Additions and corrections

    In a work of this size, there will always be additions and corrections. This page lists them.

21 February 2003
    Graphs of raw vs. smoothed data added to The Zapruder film: movements to be explained (Section 2). This shows how a small amount of smoothing can make a big difference in understanding the accelerations and forces.

23 February 2003
    Links to the 14 basic Mathcad pages added to Plausibility Analysis of Lurch (Section 8). This will allow anyone with Mathcad to repeat my calculations.

24 February 2002
    "Critical sequence of events" added to Unification of physical evidence, section 37.

5 March 2003
    Interactive Excel file added to illustrate the smoothing

7 March 2003
    Expanded discussion of blurring added as section 38a, "The nonissue of blurring."

8 March 2003
    Expanded discussion of smoothing added as section 2a.
    Smoothed values of section 2 updated to those of section 2a.

17 August 2003
    Default value of PE corrected to 300 ft-lb in table in section 5.
    Minor errors in discussion of figure in section 30 corrected.

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