I believe in Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah, the Saviour of all believers, whether they are Jew or Gentile, and in His divinely authorized Church, the body of believers. I believe in America, her freedoms, her ideals and in her traditions. To me, America is one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given man, outside of the gift of His only begotten Son and His divinely-inspired Bible. The spiritual traditions and ideals of freedom of Americanism are, I believe, the greatest of any nation in history.
I believe in the Constitution of the United States, and in the Constitutions of the fifty Republics that make up these United States. I believe that Communism violates all of our freedoms that we have enjoyed as Americans. I believe that Communism is opposed to our American ideals, transgresses our traditions, is weakening our nation’s unity, and is wrecking our American way of life. To me, it is an inevitable fact that if Communism triumphs, Americanism will die.
My sole objective in writing this book on the “Far Left” is to help save America from a godless, despotic dictatorship which is based on bloodshed, barbarism, suppression, and slavery, all of which are un-Christian, un-American and unpalatable to freedom-loving men. I am convinced that every real American, if he but knew the truth, would strive to defend his nation from Communists who, utilizing their weapons of intrigue and infamy, are imposing upon our country their profane pattern of serfdom.
Jesus Christ said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye free.” It is my firm faith that the first step in defense of American safety and the preservation of Constitutional Government is to break the conspiracy of silence enveloping and endangering her. What I will state in this book about Communism internally and its left-wing allies is not known to me alone, nor is it news to many in high places and in lesser positions. But most of those who know these facts speak them in fearful whispers, dreading the intimidation of a powerful left-wing press. This “fear hysteria” will not cure the creeping paralysis of inertia attacking America, nor will it arouse Americans to the actual menace of Communism.
Up until the assassination of John F. Kennedy on the streets of Dallas, Friday, November 22, most Americans said of the threat of Communism, “It cannot happen here.” Now, all Americans, with any loyalty and patriotism, know that it can happen here and, indeed, it did happen here. Communism internally has been responsible for the assassination of the President of the United States.
The power of Communism and/or fear of Communism was so rampant in the land that, rather than a groundswell against left-wing and pro-Communist men and movements in the United States, demanding justice from the godless cause that took the life of the President of the United States, there has instead been a vain attempt by men, motivated either by love of Communism or by fear of Communism, to equate Communism with other so-called “extremists” such as conservatives, outspoken anti-Communists, etc.
Furthermore, those who did not attempt to equate Communism with anti-Communism sought to blame all Americans for the death of the President. As former Congressman Hamilton Fish of New York City, who was the Chairman of the first Congressional Committee ever to investigate Communism in the United States, wrote after the assassination of President Kennedy, “Why should patriotic Americans absorb the blame and the stigma for the criminal act of a Communist? The American people, including the citizens of Dallas, are no more responsible than the Mexican people were for the murder of Trotsky by another Marxist Communist. Lenin once said, “Destroying all opposition by invective, slander, smear and blackmail is one of the techniques of Communism.” The top Commissars in the Kremlin must be laughing up their sleeves watching professional “liberals” and political opportunists smearing patriotic Americans for exposing and combating the Communist menace to freedom everywhere, particularly in Latin America. Let us stop playing Russian Roulette, or flirting with world Communism that seeks to destroy and bury us. Let us unite in preventing Communist smear propaganda from dividing the American people and undermining our prestige throughout the world.”
Robert Morris, former chief investigator for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee investigating Communism and, more recently, President of the University of Dallas, said in an editorial following the assassination of President Kennedy: “Moscow, American Communists, and their allies are waging a sustained campaign against the verdict that a Communist shot the President. Communist pamphleteers are passing out leaflets in New York City in a campaign that has no precedent, and taking the responsibility for the assassination of the President to J. Edgar Hoover and other anti-Communists. We have too often seen these campaigns succeed in the past. This is the framework for the struggle ahead. A powerful Communist-originated campaign will be leveled now, with emotional cover, to equate all criticism and dissent with ‘hatred that generates assassination’. The Communists and their allies will now be working day and night to associate resistance to their aggression with ‘hateful right-wing activity’. Let us hope that the new religious spirit that prevails now across the land will help the American people see through this sophistry.”
