10–10:30 PM   BARNETT, Welcome Eugene, DPD: saw Ruby (could have been 11-21 Barnett not certain) No location given.

Unkn                Herbert KRAVITIS and date Eileen ROGERS, at Carousel. (20 H 476) (15 H 233) Rogers friend of Marilyn Miranda Moore, exotic dancer employed by Ruby. (22 H 880-1)

Midnight           RIZZO, Anthony Joseph: saw and talked to Ruby late on night of 11/20 and early on morning of 11/21 at Carousel. (CR 360, page 130)


1:00 AM          JOSEPH, Milton: Jack Ruby at Cabana Coffee Shop "couple days before assassination". They exchanged greetings. (SEE 11/20 ENTRY) (25 H 373)

1–2:00 AM      Party at Frank Tortoriello apartment. Ruby allegedly present. Underworld characters present. (25 H 375-76) May have had Gloria Fillmon (AKA Rettig) with him.

1:30 AM          Bruce Carlin called Carousel from Houston, Tx (25 H 268)

2:00 AM          LORENZ, Marita: Ruby present in motel room with Sturgis, Howard Hunt, "Ozzie". Was this the Cabana Motel? MARITA, Lorenz/Schwartz, pp. 132-136.

2:00 AM.         "Little Lynn" (Karen Carlin, stripper at Carousel), sick and passes out at Nichols Garage. RUBY stayed with her until 4 or 5 A.M Ruby then went home to bed.(20 H 47 Hall Ex.3)

2:00 AM          CRAFARD: Ruby called Vegas at 2:00 A.M. "law was at the place" and "Little Lynn" was sick. Crafard was to stay at Vegas until Ruby could pick him up. (19 H 356) Carlin does not mention this incident.

2:30 AM          Ruby at Cabana. This time has often been cited by various authors (Kantor, THE RUBY COVER-UP, 82; DiEugenio, DESTINY BETRAYED, 79; Summers, CONSPIRACY, 452, et al) This was the result of error in WC timeline—see 25 H 322—2:30 A.M. entry as reported by Crafard. The cited Crafard CE 5226 report says nothing about a phone call from Ruby originating from Cabana.

3:00 AM          FILLMON (RETTIG) Gloria: "Champagne pusher" at Carousel: Ruby offered her a ride home after work. Ruby and Gloria went to Vegas Club where they picked up Crafard. Went for breakfast at B&B (25 H 356, 12/19/63) Interview of 12/17/63 Ms. Fillmon claimed to have very little knowledge of Ruby and his activities. Only after FBI faced her down with the "Gloria" story told by Crafard did she retell her story. (Gloria was hired by Ruby under the name of Gloria Rettig). Claimed she had quit the Carousel. (25 H 356) Is this the girl referred to by Crafard that dated Jack often? (13 H 431)

3:45 AM          CRAFARD: Ruby and a woman named "Gloria", picked him up at Vegas at approximately 3:45 A.M. All three went to B&B Restaurant for breakfast. (19 H 35)

4:30 AM          Ruby returned CRAFARD to Carousel. (19 H 356)

10:30–11 AM  RUBY: Connie Trammell called him and wanted a lift to town for job interview with H.L.Hunt at Mercantile Securities Bldg, 1800 block of Commerce.(22 H 47-48)

11:00 AM        Ruby called Carousel to wake CRAFARD (19 H 356)(25 H 173)

11–1:00 AM    TRAMMELL: Ruby called her asking her to go to work as a stripper at Carousel. She told him about her appointment w/H. L. Hunt for employment and Ruby came over and took her to Hunt's office building. (25 H 219) Interview 7/10/64. Jack did not go to Hunt's office with her. (see Trammell -11/20) No record of Trammell visiting with Hunt. (NOTE: Trammell said she was with Ruby on 11/21 from 11:00 to 1: 00 P.M.) Ruby stated he visited either Graham KOCH (25 H 176) or George KAUFMANN (23 H 474; 15 H 513-28)concerning tax problem located in the same building where he delivered Trammell. (20 H 48) (Koch said Ruby called him. No mention in Kaufman's testimony). Koch stated he saw Ruby on 11/19 about tax problem.

11:15 AM       TRAMMELL: "On the way downtown, he (Jack) stopped at Merchants State Bank on Ross Avenue for a few minutes." This may have been when Ruby purchased the Cashier's Check to pay his rent: (Merchants State Bank, 5217 Ross Avenue). Jack purchased a $500 Cashiers Check to L. F. Corrigan.(23 H 140); WCR: "paid his rent for Carousel" citing this check. (WCR: 333-4) Corrigan was landlord for Vegas Club. Posner made same error (CASE CLOSED, 366) RUBY said his Carousel landlord was Houston Nichols (14 H 550) *POSNER gave this estimated time of 1:00 (see Trammel 11:15 entry) In SS interview RUBY tried to recall his activities on 11/21. Recalled taking check to Corrigan for rent of one of his clubs and talking to Mickey Ryan at Carousel. Mary LEVANDOWSKI, 211 N. Ervay, secretary to Leo F. Corrigan, verified date when she received the check for the rent from Ruby. Did not provide a time. (25 H 380-81)

11-12:00 AM   Ruby at AAA Bonding Service, 106 N. Record (25 H 190); verified: GISMONT, Ralph, attorney, (25 H 215) RUBBERG, Max, (CR 360, page 130)

12-3:00 PM.    RUBY: Only thing he could remember of this time period was that he had talked with Mickey Ryan sometime in the afternoon at the Carousel. (25 H 380 interview 12/4/63)Mickey RYAN AKA Roy PIKE denied seeing Jack on 11/21 (25 H 282-3) (ARMSTRONG: Ryan at club trying to borrow money from Jack. (25 H 380)

12:00               Ruby called John NEWMAN and reserved space for advertisements. Dallas Morning News (DMN) (20 H 652)

12:00              DYSON, W. F., DPD: Dyson along with other DPD Officers were in Asst. DA Ben Ellis's office, 6th floor of Records Building. Jack came in and was passing out cards about a new stripper named "JADA" when introduced to Ellis, Ruby stated "you probably don't know me but you will." (24 H 160)

Unkn                ALEXANDER, Bill: (assistant DA) Ruby in office concerning bad checks. (25 H 145)

12-3:00 PM     CRAFARD: Ruby at Carousel. (interviewed 11/29) (25 H 173)

Unkn                SELAH, William: Met Ruby on street—Jack gave him Carousel Pass #202. (25 H 194)

Unkn                RUBY: waited around for Trammell and when she did not return, he left and went to Carousel Club and he stayed around there until 9:30 p.m. when he went with Ralph Paul to Egyptian Lounge for steaks. (20 H 48) ARMSTRONG: stated Paul was rarely at Club and when he did come it was generally only on Saturday nights. (13 H 320)

2:30–7:00 PM  FBI report on numerous witnesses identifying Ruby as being in Houston, TX, one block from Rice Hotel where President was staying. (25 H 378-80)

Unkn                Mrs CARR Ruby contacted Mrs. Carr concerning hiring band she/husband managed called The Impellas. (25 H 359)

2:30 PM           NEWMAN, John: Ruby called DMN and gave him copy for his ads. (20 H 652)

3:30 PM           ROOT. Kathleen: encountered Jack on Commerce. "With your looks you should be in show business". (25 H 280)

Unkn                LEWIS, Mrs. Norman L.: saw Ruby in car at the Expressway and Main Street and a few minutes later at Munger and Live Oak Streets. (CR 360, page 120)

Unkn                WILLIAMS, Billy Don: Ruby hired his wife as exotic dancer. Last saw Ruby on 11/21 (no time given) (23 H 16)

4–4:30 PM       SMITH, Samuel, employee of Dallas Times Herald: Ruby was at the Herald in connection with advertisements. (25H 281)(22 H 503)

6:40 PM           Call to Bull Pen from Ruby's aptmt. (3 minutes) (25 H 240)

7:30 PM           CRAFARD: Ruby picked Crafard up at Carousel and took him to Vegas Club to work as bartender. (25 H 173)

Unkn                HALL, Pauline, friend of Eva Grant and part-time employee at Vegas Club, stated she saw Jack "on Thursday night before the President's assassination on Friday" No time given. (25 H 385)

Unkn                MCDONALD, Joyce Lee “Joy Dale”, employee of Carousel: Saw Larry Meyers and a girl by name of Ann . “Ann” told Ms. Mcdonald that she was formerly from Minneapolis but presently lived in Chicago. The girls made an appointment to go shopping on 11/23. When Ms McDonald called the Cabana on Saturday—Ann was gone. (23 H 85) and Nat’l Archives.



9:00 PM           Jack and Beverly OLIVER meet Lawrence Meyers at Cabana Hotel Meyers was talking to a lady in a sequined dress when Jack introduced Beverly to Meyers. (NIGHTMARE IN DALLAS, p. 107).

