We are pleased to announce that "The 1999 Providence Conference on the JFK Assassination: From Evidence to Truth and Justice" will be held Friday through Sunday, April 16-18, 1999, at the University of Rhode Islandís Feinstein College of Continuing Education in Providence, Rhode Island.
    The conference is sponsored in part by URIís Political Science Department. Co-chairmen are Kenneth Rahn, professor of atmospheric chemistry at URIís Graduate School of Oceanography, and Charles Drago, author and historical researcher. George Michael Evica, widely respected researcher and author of "And We Are All Mortal," will serve as honorary co-chairman of the conference.
    We hereby invite you to present a research paper at the conference. You may choose to examine specific aspects of the evidence, offer longer views of the assassination and its effects on American/world culture and politics, suggest definitions of truth and justiceóand the means to achieve themóin the case of the murder of the president, or deal with related subjects. You may feel free to speculate as long as it is clearly identified as such.
    One distinctive feature of this conference is that papers will be offered in relaxed, informal circumstances. Your presentation of 20-30 minutes will be followed by a Q&A/discussion period of equal length. True dialogue with fellow attendees will be encouraged and facilitated. This meeting is all about communication, enlightenment and mutual respect.
    Plans for the conference are progressing. Friday evening will feature an informal welcome and reception, during which presenters and attendees will have ample opportunity to meet, socialize, and exchange ideas. Saturday will be devoted to presentations and discussions among the participants. Depending on the number of presentations, Sunday morning will be largely or completely given over to presentations by URI students enrolled in Professor Rahn's upper-level class on the assassination that is being given this semester in URIís Political Science Department.
    Registration fee will be $35 for regular attendees and $15 for students. The regular registration fee includes abstracts, a proceedings, and refreshments at each session. Student registration includes abstracts and refreshments, with conference proceedings available at cost.
    The recommended hotel for attendees is the Providence Biltmore, whose rate is $129 per night, single or double occupancy. The telephone number for reservations is (401) 421-0700. The less-expensive hotel we preferred is not available because of a large psychological conference in town that same weekend. At least we offer a bare-bones registration fee!
    The date for receiving abstracts have been extended one week, to March 12th (because K. Rahn will not be on travel the week of 13-20 March, as originally anticipated). As noted in the first announcement, please keep the length to 250-500 words and be specific about your topic. Keep the abstract on one page. The abstracts may be submitted by E-mail or by surface mail. (E-mail is preferred.) If you submit by E-mail, the preferred way is as a formatted attachment, which can be in MS Word or in WordPerfect. If you cannot send an attachment, put the abstract at the end of the regular E-mail message. Send to:


    If submitting by mail, please include a paper copy of the abstract and a diskette (PC or Mac) containing it, and send to

K.A. Rahn
GSO Box 48
South Ferry Road
Narragansett, RI 02882-1197


C. Drago
12 Stephen Hopkins Court
Providence, RI 02904.

    You may also submit by fax to K. Rahn at (401) 874-6898 and to C. Drago at (401) 274-7297. Presenters are expected to turn in paper copies and diskettes of their complete papers at the conference.
    A web site for the conference has been set up at

    Among other things, it includes a map of downtown Providence that shows the location of the Feinstein College of Continuing Education.
    Prospective attendees are encouraged to contact either co-chairman with questions and/or suggestions.
    For your convenience, we include a brief registration form below. To register, you may mail this form to either cochairman, send the information to either of us by E-mail, or download the MS Word version of the form from the web site and submit it as an attachment. Please send the registration fee by check at the time you register. Although there will be no penalty for registering on-site, we will appreciate early registration.




Friday through Sunday, April 16-18, 1999
The University of Rhode Islandís Feinstein College of Continuing Education
Providence, Rhode Island.


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