This, then, is the purpose of this book. Not only will we attempt to expose Communists, the Communist fronts, and the Communist conspiracy internally, but we will also focus a spotlight of truth upon those organizations and men who have aided and abetted the cause of Communism by word or deed, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
The entire left-wing movement is of the devil. As Christians, the first way in which we can recognize the devil and his presence is that he is a liar. He speaks lies, he uses lies, his conspiracy is built on lies. Hear the words of Jesus and His controversy with the Jews: “Why do you not understand my speech? Even because you cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it, and because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.” What are the lies that are confronting the American people today as a result of this internal Communist conspiracy, and in connection with this murder of the President of the United States?
The first lie is that there is no conspiracy, that the Communist conspiracy does not exist, and there are not thousands upon thousands of trained Communist agents in this country today, some of them trained, as Lee Harvey Oswald obviously was, to be expert killers. The murder of the President of the United States was one of the most skillful acts of killing imaginable and could have been accomplished only by great training, and now the facts show that Oswald received such training inside the Soviet Union, while he lived there as a citizen.
It is a lie hatched in hell that the so-called “right-wing extremists” are guilty of the murder of the President of the United States. That lie was put out as official Communist Party propaganda in the first flash of Tass News Agency in Moscow as reported in this country within minutes after the President was killed. Tass, the Russian Communist News Agency, said it was believed that “right-wing extremists” were responsible for the murder of the President, and specifically branded General Edwin A. Walker as being one of those guilty. (Tass was strangely quiet in later days when the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that evidence indicated that Lee Harvey Oswald also had tried to take the life of General Edwin A. Walker in his Dallas home on the previous April 10.)
When you hear these lies of the Communists, you know they are lies. You know, therefore, that the devil is at work in the person who speaks them and you know that the Communist conspiracy is operating in that person. You have no need to look any further. You have no need to look for a connection with the Communist Party, for a Communist Party card, or for an organization which has been branded as a “Communist front” with which the person might be affiliated, because the conspiracy is a spiritual frame of mind, a satanically spiritual thing, and its presence is betrayed by its nature.
Not only does the devil, in his followers, lie, but the devil is an accuser. In Revelations 12:10–11 we read of the vision of John exiled on Patmos: “I heard a loud voice saying in Heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”
The devil is an accuser and he will appear, accusing you and accusing me. He will accuse good Americans of feeling hate if they oppose Communism. And when we hear over and over again that everybody who opposes Communism or evil is a monger of hatred, we begin to get frightened, but we shouldn’t. As Christians, we know the reality and the power of the satanic accuser.
We must live in love and it is because of love that we take a stand for liberty and freedom throughout the Scriptures, we are taught that love is the keeping of the law. “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is the summary of the second table of God’s law. If you love God, then you will keep His Commandments. And to keep God’s law does not simply mean you obey it, it means you enforce it. You are the keeper, you and I. To us, God has entrusted the whole of His law and if we break it in one point, we break it in all.
How do we show our love of God? By a silly, sentimental affection for murders and thieves and killers and conspirators? Heaven forbid. We show it by an enforcement of God’s law and a punishment of those who willfully and maliciously break God’s law and teach the breaking of God’s law. That is love and no man can exercise it without a heroic effort. One must love God to punish a criminal just as a man must love his child in order to punish him.
Yes, it has happened here. Even the death of the President of the United States at the hands of a Communist assassin has not stirred the masses of the American people or the leadership of America sufficiently to resist Communism internally and to enforce our laws against the Communist conspiracy within.
