Billy James Hargis

Billy and Betty Hargis
P.O. Box 977
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74102

(From his book Communist AmericaMust It Be?, New Leaf Press, 1986)

    Dr. Billy James Hargis is Founder and Director of the Christian Crusade Ministries (Church of the Christian Crusade, Inc., Billy James Hargis Evangelistic Association, Inc.), an international Christian ministry dedicated to the fight "for Christ" and against godless Communism. His activities include daily and weekly radio broadcasts heard throughout America and in foreign lands over many radio stations, an international monthly newspaper, Christian Crusade Newspaper, with a circulation of nearly 50,000 and a one-hour weekly syndicated television program, "Billy James Hargis Down on the Farm." Dr. Hargis also makes many personal appearances annually in scores of American cities as well as conducting annual overseas crusades.
    Known to millions as "America's Crusading Evangelist," Billy James Hargis is either loyally supported or bitterly attacked by all who are exposed to his far-reaching ministry. Communists all over the world oppose him…the powerful, liberal church-related World and National Councils of Churches have sought to smear and discredit him, but Dr. Hargis carries on his crusade "for Christ and against Communism" to the Free World unflinchingly and courageously.
    Headquarters of the Billy James Hargis Ministries are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and on the Rose of Sharon Farm in Neosho, Missouri. He has written over 100 books. His current new books published by New Leaf Press include The Federal Reserve Scandal and My Great Mistake (an autobiography). He is listed in the current publications of Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in the United States. He has appeared on most of the leading TV talk shows with Phil Donahue, Tom Snyder, Mike Wallace, etc. He had led over 175 Holy Land pilgrimages during which time he lectured on 'The Lands of the Bible" themes. He is credited, along with his friend for over 30 years, Dr. Carl McIntyre, as having given birth to the "Christian Right" and bringing back "Christian Fundamentalism" to America at the close of World War II.

    Billy James Hargis held right-wing views on the JFK assassination, blaming it squarely on the Communist conspiracy in America. His views on this subject and on Communism in general are expressed in his 1964 book The Far Left, which we reproduce in its entirety.