10:00 PM         OLIVER: Oliver, Larry Meyers, and Jack went to Egyptian Lounge for steaks. (107)

12–1 AM         OLIVER: trio returned to Cabana. Beverly was picked up by her date at 1:00 A.M. Apparently Jack and Larry still at Cabana (107)



9:30 PM           RUBY:—he and Ralph Paul went to Egyptian Lounge for steaks returning to the Carousel and worked until club closed at 2:00 a.m. Then went home to bed. (5 H 183) PAUL, Ralph:, long time friend and business associate of Jack Ruby: was at Carousel Thursday night—couldn't remember if he and Jack ate at Delmonico's or Egyptian Lounge. Name Lawrence Meyers meant nothing to Ralph Paul. (15 H 666-67) Paul (4/15/64) stated his nights off were Tuesday and Friday (14 H 150) In an interview taken 8/24/64 Paul stated his nights off were Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. (15 H 668) Could not remember Lawrence Meyers although Meyers said he was talking with Jack for "approximately 1 hour" at Carousel between 9 and 11 P.M. (15 H 626)

9:30–10 PM     CAMPISI, Sam: verified presence of Ralph Paul and Ruby at Egyptian Lounge. (25 H 198) JOE CAMPISI verified visit (25 H 184) In 1978HSCA Campisi stated he (Campisi) was not at the Lounge on 11/21. HSCA v. 9, 363-64, 374; Don Campbell, ad salesman for DMN, misidentified by Ruby as "Conners". RUBY claimed this man saw him at dinner(20 H 48) CAMPBELL stated he thought it another night. (25 H 392) CAMPBELL was also Ruby's alibi at DMN.(25 H 563)

Unkn                LANDERS, Robt, employee of Dallas Morning News: at Carousel "in the evening" observed Ruby evict a drunken patron for using foul language during the intermission while Ruby was on stage giving out prizes. MILLER, Charles, employee DMN w/Landers (25 H 562-3)

11:21 PM         Call from Bruce Carlin's number to Carousel. Party talked to someone named Larry. (Probably Larry Crafard) (25 H 267) (3 minutes)

9-11 PM          MEYERS, Lawrence: arrived at Carousel about 9:00 P.M. accompanied by Jean Aase. Spent the evening chatting with Jack. Aase and Meyers returned to Cabana, where they were registered, at around 11. Supposed to meet his brother at Bon Vivant Room at 11 or later. Stated he could not remember where they had dinner.(15 H 628) AASE stated they left Carousel around 11:00 P.M AASE: Ate dinner before she and Meyers went to Carousel (25 H 190) (Aase's Chicago apartment building number WH 4-4970 was found on David Ferrie's billing records—call was made 9/24/63) Long Distance Records provided by Tim Fattig.

12 Midnight      Jack arrived at Cabana and visited Meyers in Bon Vivant Room. Verified by MEYERS brother Edward (25 H 193) AASE (190)


12:20 AM        MEYERS: Jack left the Cabana Club. (15 H 628)

1:30 AM          Ruby allegedly seen at B & B restaurant by Mary LAWRENCE (CD 223, 366) (See Lawrence statement below)

1–2 AM           WILLIAMS, Karen "Felisa Prell": Ruby had hired her as stripper. Last time she saw Ruby was at Carousel when it closed. (25 H 374)

2 AM               RUBY: closed the Carousel and went home "he went directly to bed and went to sleep". (20 H 48) Interview 12/25/63.

2:30 AM          GRANT, Eva, Jack's sister: Jack placed his ads for Carousel and Vegas early in morning as was his custom at the Dalllas newspapers. (14 H 431)

2:15–2:30 AM LAWRENCE, Mary,. waitress at B&B restaurant: interview 1/30/64 Saw Ruby and a man who looked like LHO in restaurant from maybe 2:15 A.M. until 2:45 .(Probably Crafard)(CR 360, page 131) (FILES OF EVIDENCE REEL 2)

2:30 AM          CRAFARD: Ruby picked Crafard up at Vegas Club. Went to B&B restaurant for breakfast. (25 H 173)

3:30–4 AM      CRAFARD: Ruby and Crafard returned to Carousel. (25 H 173)

7:30–8 AM      SENATOR, George, Jack's roommate: left aptmt, he and Jack share, for work. Jack still asleep. Said he did not talk to Jack again until early Saturday morning. (14 H 217) Senator could not give a reasonable explanation about where he was all day.

8:15–9:30 AM HANSON, T. M., DPD: Social visitor to Carousel, was on duty 11/22. Stated he shook hands with Jack who was standing at the Harwood entrance that led down to basement of DPD. (SEE ENTRY FOR 11/21—CONFUSION ABOUT DATE) (15 H 443)

Unkn                CARTWRIGHT, Gary, Sportswriter: Jack called him and roommate Bud Shrake at their apartment. Ruby told them to stay away from Jada as "she's an evil woman." TEXAS MONTHLY, November, 1975, p. 82 'WHO WAS JACK RUBY"

9:30 AM          RUBY: woke up, dressed, and went downtown to Dallas Morning News. (20 H 49)

9:30 AM          GRANT, Eva: Jack may have been at her apartment before he went downtown to newspaper. (14 H 433)

9:30 AM          HANSON, T. M. DPD: social visitor to Carousel, was on duty 11/22 and stated he shook hands with Jack who was standing at the Harwood entrance that led down to the basement. Hanson felt sure of the date of meeting as he was off duty Saturday and Sunday he was at home.(20H 77-80, 15 H 438-50)

10:30 AM        ZOPPI, Tony, Entertainment Rptr, Dallas Morning News: (Hereinafter referred as DMN) Stated Ruby visited him on November 22 at DMN. Jack wanted to discuss an ESP expert he wanted Zoppi to plug. Zoppi believed Ruby "to be too calm that morning to have been involved in a conspiracy". (HSCA IX, 169-173) RUBY: Tony was not in his office that morning- had gone to New Orleans. (20 H 49)

10:30–11 AM  GRANT, Eva: Jack called her at her apartment (15 H 323) (7/25/64); JACK RUBY, Wills/Demaris, p.209.

10:50 AM        RUBY, Jack: "stopped at Dallas Morning News". Talked to two girls in reception area—"Connelly or Connell and Gladys Craddock". (20 H 49) FBI statement.

11–11:20 AM  GRANT: Jack called "Did you see the ad" Said he was in Tony Zoppi's office. (14 H 467) (5/28/64)

11–11:30 AM  JACK: contradicted his arrival time at DMN in testimony. (5 H 183) (WR 334) ; MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 104.

11:00 AM        CRADDOCK, Gladys, employee for DMN: said she greeted Jack in lobby of News building. No conversation. Claire Conlon was not present as Jack indicated. Gladys, moonlighted as a part-time hostess at Carousel and, had dated Jack. (22 H 900) (25 H 281-2)

11:30 AM        MERCER, Julia Ann: Stated she saw a pick-up truck parked on Elm Street and a man go up the grassy knoll with a gun case. The truck was driven by a middle-aged man who she later identified as Jack Ruby. (19 H 483-4, FLAMMONDE, Paris, THE KENNEDY CONSPIRACY, 167-8.

11–12 AM       In FBI statement, RUBY said he went to Tony Zoppi's office, not finding Zoppi—Jack went to ad area and began to write his ads for the weekend. (Ads due by 12:00 noon) (5H183); GRANT: FBI interview 11/25—Jack placed his ads for the Vegas/Carousel "early Thursday morning" "as was his custom".(20 H 12) Later changed to "early Friday morning." See: 11/22 entry GRANT—2:30 AM

11:30 AM        AYNESWORTH, Hugh: reported seeing Ruby having breakfast in Dallas Morning News cafeteria. "about an hour before the assassination". ("Reporters Remember:11/33/63 Reporting the Kennedy Assassination, Hlavach and Payne, editors; 1996) p.30.

12 NOON       RUBY: 'Saw John Newman at the news' MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 104

12–12:25 PM   CAMPBELL, Don J., DMN ad salesman, (the "Conner" Jack said saw him in the Egyptian Room), talked with Ruby until *12:25 PM (WR 334) Craddock as well as Campbell, were, by their own admission, long time cronies of Ruby. (25 H 391-2)

                        *NOTE: Campbell told reporters of St. Louis Post Dispatch 11/27, that the last time he saw Jack was 'about 12:20'; RUBY: "Talked to salesman about . . . Castaway Club" at 11:10 AM at DMN. MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 104.

12:30 PM         HILL. Jean, witness at assassination: saw a man running up the slope of grassy knoll who resembled Jack Ruby. (6 H 210-218)

12:35 PM.        ADAMS, Vicki, TSBD employee: man dressed in a suit and a hat and was seen talking to people as though he was a police officer, saw him take away a colored boy on a motorcycle. Looked like pictures of Jack Ruby. (6 H 393)

12:30–12:35 PM TILSON, Tom G., off-duty DPD: Claimed he and his daughter tried to chase down a black car that supposedly contained Ruby whom they observed coming from the railroad tracks—threw something in the back seat jumped in car and took off at a high speed. CROSSFIRE, Marrs, 325-27.

