About The Author

"This is My Story"
by Billy James Hargis

    I am a Minister of the gospel of Christ. I was ordained by the Rose Hill Christian Church, Texarkana, Texas, May 30, 1943. My church membership is still there. I served for a while as a Christian Church evangelist. Also, I pastored three churches as a full-time minister—First Christian Church, Sallisaw, Oklahoma; First Christian Church, Granby, Missouri; and First Christian Church, Sapulpa, Oklahoma.
    It was while pastor of the First Christian Church, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, that I became aware of the threat of Communism internally. In the fall of 1947, I organized Christian Crusade, as a Christian weapon against Communism and its godless allies.
    Christian Crusade publishes two periodicals—Christian Crusade monthly magazine (36 pages) and Weekly Crusader (8-page anti-Communist intelligence report). My daily broadcasts are carried by radio stations across the nation. These programs are called "Christian Crusade." Also we make available to television stations a Christian Crusade television series and additional educational films produced by our movement. In February every year we conduct an Annual Anti-Communist Leadership School somewhere in America; in August each year we conduct an Annual Convention of Christian crusade somewhere in America; during the summer months—June, July and August—we conduct the Christian Crusade Anti-Communist Youth University at the Summit Hotel, Manitou Springs, Colorado.
    The is my fourth full-length book, the others being Communist America…Must It Be? The Facts About Communism And Our Churches, and Communism, The Total Lie. These books have enjoyed a combined printing of over 300,000.
    I suppose I have spoken in as many anti-Communist rallies as anyone. For seventeen years, we have been conducting Christian Crusade Anti-Communist Rallies throughout the United States and the free world, regularly.
    My wife is the former Betty Jane Secrest of Portsmouth, Ohio. We have four wonderful children—Bonnie Jane, Billy James II, Becky Jean, and Brenda Jo. Betty Jane and I thank God daily for these four precious children whose freedom and welfare mean so much to us.
    That's about all I can say for myself. I am a minister doing a minister's job. I thank God for the opportunity to influence people for righteousness and truth.

—Billy James Hargis

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