Time to let go and move on

    This manuscript is dedicated to showing that the NAA data are sound and extremely important to understanding the JFK assassination. Once the data are understood properly, those conclusions are self-evident. They show that the facts of the assassination now include such important things as that all fragments recovered are genuine (they came from two bullets that were fired that day), that the men were hit by two and only two bullets, both from Oswald's rifle, and that the single-bullet theory is strongly supported.
    The NAA data also form a capstone that knits together all sorts of other aspects of the assassination into a web of physical evidence that is a quantum step stronger than before. In so doing, the NAA all but removes the last vestige of need to consider conspiracy any longer. The data effectively move the lone-assassin interpretation of the assassination from a solid hypothesis to one that is exceedingly close to fact. The physical web that has been so attacked from every corner for the last 37 years has not only withstood the challenges, but has emerged stronger than ever.
    The NAA data have brought about a qualitative change in our understanding of the assassination. The physical web is now an unyielding wall. It is time to let the assassination go, time to close this giant chapter in American history and move on with the rest of our lives. One guy with a cheap rifle and two borderline hits did it, even though he almost missed. It's over. It's time to move on.

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