12:35–12:40 PM HARRIS, Evelyn/LOPEZ, Lucy: Saw Ruby give LHO a pistol when LHO exited TSBD. (FBI 11/30/63 Courtesy of John Armstrong)

12:30–12:35 PM COUCH, Malcolm, employee of WFAA-TV: "heard" Wes Wise had seen Ruby 'coming around the side of the building (TSBD) following the assassination'. (6 H 160) This was pointed out as being in error, event took place on 11/23, See REPORTING THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION, Payne, WES WISE, 114.

12:30 PM         FBI DOCUMENT 4/6/77, 62-109060-7699: Informant related that Ruby contacted him and asked if he would 'like to watch the fireworks.' He was with Jack, standing at the corner of the Postal Annex Building facing the TSBD at the time of the shooting. According to informant—immediately following the shooting – Jack took off toward the area of the Dallas Morning News. (Courtesy of John Armstrong's research)

12:30–12:40 PM REA, Billy, employee of the DMN—returned to his desk in ad area after lunch but did not see Jack (15 H 573)

12:30 PM         MAYOR, Georgia, DMN employee, returned from her lunch hour at 12:30 and saw Jack sitting near her desk. She stopped to cash her check "downstairs" and Hal Cooley, DMN, told her that the President had been shot. Cooley had been at the scene of the assassination (five blocks away) and had returned to DMN with the news. Obviously Ms. Mayer was wrong in her judgment of time. Said she last saw Ruby about l:00 P.M. (25 H 189; 15 H 540; 15 H 573; 20 H 651)

12:40 PM         NEWMAN, John DMN employee: watched the parade at Young and Houston and then returned (seven blocks) to DMN to find Jack at his desk. Later on Jack had him listen on the phone to Eva, Jack's sister ranting on the phone about the shooting—she said ""My God, what do they want?" Since Newman had not said anything to Mrs. Grant, he could not explain what Mrs. Grant meant by the remark. (See 1:00 P.M. NEWMAN) (15 H 542)

12:40 PM.        SAUNDERS, Richard DMN employee: testified that he was approximately 100 yards west of triple underpass outside his car at a police barricade and saw the President's car go by on way to Parkland. He heard a directive come over the police radio on one of the traffic motorcycles directing personnel to a given window in some building. Checking the DPD logs—this directive was given at 12:37. Saunders would had to gotten into his car and driven back to DMN amidst all the traffic. Extremely unlikely he arrived back at 12:40 p.m. Described Jack as "shook up" and "ashen white"…"virtually speechless"(15 H 579-80)

12:50 PM         ARMSTRONG, Andrew, employee of Carousel: Jack called Carousel. Said he was sure Jack was at DMN because he heard “four clicks”—which he, Andy, thought was a typewriter. No other noise—just four clicks. NOTE: Interesting observation from Armstrong considering the turmoil described at the DMN “phones ringing off the desk” as reported by RUBY (5 H 184). Jack said “Did you hear?” and I said “yes”. “If anything happens we are going to close the club.” (13 H 330)

1:00 PM           REA: saw Jack sitting at Campbell's desk at DMN. (15 H 573-74)

12:55-1 PM     NEWMAN: Jack called his sister Eva.(15 H 544-45)

1–2 PM           NICHOLS, Alice, at one time Ruby's girlfriend: Jack called her place of employment and left a message. Alice was at lunch between 1 and 2. Returned Jack's call after 2 (14 H 123) RUBY: said he called Alice from the Carousel (5 H 185)

1 PM               NEWMAN: Interview of 12/3/63: Ruby at DMN Ruby was in advertising room "between 12:00 and 1:00 P.M" (20 H 652)

1 to ?               GRANT: In testimony 5/24 Jack had called her from DMN. (14 H 467)

1:10 PM           SAUNDERS, Richard, Ad salesman, DMN: 'Ruby standing numbly amid the confusion, uncharacteristically subdued and pale.'…Saunders estimated Ruby left the department around 1:10. Seth Kantor, RUBY COVER-UP, 86; (15 H 577-85).

1:15–1:30 PM  NEWMAN: estimated time Ruby left DMN. (15 H 544) In testimony at Jack's trial time, Newman gave time 1:30 or 1:45. (19 H 664)

1:15 PM          COLEMAN, Kathy Kay, stripper at Carousel: Called the Carousel. Armstrong answered phone and said Jack was crying and upset and couldn't come to phone. She said Armstrong told her the Club would be closed that night. (NOTE: Jack indicated he would only close the Club "if something happened" -announcement of President's death came at about 1:30 PM (14 H 645) RUBY: Kathy Kay Coleman called him at Carousel. Ruby remembered it was during or after calls to sister Eileen (2:15) and Al Gruber (2:37) (20 H 49) COLEMAN: At the time of this call Harry Olsen, DPD cop, and Kay’s boyfriend, said "You are going to quit; this is it" Coleman never returned to work at Carousel. Kay said she had called Carousel "Are we open tonight?" Kay also testified that she was planning on quitting the stripper business because Harry's parents did not know. (14 H 645-50) However, Kay was stripping in King's Club in Oklahoma City, along with Tammi True, in early December. (14 H 653) (15 H 428)

1:20–1:25 PM  GRANT: Jack called from DMN. She remembered talking to Newnam on phone. NOTE: Eva sometimes relied on what she heard at the trial to make her observations. (15 H 324) 7/25/64 In earlier testimony Eva put the time "after 1" (14 H 467) 5/28/64

1:30 PM           GRANT: Jack left DMN at 1:30 P.M. Testimony (5/28/64) (14 H 431)

1:35 PM ?        ARMSTRONG: Jack came to Carousel. (13 H 330-31) 4/14/64 Jack came in 5 minutes after announcement of the death of the President. (According to Kantor, who looked at his watch—Malcom Kilduff made official announcement at 1:30 p.m). (20 H 428); CRAFARD: Ruby came to club 1:30 P.M.(25 H 173) Interview 11/29/63.

1:30 PM.         KANTOR, Seth, journalist for Scripps-Howard testified he saw Ruby at Parkland Hospital.(20 H 428-9)(15 H 71-96) (NOTE: According to Warren Report—Normal time of trip from Parkland to Carousel 9-10 minutes. (WR 336) (From Dallas Morning News area 9-10 minutes normal time). Kantor pointed out in his book THE RUBY COVER-UP, commenting on Ruby's driving habits, the FBI timing could have been at least a minute to a minute and a half off. (pp. 372-3, 383) From DMN to Parkland to Carousel was approximately 8 miles. IF Ruby had left DMN by way of Young Street—made a left on Field Street to Harry Hines Blvd.—the trip could be made near the 7' mark (normal driving). Also the same back to Carousel.. Betty Windsor, Dallas. Timed 7-11-98.

1–2:30 PM      TICE, Wilma: claimed she saw Ruby at Parkland. (15 H 392-94) Did not know Ruby but recognized his picture and she had heard someone call this man "Jack". Identified what the man called "Jack" was wearing which was more or less corroborated by Eva Grant as to what Jack was wearing that day. Eva considered Mrs. Tice as "balmy" (25 H 317). Interview of Mrs. Tice by Mark Lane, RUSH TO JUDGMENT, 267

1:45–1:50 PM  ARMSTRONG: Jack came to Carousel. (25H 199) 1/22/64 ARMSTRONG: Same time (19 H 101) 1/23/64 When news of shooting of Tippit came on air—Ruby told Armstrong he knew the officer. (19 H 102) (25 H 199) (According to KLIF radio logs—announcement of Tippit's name was made between 2:—2:15 P.M. (KLIF log info by courtesy of Dale Myers)

1:45 PM           Call from Carousel to Bruce Carlin in Fort Worth. (25 H 245) (1 minute) Karen CARLIN said Armstrong called her with news of assassination and that Club would be closed.(13 H 208) ARMSTRONG verified. (13 H 335)ARMSTRONG: Armstrong earlier stated that he did not get in touch with Carlin until 2:30 P.M. (19 H 102) Interview: 1/23/64. 1:45 reflects phone record.

1:50–2 PM       ARMSTRONG: Heard announcement over radio at Carousel of Tippit being officer who was shot. Ruby present. Ruby mentioned that he knew JD. (19 H 101-2) NOTE: KLIF radio logs show Tippit's name released 2-2:15 p.m. (Radio log info courtesy of Dale Myers)

1:51 PM           Call from Carousel to Bull Pen. (3 minutes) (25 H 245) ARMSTRONG verified. (13 H 331-32) PAUL: testified he did not hear from Ruby until 2:45 P.M. (14 H 151) Did Armstrong make the call??

