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Overall summary of logic
The fragments and the reasons for analyzing them
The fragments recovered
      The number of fragments in Q9
      The number of fragments in Q4,5
Chains of custody and planted fragments
      Concern about the weight of CE 399
      The lack of debris on CE 399
The reasons for analyzing the fragments
Using chemical data to determine origins
The FBI analyzes the fragments spectroscopically
Optical emission spectroscopy
How the FBI used OES on the fragments
George Michael Evica misuses the FBIís results
Neutron-activation analysis offers better prospects
When NAA was developed
How NAA works
The critics press for NAA of the fragments
Secret NAA by the FBI revealed
The FBI tries NAA on the fragments
It took a push from the AEC
How the FBI did its NAA
The FBIís results and conclusions
Public vs. private conclusions
The FBIís NAA was far better than portrayed
Guinn finds a systematic error
A second systematic error
Guinnís neutron-activation analysis
The samples that Guinn analyzed
Guinnís procedures and their compromises
Guinnís results
Guinnís conclusions
The fragments are all from WCC/MC bullets
There are two distinct groups of fragments that make physical sense
The groups agree with the FBIís groups
      The groups support two or more bullets
Implications for the assassination
      Challenges to Guinn's results
        Guinn had previously worked for the Warren Commission
        Wholesale planting of fragments with different weights and identities
        Heterogeneity of antimony
Hints about the heterogeneity of Sb
Wallace Milam and the heterogeneity of Sb
Enter Wallace Milam
The essence of Milamís criticism
Others join in trashing Guinn
The key problem of the tight groupings
The flaw in Milamís reasoning
The groupings are not a product of chance
      Chance of single fragments coming from other sources
Resolving the logical incompatibility
      The fact is more important than the explanation
      Is the organizing force natural or sinister?
The FBIís NAA data hold the key
Benefits of this new explanation
Broader implications for the assassination
      Examples of the workaround procedure allowed by the NAA data
        The location of the rear head wound (entrance)
        The location of the forward head wound (exit)
        The height of the back wound
The missing lead, the Tague fragment, and the missed shot
Potential problems with this Tague scenario
      The missed shot
      The final shooting scenario
Potential objections to the full explanation
      The statistical base is weak
      Wrong model of mixing?
      Proof or hypothesis?
      Quarters of one bullet overlap (in Sb) those of other bullets
      Wouldn't more analyses of background WCC/MC bullets be in order is Guinn had grossly mismeasured their heterogeneities?
      Too risky when a whole explanation hinges on one calculation that the two tight groups could not have arisen by chance?
ConclusionsóThe NAA as Rosetta Stone
Reflections on why it took so long
      It required logic rather than deep knowledge of NAA
      Why didn't people grasp the true significance of the NAA data?
      Where were the academics?
      Why did J. Edgar Hoover hide the OES data?
      Why did Hoover hide the NAA data and the FBI's full understanding of it?
      The societal cost of hiding the FBI's full understanding
      Is this the real cover-up of the assassination?
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