In America, the seeds of confusion and disunion are spawning and spreading, and Communism is growing. In their efforts to wean Americans from Americanism, Communists devilishly revile and defile everyone whose opinions and convictions differ in any way from their own. Their subtle, sinister schemings sway and mislead many Americans who in ignorance or weakness yield or submit to Communism their previous loyalty to God, to country, and to their fellow men. We have no right to give up our country to the Communist conspiracy without a battle. We are the beneficiaries of the sacrifices of countless American soldiers who, throughout our life as a Republic, have fought for our God-given rights, our religious, industrial, educational, and social freedoms, freedom of speech and of the press; and we, their heirs, must never surrender them.
Hatred has no place in the heart of any Christian, but love of country should be in every Christian’s heart to inspire him to defend America against any system of government that would wrench our rights from us and destroy our freedom.
J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, tried to warn the American people in a speech entitled “Communism Is A Menace” at the close of World War II, saying that Communists were liars and that Communism was a system based on lies and deception, and that no American citizen could believe in the promises, goals, or objectives of this deceptive, satanic international conspiracy. Hoover was concerned over the inroads that Communism was making in the United States immediately following World War II, and said in his speech:
“During the past five years, American Communists have made their deepest inroads upon our national life. In our vaunted tolerance for all peoples, the Communists have found our Achilles’ heel. The godless, truthless way of life that American Communists would force upon America can mean only tyranny and oppression if they succeed. When they raise their false cry of unity, remember there can be no unity with the enemies of our way of life who are attempting to undermine our democratic institutions. The Fascist-minded tyrant whom we conquered on the battlefields is no different from the American communistic corruptionist who now uses the tricks of the confidence man until his forces are sufficiently strong to rise with arms in revolt. When they preach unity, let us not forget that when we were struggling to prepare for defense of the United States, the Communists preached pacifism and fought American efforts to aid our allies and to build our common defenses. For true Americans, there can be no unity with the enemy within and no compromise with those who would destroy all that we fight for. When it comes to governmental systems, we prefer our own American way, and we do not want the Communists in this country attempting to undermine our democracy or any of our institutions.
“Americanism is on trial. Its real test lies in the ability of red-blooded Americans to meet and defeat the fifth column of destruction. A knowledge of the lurking menace is necessary. We are rapidly reaching the time when loyal Americans must be willing to stand up and be counted. If we would protect America, we must determine that no group of espionage agents or subverters, and no coalition of paid anti-American propagandists shall sway us from our American way of life. To allow America to become infected with the malignant growth of Communism is a breach of our trust to those who gave their lives for American principles.”
The Communists themselves boast that for every party member, there are ten others ready to do the party’s work. These include their satellites, their fellow travelers, and their so-called progressive and phony liberal allies.
In recent years, we have seen the growth of a far-reaching patriotic movement of average Americans called “conservatism.” These conservatives represent all classes of American life, especially those of the middle class Americans who are motivated by love of God and country and freedom, and are willing to risk persecution in their local communities, misunderstanding, and, in some instances, prosecution, because of their fearless stand for traditional American concepts and Christian principles. As a result of the patriotic actions of these people and their willingness to sacrifice for the cause that they believe in, more and more Congressmen, Senators, and other elected officials reflect the conservative philosophy.
There is no doubt in my mind that the Communist assassin, Lee Oswald, intended to kill the President of the United States and disappear in the confused crowd, thus letting the conservative, anti-Communist element of Dallas take the blame. But it didn’t work. God is on the throne. He saw to it that Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended by a courageous Dallas policeman, Officer Tippit, who, in turn, gave his life for the cause of freedom in attempting to arrest the Communist assassin of the President.
To understand Communism and its so-called “sophisticated intellectual allies” in the United States, comprised of left-wing or pro-Communist elements, we must understand that, by nature, these groups are godless. Communism and most adherents of “liberal intellectualism” have a common motivation, a defiance of God’s dominion over mankind. However, the defiance of God and His supernatural word by the liberals and Communists, is not new to mankind.