2-2:30 PM       CRAFARD: Ruby arrived at club. Jack very 'nervous' (13 H 452)

2:05 PM           RUBY:: called sister Eileen in Chicago from Carousel Club. (8 Minutes) (15 H 282-3) verified.(25 H 245)

Unkn                WILLIS, Billy Joe, drummer at Carousel: Jack called him sometime during afternoon and told him Carousel would be closed. Ruby "half sobbing" and Willis amazed at how Ruby was affected. (25 H 505)

2:10 PM           NICHOLS, Alice: called Ruby at Carousel. (return call) Ruby busy on another phone (14 H 123); ARMSTRONG, (25 H 199) NOTE: In earlier interview 11/25/63 Nichols never mentioned the phone calls she exchanged with Ruby on 11/22 (20 H 673-81)

2:15 PM           RUBY: returned call to Alice Nichols. ( 20 H 682)

2:30–3:15 PM  Donald SAFRAN, Dallas Times Herald, called Ruby at Carousel. Ruby not present. Individual answering phone said he would get the message to Ruby. Later, Jack returned call (25 H 197)

2:30 PM           RUBY: 'Went to Rita (sic) delicattessen (sic) and bought quite a few to take to Eve. (foodstuff)' MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 105.

2:35–2:40 PM  ARMSTRONG: Jack left Carousel. (13 H 333). 4/14/64 ARMSTRONG: (19 H 102) (25 H 199) gave time as approx. 4:00 P.M. interviews taken in January of '64.

2:37 PM           RUBY: called Alexander Gruber in Los Angeles (3 minutes) from Carousel.(25 H 245). "About 20 minutes after . . . Kennedy was assassinated . . .Ruby seemed upset and they talked about a number of things including the car wash business". RUBY said he was sending one of his dogs to Gruber (5 H 186),(20 h 49); verified (GRUBER: 25 H 143 interview 11/26/63. CRAFARD: Did not send a dog to Gruber.(13 H 422)

2:40 PM           WRIGHT, Clifford, DMN composing room: Ruby's ads were changed to reflect closing the clubs. Wright speculated that Ruby probably called the changes into the composing room. (25 H 188) NOTE: time given for ads deadline was 12:00 for space reservation; release copies at 2:00 (19 H 662) See CRAFARD (14 H 86)

2:42 PM           Call from Carousel to Bull Pen. (1 minute) (25 H 245)

2:43 PM           Call to Ralph Paul at home from Carousel. (2 minutes) Jack told Paul he was going to close the clubs. (25 H 245) Verified PAUL: (14 H 151)

3-3:30 PM       CRAFARD: Jack left club. (13 H 454)

3:-3:15 PM      Eva GRANT: Jack came to apartment Stayed "5 minutes or 8 minutes or 10 minutes." Eva told Jack to bring some food. Jack said he had to go back to the Club.(15 H 325) In other testimony Eva said Jack only visited twice on 11/22. (14 H 433) See 9:30 A.M 4:30 or 5:30 P.M. Grant statements.

3:15 PM           Ruby called SAFRAN at Dallas Times Herald—said he was closing his clubs but not to tell other club owners. (25 H 197)

3:30 PM (est.)  CRAFARD: Ruby left Carousel. Appeared to be "emotionally disturbed" and "pretty well shaken up". The "name Tibbets, the policeman, was mentioned and Ruby said he was acquainted with him." (interview 11/29/63) (25 H 174)

3:30–4 PM       COX, Bill, Loan Officer at Merchant's State Bank: Said Ruby was "standing there crying and he had about $7,000 in cash on him" Cox reprimanded Ruby for carrying around such a large amount. Interview with Seth Kantor August 3, 1976. See THE RUBY COVER-UP, 62. (NOTE: Following the shooting of LHO, Ruby was searched—in his possession was $2,015.33; $60.00 in American Express Traveler's checks (22 H 498) In a search of Ruby's aptmt on 11/24, conducted by G. F. Rose, DPD, $256.80 was found. (22 H 516) Paper bag found in Ruby's car contained $837.50; 28 cents in glove compartment; $1.00 in golf shoe. (22 H 501, 511-12) No evidence of Ruby making a financial transaction at Merchant's on 11/22. so why he would be waiting in line is not known.

4:00 PM           ARMSTRONG: Ruby left Carousel. (19 H 102) interview1/23/64

3:30–4 PM       GLOWACKI, Joseph: observed Ruby at Ritz Delicatessen. 205 Browder Street and spoke briefly with him. Ruby did not appear upset or agitated. (25 H 230)

4:30–5 PM       ARMSTRONG: Jack and Crafard still at Carousel when Armstrong left to go home. (13 H 336)

Unkn                CARTWRIGHT, Gary: TEXAS MONTHLY: Joe Cavagnaro, described as one of Ruby's best friends, was sales manager of Statler Hilton. Joe said he had coffee with Jack, at the Statler and noted that Ruby was extremely upset and blamed the Morning News because of the ad. (TEXAS MONTHLY, 11/75, PAGE 86)

4–4:30 PM       KAUFMAN, Ferd : photographer W/Associated Press, saw Jack in corridor on 3rd floor DPD. Ruby gave him a business card bearing the Carousel name. Ruby told Ferd the card would entitle him to be a guest. (25 H 180)

4:30–5 PM       CRAFARD: Jack returned "about 4:30 or 5" to Carousel. Called Eva. Stayed 10 or 15 minutes and left. (13 H 455)

4:45 PM.          GRANT. Eva: Jack called her presumably from Carousel. She told him to stop at the Ritz deli and bring home food. (15 H 325) (see Crafard statement below) ARMSTRONG: Jack called Eva from Carousel. (19 H 102)

4 or 5               JACOBSON, Dr. Coleman: rec'd call from Ruby wanting to know what time memorial services would be held for President Kennedy. Jack was very "emotional' (25 H 142) ARMSTRONG: Jack called Jacobson from Carousel. (19 H 102)

5 PM               MILLER, Dave, Esquire Shine Shop: Armstrong came in and told Miller not to put Carousel sign up in the window as the club would be closed Friday night. (15 H 455)

5:30–6 PM      MILLER, Dave: owner of Esquire Shine & Press Shop, 1322 Commerce. Jack was in his shop between 5:30 to 6:00 P.M. Jack's eyes red—looked like he had been crying. Talked for 5 minutes. (15 H 451)

5-6 PM            ROBERTSON, Vic, employee of WFAA-TV: from his audio tape (management of station had asked all employees to record everything they could remember about events at DPD—this recording was made in late December '63) observed Jack Ruby trying to enter Homicide Bureau office of Will Fritz where LHO was being questioned. Ruby appeared "happy, jovial, was joking and laughing"(21 H 311) Statement of 1/20/64 reflects above information (21 H 309) Changes the time in his WC testimony to "somewhere from 3:15 and 7 to 8:00 P.M. (See below)

5:30–7:30 PM  JENKINS, Ronald L. KBOX news editor: believed he saw Ruby just outside Capt Fritz's office. (15 H 601-603) (25 H 178-179) (20 H 254-56)

5:30–6 PM       Jack brought food from Ritz Deli to sister EVA (20 H 12) GRANT: in interview 5/28 Eva changed time to "4:30" and "7:15" (14 H 433)

6–7 PM           RUTLEDGE, John, DMN, rptr: saw Ruby standing outside Burglary/Theft department (25 H 154)(25 H 476-77) Testified for prosecution at Ruby's trial: Ruby spent his time identifying various Dallas officials to the out-of-state press. See: THE TRIAL OF JACK RUBY, Kaplan/Waltz, p. 130-1.

6 PM               PAUL, Ralph: Jack called Bull Pen 'You are going to hate me for this, I'm going to be closed for three days.' (21 H 39) 11/25/63. In WC testimony PAUL said this call was about Jack going to synagogue to "pray". (14 H 152) No phone record of this call.

4:30–7:15         EVA: Jack gets sick and throws up while at her aptmt. (15 H 325,332), (20 H 12—11/25/63) In testimony before WC—Eva changed the time to 4:30 P.M. to 7:15 P.M. was originally 5:30 P.M. (14 H 433)

Unkn                EVA: Andy (Armstrong) calls apartment and said Don called Carousel. Jack returns call to Safran at Herald. (15 H 328) (NOTE: See Safran entry 3:15 P.M.)

4–5 PM           EVA: Jack called Dr. Jacobson while at her apartment. (15 H 330); JACOBSON, (25 H 142)

5:30–7:15 PM  EVA: Jack at her apartment. Later changed the time (see entry for 4:30 P.M) (20 H 12) interview dtd 11/25/63

6:20–6:30 PM  CRAFARD: at Carousel gets call from Jack about putting sign on door "CLOSED". Jack said he was at Eva's. (13 H 457)

6:30 PM           Jack called Cecil Hamlin and said "say hello to Jean" EVA said Jean was the wife's name. (This was at Eva's aptmt.) (15 H 330)(25 H 186-7)

7 PM               WRIGHT, Clifford, DMN, composing room: Ruby either came in or called in to change ad on Carousel to read "closed tonight and Sunday". Stated "Ruby all balled up". (25 H 188)

6–7 PM           EBERHARDT, August (DPD): knew Ruby for 5 years. Saw Ruby on third floor of police station. Ruby said he had brought sandwiches.(13 H 187) (19 H 645-6)

7-7:15 PM       EVA: Jack left her apmt. (15 H 331)

7:19 PM           Call to Carousel from Bull Pen (3 minutes) (25 H 257)

6:30–7:30         CRAFARD: Jack returned to Carousel. (14 H 87) Interview 4/9/64 PM(EST)

7–7:30 PM       JACK: said he laid down and took a nap at Eva's. (5 H 186)

7–7:30 PM       NICHOLS, Alice: Jack called her. She did not know where Jack was calling from. Jack said he was going to Synagogue. (20 H 682) Interview 1/18/64; (14 H 125)

7:30 PM          STANDIFER, Roy, Detective DPD: Well acquainted with Ruby, said he exchanged greetings with him in third floor hallway at DPD station. (15 H 615-17)

7:30 PM           CRAFARD: Jack called Carousel and checked on phone calls. (25 H 174) Crafard said he could hear Eva in the background. (13 H 457,4/8/64; Changed story to Jack arrived at Carousel. (14 H 87), 4/9/64.

