List Of Potential Additional Speakers
(As of 30 March 1999)

    The Third Announcement noted that as time permitted, we would offer time to additional speakers for short presentations. Here is the list of potential speakers and their topics. Although we will do our best to fit everyone into the program, being listed here does not guarantee that the presenter will actually get to speak. Speakers are listed in the order in which they have requested time.

James R. Folliard, Newport, RI (request withdrawn)
    Jim Folliard is just finishing an extended article entitled Blaming the Victims: Posner, Russo, and the "Kennedy Family Cover-up" Theme. The paper is largely an analysis of Russo's Live By The Sword. It is also a follow-up to a series of earlier Blaming the Victims articles which is now being finished.

Kenneth A. Rahn, University of Rhode Island
    Ken thinks he may have recently solved the longstanding puzzle of the important NAA data from the bullet fragments. These data have perplexed researchers, including him, for the twenty years since Dr. Vincent P. Guinn first presented them to the HSCA. The usefulness of these measurements was called into serious question a few years ago when Wallace Milam first claimed that antimony, the tracer that Dr. Guinn used to distinguish fragments from the two alleged bullets, was distributed too heterogeneously in WCC/MC bullets to allow them to be discriminated in this way. This claim set off a round of statistical analyses of the data, which rapidly became so arcane that few, if any, could understand it. Now Ken thinks he has found a way around these problems. If he can find enough time before the conference, he will prepare a short, simple presentation that will show clearly that two and only two MC bullets explain the five fragments that were analyzed. The results of this new analysis seem very powerful, and promise to settle once and for all several important questions about the assassination.