7:30 PM           JACK: stated he went to his apartment (or Carousel—couldn't remember which) changed clothes, showered/shaved (5 H 186) RUBY: 'went home to dress' MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 105.

8:15 PM           EVA: Jack called her and told her that she was to call their sister Eileen in Chicago. (15 H 332)

8:20 PM           Call to Eva's apartment from sister Eileen in Chicago. Twenty minutes. Also see 9:20 P.M. (25 H 234)

8:48 PM           Call toBull Pen in Ft Worth from Jack's aptmt. (25 H 240)(3 minutes)

9:00 PM           WRIGHT: Ruby again called DMN and tried to change his club ad. Wright stated it was too late to change. (25 H 188)

9:02 PM           Call to Hyman Rubinstein in Chicago from Jack's apartment. (7 minutes) (25 H 240) RUBENSTEIN: verified 21 H 317)

9:20 PM           Records show that Harold/Eileen Kaminsky (Ruby's sister) called Eva's aptmt (20 minutes) ( 25 H 234) NOTE: Since this call was on Chicago records of Kaminsky—the time should probably read 8:20 P.M to reflect Dallas time. See above.

9:30–9:45 PM  Rabbi SILVERMAN: Jack arrived at memorial services "coming near the end of the services". (services over at 9:50) (22 H 296); (22 H 906-7)

9:30–10 PM     CRAFARD: Karen Carlin called Carousel asking for Jack. Karen told Crafard it was "urgent". Crafard thought the call was from Ft. Worth. No record of call on Carlin's phone bill. Crafard told her that Jack was at Eva's. (13 H 459)

9–10 PM         SENATOR: Returned to apartment. Jack not there. (21 H 430) Testimony taken 11/24/73 In testimony taken 4/24/64 Senator changed time to 10–11:00 P.M.(14 H 313)

10:00 PM        MCCULLOUGH, John G. reporter, Philadelphia Bulletin: believed he saw Ruby at DPD around 10 sometime. (15 H 375-76)

10:00 PM        JACK: left synagogue and drove past different clubs to see who was open and who was closed. (5 H 187)

10:00 PM        FRICKSTAD, John L. employee of Phil's Delicatessen, 3015 Oaklawn: Ruby came in around 10:00 P.M. ordered sandwiches to take to disc jockies at KLIF. While waiting on order Ruby "was on telephone" Frickstad heard Ruby mention "New York" and "if anything should come up he (Ruby) could be called at the radio station. (25 H 176-7)

10:10 PM        RUBY: called DPD talked to Officer Sims—told him he was bringing sandwiches. Officer said it was not necessary as they were doing o.k. (5 H 187) Call made from Phil's. Det SIMS verified: (25 H 146)

10 PM             RUBY: called Gordon McClendon's home to get number of KLIF station so he (Ruby could get Russ Knight's—disc jockey—phone number). Believed Knight could get him into station so he could deliver the sandwiches.Also said he was looking for Joe Delong to get the number. (5 H 188) (NOTE: Knight's phone number was found on an envelope in Jack's pocket when he shot Oswald. and the proper name for Joe Delong was Gary DeLaune, rptr for KLIf Joe Long was news director, Jack had it mixed up. REPORTING THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION, 84; DA 1-0467 (22 H 500)

10:20 PM         EVA: Jack called from Phil's Deli and said he was ordering sandwiches to take to station. (14 H 434) (15 H 336)

10:30 PM         RIEGLER, Marguerite: Observed Ruby in Phil's Deli making telephone calls.(25 H 146) MARTIN, Dennis with Miss Reigler and puts time at 11:00 P.M; SINDELAR, Robert, present with Miss Reigler puts the time "about 8 P.M.; SILBERMAN, Rita: present w/Riegler, said it was between 8 or 8:30 P.M; NIKOLIS, William, present w/Riegler placed the time at 8:30 to 9: 00 P.M. (25 H 200-205)

11:00 PM         LANE, Leona; MILLER, Esther: present at the refreshments following services at synagogue. Both said they talked briefly with Ruby. (25 H 206-7)

11:00 PM         JENKINS, Ronald: KBOX, Believed he saw Jack at DPD when Oswald was made available to news representatives. (NOTE: Might have been the midnight conference that Jenkins was referring to) (20 H 254-56) (25 H 178-179) (15 H 601-03) Verified: O’LEARY, Jeremiah (CR 105, page 324)

11:15 PM         RUBY: '. . . went to Phils (sic) Delecatteson (sic)'. MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 105.

11:15 PM         RUBY: after leaving Phil's deli, Jack drove around and looked to see what businesses were open. He then stopped at DPD at 11:15 P.M. Ruby claimed this was the first time that he had been to the station that day. Said he went to DPD to get unlisted phone number of KLIF station so he could deliver sandwiches (Ruby already had the number, it was found during personal search of Ruby following shooting of LHO. The number was RI 7-9319) (15 H 437)(22 H 498- 99) (5 H 188)

11:30–11:45 PM CURRY, Jesse, Chief, DPD: Oswald brought before news representatives because of reports that DPD may have been mistreating LHO. (4 H 166) Time identified by Curry in his mss JESSE E. CURRY, DPD, 11-22-53, p.76)

11:30 PM         LEONARD, T.B. DPD: Ruby present at press conference. Jack was there with a notebook in his hand "I'm a reporter tonight" THE TRIAL OF JACK RUBY, Kaplan and Waltz, p 129. NOTE: Ruby corrected Henry Wade's "Free Cuba Committee" remark. Later Jack testified that he had heard that name on radio station—possibly KLIF earlier in the evening. (5 H 189)

11:30 PM         EVA: Jack called her and told her he had been at station (DPD) "where he had talked to Henry Wade" "and "Russ Knight of KLIF". (14 H 434)

LATE NIGHT  Call made from Vegas Club to Hyman Rubinstein in Chicago. (31 minutes) (25 H 249)

MIDNIGHT     Ruby's presence at midnight news conference verified by photos 11:30-12:15 (The Killing of a President, 105) and at least twelve witnesses. (WCR 342): (25 H 229), (25 H 199), (25 H177),(25 H 154), (25 H 152-3) (15 H 505-6)

MIDNIGHT     LAWRENCE, Mary, waitress at B&B: Knew Jack Ruby for 8 years. Saw him at approximately midnight on 11/22 with an individual , possibly identical to LHO after the President had been shot. (FBI File courtesy of John Armstrong research)



12:15–1:45 AM PAPPAS, Icarus, newsman with WNEW radio: Met Ruby outside of line-up room following press conference with LHO. Ruby was appeared to be "exhilarated" Gave Pappas a Carousel Card and invited Pappas to the Club. (15 H 364)

12:20 AM        MCCURDY, Danny: Employee of KLIF. Jack called and said he had sandwiches for employees. (15 H 532)

12:45 AM        MCCURDY: Jack arrived at KLIF (alone) with sandwiches and soft drinks. Described Ruby as being "sullen, quiet, looking at floor, glancing faraway into space for no apparent reason".(15 H 534)

12:49 AM        Eva Grant placed call to her son's father-in-law C.J. Hirsch in N. Hollywood California (47 minutes) billed to Vegas Club number. (25 H 235)

1 AM.             DUNCAN, Glen, KLIF newscaster: Ruby called twice to newscaster (1) said he was bringing up sandwiches to the group (2) (ten minutes later)—called and had Henry Wade on line for interview. (15 H 486-7)

1 AM               WADE, Henry, District Attorney: Saw Ruby at DPD. Ruby called him to the phone for an interview with KLIF.(5 H 224)

1 AM               GILMORE, James, DPD: saw Ruby in basement of DPD and asked Ruby what he was doing there. Ruby told him that he was passing out sandwiches and was planning on going over to KLIF and take them sandwiches. (25 H 229)

1:30 AM          CURRY: LHO arraigned for murder of President Kennedy. (4 H 155)

1:45 AM          MCCURDY: Thought Jack left station about this time. (15 H 534)

1–2 AM           OLSEN, HARRY DPD: had "two to three" hour conversation with Ruby, Kathy Kay Coleman (stripper at Ruby's Carousel) and "Johnny" Simpson, garage attendant, at Simon's parking lot on corner of Jackson and Field. (1300 Jackson Street). Conversation ended about 2 or 3 A.M.(14 H 631-2) dtd 8/6/64. In interview of 12/16 OLSEN stated they only talked to Jack for about ten minutes and Olsen placed the meeting at around 1:30 A.M. (25 H 279) NOTE: Olsen was fired from DPD in December of '63, cause of firing not clear. (25 H 637)

1 AM               COLEMAN, Kathy Kay: Had been to Sip and Nip on Commerce for a drink When it closed at 12 midnight, she and Harry Olsen went to talk to their "friend" Johnny at Simon's parking lot. At about 1:00 AM Ruby drove by—they honked and Ruby stopped. Conversation lasted about an hour. Got back home about 3:00 A.M. (14 H 646-7)

1:00 AM          SIMPSON. John J. "Johnny": Olsen came to pick up his car about 1:00 A.M. Coleman yelled at Ruby as he was walking down street and Ruby came over and talked to Kay and Harry for about an hour or longer. Stated he was not involved in any conversation and was not a close friend of Olsen or Coleman. (25 H 521)

1:15 AM          KNIGHT, Russ, disc jockey at KLIF saw Ruby at police station. Arranged interview with Henry Wade Ruby wanted Knight to ask Wade if LHO was insane. (15 H 254-5)

1:45 AM          RUBY: Left DPD and went to KLIF and passed out his sandwiches. (5 H 188) verified DUNCAN: (15 H 485-7)

2:00 AM          RUBY: left KLIF to drive to Times Herald Building. On the way stopped and talked to "Harry Carlson" a Dallas Police officer and the young lady he was going with called Kathy Kay (who worked at Carousel. Ruby said he never mentioned this before because officer had marital problems and it was a secret that he went with Kathy Kay. Ruby said he didn't want the officer to get into trouble. (5 H 191) NOTE: Olsen was divorced first wife in October '63 (14 H 627) (Ruby's statement about Harry and Kathy Kay was made after Jacks trial.)

2:00 AM          REVILL: Jack Lt., DPD: Jack's statement 12/4/63 Jack told Revill that after leaving KLIF he went home. "At this point he (Jack) became irrational and advised us that he was not going to discuss it (his activities on 11/22) any further". (24 H 162)

2:30 AM          KNIGHT, Russ, disc jockey at KLIF: Left KLIF w/ Ruby. Looked at a speech from H.L. Hunt's Lifeline that Ruby gave him. Knight then went home. (15 H 259)

2:30 AM          RUBY: "Went to Times Herald'. MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 108.

3:00 AM          GRIFFITH, Kenneth, employee of composing room at Dallas Times Herald: Ruby came into composing room with an ad in his hand. Appeared jovial and related how he had been hanging around the Dallas City Hall. Said his friends had allowed him in. 'we are trying to find out who the man really is that placed the ad in Dallas Morning News'.(25 H 232)

3:00 AM          RUBY: FBI statement 12/25, Ruby stated he left KLIF at 3:00. 20 H 53) changed time to 2:00 A.M. in later testimony 12/24/63 (24 H 162) Jack never mentioned Olsen/Coleman encounter. In his testimony he does. (5 H 191) 6/7/64

3:00 AM          SENATOR, George, Ruby's roommate: statement 11/24, "about 3:00 A.M. Jack woke me up and we discussed President Kennedy being killed." Jack "was too sad to go to bed" both men went to have coffee at Southland Hotel. (21 H 427) INTERVIEW #1 DPD. NOTE: Senator did not mention taking pictures of IMPEACH EARL WARREN sign.

3–4 AM           SENATOR: Jack woke Senator. They talk about assassination for a while. Ruby "patently upset". The men go to the Southland Hotel for a cup of coffee around 4:30-5:00 A.M.(21 H 430) FBI Statement Interview #2 11/24/63

3:00 AM          SENATOR: SS interview 12/3 Ruby woke Senator up. Senator now added the following to his testimony: Got dressed went to Carousel and picked up Crafard, took pictures of Impeach Earl Warren sign. Went to Southland Coffee Shop. Went to post office to check box number on ad. Took Crafard back to Carousel (Crafard never mentioned the PO visit) Then Jack and Senator went home around 6:00 A.M. (21 H 435)) Interview #3 NOTE: As a defense witness at Ruby's trial—Senator reiterated his belief that Jack woke him at 3:00 A.M. (TRIAL OF JACK RUBY, Kaplan/Waltz, 183)

3:30 AM          RUBY: Awakened George (Senator) ' made him get out of bed'. MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 109.

3:15–4 AM      RUBY: arrived at Dallas Times Herald. Worked on ads. Demonstrated the twistboard. (5 H 193-4)

3:30–4:30 AM CRAFARD: Ruby called and told him to get Polaroid camera and meet him and Senator downstairs in front of Carousel. (14 H 87) Interview 4/9/64

4:00 AM          RUBY: ' . . drove to E. Ross and Expressway' took photos of IMPEACH EARL WARREN sign. MOMENT OF MADNESS, 109

3:45–4 AM      KAUFMAN, Stanley M, Attorney: "on morning of November 23", 1963, Jack called him. (20 H 438) See Kaufman: 3:45-400 P.M.

4–5 AM           RUBY: In statement 12/25/63, Ruby "drove to Carousel Club sometime about 4:00 or 5:00 AM" . . picked up Larry (20 H 53)

4:00 AM          PRYOR, Roy A. employee of Dallas Times Herald: Ruby arrived at Herald at 4:00 A.M. Pryor talked with him for 15 minutes. (15 H 557) Verified WEATHERWAX. Arthur: (15 H 566)

4:00 AM          GADASH, Arnold, printer, Dallas Times Herald: Jack and he talked for about 15 minutes and Jack worked on his ads for Vegas and Carousel about closing the clubs. (26 H 239-41)

4:30 AM          WEATHERWAX: After demonstrating twistboard to female proofreader, Ruby left the Herald. (15 H 569)

4:45-6 AM       MEEKS, Louis: Saw Ruby and 2 other men in Webb's Waffle Shop, until about 6:00 A.M. CR 360, p. 132

4:30-5 AM       RUBY: Went to the aptmt and woke up George Senator and told him to get dressed. Then called Carousel and told Crafard that he was to get dressed, that they were coming down to pick him up. Crafard was to bring the Polaroid camera. All three men went to take pictures of “Impeach Earl Warren" sign. They then went to post office to check postal box number. (20 H 53) Trio went to Southland Hotel Coffee Shop. (14 H 324)

5:30 AM. to 6:20 A.M.** CRAFARD: Ruby called him at Carousel. Told him to get dressed get Polaroid camera and film. *A few minutes later the fellow from All Right Parking called and said Jack and George were waiting for him. Drove out to Stemmons and took three pictures of "Impeach Earl Warren" sign. All three went to a waffle shop near Carousel. Ruby and George dropped Crafard off at Carousel. Did not go to post office with Ruby and Senator. (25 H 174) Interview 11/29/63; **CRAFARD: Changed the time in his testimony to 3:30-4:30 A.M. (14 H 87) *NOTE: Garage attendant on duty knew nothing about this call. (13 H 247-49)

6:00 AM          SENATOR: Ruby and he returned to apartment and went to bed. (21 H 435)

6:20 AM          CRAFARD: Was dropped off at Carousel by Ruby and Senator. (19 H 357) 11/29/63

8:00 AM          CRAFARD: called Ruby at his aptmt and told him dogs needed food. Ruby berated Crafard for waking him up. Crafard packed up and left Dallas. (19 H 358)

10–10:30 AM  SENATOR: (11/24 interview) woke Jack up and talked about how sorry he felt about President. Senator left at noon. (21 H 427) NOTE: what about 8:00 A.M. call from Crafard?

Unkn                GRANT, Eva: Said Jack was at her apartment Saturday morning. (20 H 13—11/25/63)

11:00 AM        RUBY: ' phoned Andy (at Carousel) or he may have called me'. Larry had left. MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 110.

11–11:30 AM  RUBY: Got up from bed, showered. shaved, dressed and left apartment for downtown. (20 H 54)

11–12 AM       RHEINSTEIN, Frederic, NBC News, producer/director: Observed Ruby before lunch, at their mobile unit that was parked in front of City Hall. ""put his head through the open window of our remote truck" to look at the monitors. (15 H 356)

NOON            LABRO, Philippe, reporter for French newspaper: Met Ruby on third floor of DPD. Ruby gave Labro his card advertising the Carousel and invited Labro to come for a drink. (25 H 200-201)

11–12 AM       STOKES, Jefferson D. neighbor of Jack's: said he saw and spoke with Jack—Jack said something about fixing Stokes a hamburger. (25 H 315) 6/13/64 (see Stokes entry for 1-1:30)

12:49 PM         Eva Grant placed call to Charles J. Hirsch, North Hollywood CA (duration 46 minutes and 30 seconds) Billed to Vegas Club (son's father-in-law) looking for her son.(25 H 235)

1–1:10 PM       ARMSTRONG: arrived at Carousel for work. Found note of Crafard leaving. Called Jack at his apartment. (13 H 337)

1:00 PM           RICHEY, Marjorie, waitress at Carousel: Called Jack at home concerning closing the club. (15 H 196)

Unkn                WILLIAMS, Billy Don, musician: talked with Ruby on phone about "'tragic event' and "should close the club?"(23 H16)

1–1:30 PM       STOKES, Doyle: Neighbor of Ruby. Saw Jack pull out of his driveway. (25 H 290) 1/14/64; On another interview Stokes placed the time at around noon. (25 H 315)

1:10–1:20 PM  JOHNSON, Speedy: Ruby at Sol's Turf Bar, 1517 Commerce (15 H 610) (BELLOCCHIO, Frank: Also present at Sol's Turf Bar, interviewed 12/6/63 agreed with this time (19H161) but in testimony 6/27/64 changed the time to nearer 4:00 P.M. (15 H 468)

1:30–2:00 PM  BROWN, Thomas R, Allright Parking employee at Nichols Garage 1320 Commerce: Ruby came in and made a phone call where he was overheard saying "as to the whereabouts of Chief of Police Curry". (25 H 315)

1–2 PM           Abe KLEINMAN , Ruby's accountant, was present at Sol’s Turf bar placed the time from 2-2:30 P.M when he Ruby. (15 H 386-7)JOHNSON, Speedy: SOLOMON, Elmer: Ruby at Sol’s. (CR 105, 325)

2:30-3 PM       HARKNESS, D.V. DPD: Observed Ruby on corner of Records Bldg. (Elm and Huston) (25 H 150) Observed Jack in crowd at jail. (25 H 403)

2:50 PM           HALLMARK, Garnet Claud, garage attendant: Ruby arrived at Nichols Garage, called Wes Wise. Wise not in. Talked to a "Ken" about LHO transfer. "You know I'll be there." Ruby left at 3:05 PM (20 H 68-69) (15 H 491) (Could have been Ken Dowe?)

3 PM               PAUL: Ruby called and asked Paul if he had seen the ads in the papers about club closings. (21 H 39) No record of phone call.

3:00 PM           COOPER, P.N. DPD: Observed Ruby at corner of Elm and Huston. (25 H 151)

3–4 PM (est.)   RUBY: stopped in Sol's Turf Bar, talked to Bellocchio, Kleinman then left between 3 and 4:00 P.M. Went to Carousel then on home. (20 H 54–55) (20 H 470–72)

3:05 PM           HALLMARK, G. C: Ruby drove away from Nichols Garage at 1320 Commerce. (20 H 69).

3–3:30 PM       WISE, West, KRLD radio and TV: talked w/Ruby in Dealey Plaza. When Ruby left he went in directions of railroad tracks north of TSBD. Jack mentioned Fritz and Curry were in the Plaza. (26 H 582-3) 12/2/63 (25 H 498-505)

3–4 PM           CHANEY, James M., DPD: Observed Ruby at Elm and Houston area. Spoke to him briefly. (25 H 151)

3:40–4 PM       EVA: Jack arrived at Eva's apartment. ( 15 H 334) 7/25/64

4 PM               WALDO, Thayer, reporter: ran into Ruby at police station. Ruby gave him his card. (15 H 588-89)

4-8 PM            EVA: Jack at her apartment approximately 4 hours. This was Eva's first statement 11/25/63 (20 H 13) Jack discussed going to JD's funeral. "he went to all the policemen's funerals" Made several phone calls. (14 H 485) 5/26/64

3:45-4 PM *    KAUMAN, Stanley: Ruby's attorney. Jack called him at home regarding Weissman ad. Ruby said he had been to post office located the box number of the ad "put it under surveillance". Kaufman said he was in bed sleeping but had a clock beside his bed. (See 3:45 A.M)(15 H 519) (verified by Eva: 15 H 341) *See 3:45—4:00 A.M entry

5 PM               RHEINSTEIN, Frederic, NBC, producer/director, Observed Ruby on third floor of DPD going into Henry Wade's office. (15 H 357)

4-5 PM            DOWE, Kenneth, KLIF employee; Jack called him and wanted Gorden McClendon's phone number. In a few minutes called again and said that he (Jack) understood they were moving Oswald over to county jail and wanted to know if the station wanted him to get a news story for them. (25 H 434-35)

5:50 PM           LARKIN, Robert: talked to Ruby at corner of Browder and Commerce for about 10 minutes. (25 H 289)

6 PM               RUBY: Andy called Jack at 6:00 P.M. and wanted to leave the club. Jack told him to stay at club and answer any incoming calls. (20 H 55)

6-7 PM            ARMSTRONG: Jack came to Carousel. Asked Andy to call girls and tell them not to report for work. Also asked Andy to stay until 8. Jack left after about an hour. (13 H 840)

7:00 PM           REEVES, Huey, night manager of Nichols Garage: This is garage next door to Carousel where Ruby parked his car while at club. Reeves stated Ruby came and got his car and left.. (13 H 248)

7-8:30 PM        KNIGHT: Somewhere in this time period Ruby called Knight at KLIF and asked who Earl Warren was. (15 H 262)

7:30 PM           SENATOR: Arrived back at apartment. Jack not home. (21 H 427) 11/24/63

8:00 PM          ARMSTRONG: Jack called and asked Andy to stay until 10:00. Pretty sure Jack was calling from home. Andy told him "no" Andy went home at 8:00 (13 H 340)

8:00 PM           EVA: Jack left her apartment. ( 15 H 336) 7/25/64

8-9:00 PM       HELMICK, Wanda, car-hop at Bull Pen; Pay phone rang and it was a call for Ralph Paul from Jack Ruby. Overheard Paul make some remark "are you crazy" and something about a gun. (15 H 397-98) No phone record.

8:30 PM           SENATOR: left apartment to visit friends. Jack not there. (21 H 435)

8:30 PM           CARLIN, Karen "Little Lynn": called Ruby at home from Colony Club and asked if Carousel was going to be open (Saturday) and told Jack she needed money to get back to Ft. Worth. Ruby got angry and said he would be down in about an hour. (13 H 210) Little Lynn, husband Bruce and Tammi True were present. Bruce called again when Ruby didn't show up. Ruby had the attendant "Reeves" come to the phone and instructed him to give Little Lynn $5.00. (13 H 210) See Reeves 10:33 P.M. TRUE, Tammi: denied Karen rec'd $5.00 from attendant.(15 H 423)

8:30 PM           O'GRADY, Thomas: Ruby called him and talked about closing his clubs. Talked for about 5 minutes. (25 H 285)

9 PM               CARLIN: Called Ruby a second time. Ruby said "I'll meet you down at the club". (15 H 663)

9–9:45 PM.      BRANCH, John Henry: saw Ruby at Empire Room., 1710 Hall Street. Discussed hiring piano player for Vegas Club (25 H 303)(19 H 171)

9–10 PM         MANDELL, John P.: Saw Ruby near the Hall Diner. CR 105. p. 326 (located next to Empire Room 15 H 476) (12 to 14 blocks from Carousel—estimated 5' drive)

10–10:30 PM   PAYNE, Darwin, Dallas Times Herald: Curry announces that LHO would be transferred Sunday around 10 A.M. REPORTING THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION, Reporters Remember: 11/22/63.

10:15 PM         EVA: Jack called her from his apartment. Said Jack had taken a shower and "ate some liver and onions". (15 H 342) In her statement of 11/25 Eva put the time at 10:20 (20 H 13) RUBY: 'Phoned Eva" at 10:20 to ask if she was watching television. MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 112.

10:30 PM         Lawrence MEYERS: Ruby called Cabana to invite Meyers for a cup of coffee. Ruby complained about Colony and Theatre Lounge clubs remaining open. Meyers said Ruby sounded greatly disturbed over President's assassination. ( 25 H 191) In his HSCA testimony Meyers claimed to have had supper with Ruby at the Cabana at this time. (V 9, 902, 904)

10:30 PM         SENATOR: Arrived back to aptmt. Jack was there. Jack told Senator he had to go to the club for something and left. (19 H 427) MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 112.

10:33 PM         REEVES, Huey: night manager of Nichols garage. "Little Lynn" picks up $5.00 Jack told Huey to give to her. (25 H 297-8) (address of garage Allright Parking 1320 Commerce)

10:44 PM         Call to Ralph Paul (15 H 672) from Eva's aptmt (25 H 235) (nine minutes)

11 PM             RUBY: left his apartment and went to Pago Club and talked to Norton. Finished his coke and went to Carousel. (20 H 55)

10–11 PM       OLSEN: Ruby in front of Carousel. "We (Kathy Kay) drove by and waved." (14 H 635)

11:00 PM         REEVES, Huey: Jack arrived at Nichols garage. (25 H 297)

11:15 PM         REEVES: Jack left Nichols garage. (25 H 297

11:18 PM         Call to Bull Pen from Carousel (1 minute) (25 H 251)

11:18 PM         Call to Copeland Road Arlington, Tx where Ralph Paul stayed from Carousel.(3 minutes) (25 H 251)

11:30 PM         EVA: Jack called her about seeing Henry Wade, Russ Knight, and had been to KLIF radio station. (20 H 13) Eva changed this in WC testimony to happening on 11/22.(14 H 434)

11:36 PM         Call to Copeland Road from Carousel. (2 minutes) (25 H 251)

11:44 PM         Call to Breck Wall from Carousel (2 minutes) Call was made to McKenna residence in Galveston. WALL and partner Peterson, had a musical act. The men were associates of Ruby. They had hightailed it out of Dallas—arrived in Galveston at "about" 11:00 PM.on 11/23. "as quickly as we had arrived is when we got a call from Jack" (14 H 604-05) (25 H 251) It has been reported that David Ferrie arrived in Galveston at 11:00 P.m. checked into Driftwood Motel.11/23 THE KENNEDY CONSPIRACY, Flammonde, 28)

11:47 PM         Call to Copeland Road from Carousel (1 minute) (15 H 251)

12–12:20 AM  NORTON, Robert, operating mgr, Pago Club: Jack in his club, had a coke "said he was tired, and was going home to bed". (15 H 551)

12–12:30 AM  HUMPHRIES, Virginia: Waitress at Pago Club 3913 Cedar Springs. Jack came in ordered a coke and was joined at the table by owner Bob Norton. Stayed maybe 30 minutes. Verified by BYRUM, Laura mgr of Pago Club.(25 H 306-7) Verified by NORTON, Robert, operating mgr.(15 H 549) 6/27/64; (20 H 687) 11/29/63


12:40-45 AM   GRANT, Eva: Jack called and she had the impression that he was at his apartment. (20 H 13-14) (15 H 343)

1-1:30 AM       RUBY: this is time he said he went to bed. (14 H 529)

2:15 AM          *MCCOY, C.C. Deputy Sheriff: telephonically received a death threat on life of LHO supposedly from Committee of 100- almost identical with the FBI Glossup call. (19 H 537)

2:30 AM          *GLOSSUP, Vernon, Dallas FBI: Rec'd phone call that contained a death threat to LHO. Believed two men were involved in the conversation. (24 H 429) NOTE: When Ruby was involved with his polygraph—HE wanted Specter and Herndon to ask him if he had talked with anyone on the phone "before he went to bed" and to ask "specifically—also whether I received any phone calls from the time I went to bed and the time I arose". Wm. Alexander was present and stated ""Jack knows I know the answer to it, . . . " this pertaining to the question "Did you tell someone by telephone you intended to shoot Oswald?" Jack replied "Are you sure you know the answer to this?" Did Alexander know Ruby had perhaps made the threatening phone calls? (14 H 529)

5:00 AM          SILVERMAN, Rabbi: Ruby told him that this was the time he went to bed (25 H 205)

7:30–8 AM      WALKER, Ira, WBAP-TV, employee: First statement: Ruby stuck his head in truck window and asked "Have they brought him down yet?"12/4/63 (21 H 715) Later in WC testimony 4/15/64 changed time to 10:30 A.M. (13 H 294-96) Testified for prosecution in Ruby's trial: time was 10:30. THE TRIAL OF JACK RUBY. Kaplan/Waltz p. 245-7.

8:10–8:15 AM SMITH, John A. WBAP-TV, Remote Video Operator: observed a man he identified as Ruby, standing on sidewalk on Commerce Street side of DPD. Grey hat and grey topcoat and "looked dirty.” (21 H 530) (13 H 277-284)

8-9 AM           RICHEY, Warren, WBAP-TV, observed Ruby around 9 walking on Commerce Street side of Police Department. (21 H 300) In WC testimony said it was 8 in the morning. Said Jack had on a grey overcoat and grey hat. Saw Ruby again at approximately 10:00 A.M. (13 H 256-57)

8:30–9 AM      PITTS, Elnora, Ruby's cleaning lady: Called Ruby, as was her custom, that she was coming over to clean the apartment. Didn't sound to her like Jack Ruby talking. He told her to call back later as he "was going out".(13 H 232)

9 AM               SENATOR: woke up and did some laundry. About 9:30 A.M. Ruby woke up. Little Lynn called and needed money. Jack dressed and took his dog "Sheba" and left—said he was going to the club. Told Little Lynn that he would wire her money from Western Union. Ruby had a "strange look on his face, almost as if he were in shock". SENATOR (21 H 436) SS interview 12/3/63

9:30 AM          SENATOR: woke up Ruby. (21 H 435-6)

9:30 AM          REVILL Jack, DPD: Ray Rushing, a preacher, said "he rode up in the elevator with Jack Ruby" at DPD. (12 H 77)

9:45–10 AM    EVANS, Sydney, Jr, neighbor of Jack Ruby: Thought he saw Ruby in the hall. The man (Ruby) was carrying laundry and turned into aptmt 207 (Jack's apartment) (13 H 198-9) Senator said that he was doing the laundry (21 H 436) However, Evans description fit Ruby more than Senator.

10 AM             RUBY: Rec'd phone call from Little Lynn wanting money. MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 114.

10 AM             RUBY: left his apartment at around 10:00 A.M. (20 H 43—11/25/63 interview) SENATOR: After Jack left "I'm still sitting around in my shorts" (14 H 244) Senator did not mention doing the laundry in WC testimony.

10-10:30 AM   RICHEY; WALKER; SMITH; WPAB-TV: See references above. WALKER: 'Have they brought him down yet' (13 H 294-6)

10:05 AM        SLAUGHTER, Malcolm R., a neighbor of Jack Ruby: saw Jack in the hall—it was 'improbable' that Jack was coming from the basement. Described the man as wearing khaki pants and a T-shirt(13 H 263-64)

10:15 AM        RUBY: told Senator that he (Jack) was going to kill Oswald (14 H 532)

10:19 AM        A TWO MINUTE AND 20 SECOND CALL from Bruce Carlin residence to Ruby's apartment. (25 H 233)12/10/63; CARLIN, Karen: said she called Jack twice on Sunday as he seemed so distant and preoccupied (13 H 220) (A record of a THREE MINUTE CALL was reported by FBI 9/14/64 No time was listed for this phone call. from Carlin's phone.)

10:15–10:30 AM SENATOR: Jack took the dog Sheba and left apartment. FBI statement 11/24 DPD#1; 11/24 FBI #2 No mention of Karen Carlin calling or Western Union. In SS #3 12/3 statement Senator remembered Karen Carlin calling and asking for money. (21 H 427-436) NOTE: Senator said Jack wasn't dressed when Karen called the apartment at 10:19. (14 H 244) (Senator not dressed—in shorts)

10:45 AM        RUBY: left apartment, stopped and talked to neighbor as he drove out of his driveway. "drove toward town on Thornton Expressway, and turned off on to Industrial Street. then up Industrial to Main Street so he could see wreaths at the spot where President Kennedy was assassinated" (20 H 55-56);MOMENT OF MADNESS, Gertz, 114.

11:00 AM        SENATOR: Said he left apartment and went to Eatwell for breakfast. (11/24/63) (21 H 431)

11:17 AM        LANE, Doyle, Western Union clerk: Stamped this time on the telegram Ruby sent to Little Lynn for $25. Ruby probably arrived a few minutes prior to this time. Address of office: 2034 Main Street. Ruby left immediately. (13 H 222)

11:21 AM        Shooting of LHO

11:50 AM        Call from Eva's aptmt to Hyman Rubinstein in Chicago (25 H 235) (1 minute)

12:00 Noon      Call to Hyman Rubinstein in Chicago from Eva's apartment. (25 H 235)

12:07 PM         Call from Eva's aptmt to Bull Pen (one minute) (15 H 235)

12:29 PM         Call to Hyman Rubinstein in Chicago (one minute & 37 seconds) from Eva's aptmt (25 H 235)

1 PM               ROSE, G.F. Detective, DPD: Searched Ruby's apartment. Spent approximately 1 hour. (25 H 222)

1:12 PM           Call to Earl Ruby from Eva's aptmt (four minutes) (25 H 235)

2:30 PM           Call to Bull Pen in Fort Worth from Eva's aptmt (25 H 235)

3:38 PM           Call to Bull Pen in Fort Worth from Eva's aptmt (39 seconds) (25 H 235)

4:00 PM           Call to John Jackson's residence—Mgr of Bull Pen. (25 H 235)

4:40 PM           Call to John Jackson's residence—Mgr of Bull Pen—(13 minutes) from Eva's aptmt. (25 H 235)

8 PM               DROBY, C.A. Attorney; MARTIN, Jim, Attorney; HOWARD, Tom, Attorney; SENATOR, George; KOETHE, Jim, rptr, DTH; HUNTER, Bill, rptr for Long Beach Press-Telegram: all went to Ruby's apartment. Later Senator went to Jim Martin's house to stay the night. (BREAKING THE SILENCE, Sloan, pp 66-71 SENATOR: Testimony before WC: George did not go back to the apartment on Sunday. Stayed the night at Martin's house. (14 H 244-256)

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