Long ago at the very dawn of the human race, the divine rights of Heaven were called into question. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve violated God’s command. It was the first revolt of the human race against Divine authority. It was the first attempt of frail humanity to “grapple with the Lord God” and to “vanquish Him in His Heaven”. This first revolt was a dismal failure as will be all similar revolts in history, including the one inspired by Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev. From the very moment of the first revolt of the human race against Divine authority, man needed God to right the wrong brought by the sin of Adam and Eve; for God it was who was offended and God alone it was who could forgive the offense. Man had been destined for eternal life, but sin robbed him of that Divine inheritance. Thus, in order to regain what he had lost, man felt his need of God and realized that he was absolutely dependent upon God. Deep in the heart of all of God’s creation was an eternal yearning to bow and worship before One whom he looked upon as a Deity, One who would satisfy the eternal cry of the creature for the Creator. When man turned away from the true God, we find him creating for himself a false god to worship. One generation created the golden calf, others bowed to false images of various descriptions; but their worship of these lifeless, energyless creatures was hollow and vain.
Time and again, down through the centuries, man has sought to put God out of his life, but whenever and wherever he has done so, his very being has demanded that he worship some false deity. Man’s very religious nature demands that he do so. Today the Communists worship at the altar of atheism. Today the liberals worship at the altar of blind internationalism and ever-failing socialism. The great need of this hour is to forsake the false gods created by vain men in their attempt to make a better world without the Prince of Peace. Man need not dwell alone. God is at hand with all His help. Christ, His Son, is our leader and companion-in-arms. Let the conflict be fierce. Man is not alone. The promised Redeemer is at hand to save the human race and to wage war against the powers of darkness. In the person of His Divine Son, the Eternal Father has descended into the arena to take part in that struggle which began in the Garden of Eden. The God-man has come to cross swords with the enemy of the human race.
In every generation, the adversary of Christ and His church has relentlessly fought God’s dominion over the earth. The father of liars, Satan’s occupation is warfare, and faithful to that pursuit, he battles ceaselessly against the Church of Jesus Christ. The strategy of the Evil One appears to change with the succeeding centuries, but its objective is always the same—the destruction of the Church of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Peter, looking down through the centuries, prophesied, “Your adversary, the devil, is a roaring lion going about seeking whom he may devour.” Today we find Satan incarnate in international Communism, and in its offshoots in the United States, the “Far Left”. These American adherents of socialism in one form or another, blind to the fearful realities of godless, despotic communism, consider the “orthodox” Church of Jesus Christ to be the only international force that is capable of blocking the growth of world Communism and socialism. With all the diabolical hatred that characterized earlier persecutions against the body of Christ, communistic propaganda is at present leaving nothing undone to uproot from the minds and hearts of the human race a belief in the teachings and doctrines of Christ. Diabolical hatred is the motivation and force behind communistic activities. Satan, clothed in Communist garb, is waging bitter war against the Kingdom of Christ.
Let there be no doubt that this satanic hatred which we see today aimed at the anti-Communist conservative ranks is directed in reality against the Church of Jesus Christ. She is the only organization strong enough to withstand the organized plans of Communism. Communists themselves realize this fact.
History has a way of repeating itself, and the 20th Century persecution of Christians behind the Iron Curtain is a challenge to every loyal Bible-believing child of God to rally to the banner of Christ; Leaders are needed who are imbued with courage and motivated by zeal for Christ’s Kingdom, as were the apostles and the martyrs of centuries ago.
On November 16, 1963, just one week before the assassination of the late President Kennedy, J. Edgar Hoover, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, identified these satanic Communist forces at work in America as “hate mongers.” He said:
“These lethal influences are at work, constantly undermining the sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline so essential to our nation’s welfare. Who are these enemies of our Republic? They are the crime syndicates, the narcotics peddlers, the labor racketeers, the unscrupulous businessmen, the corrupt politicians, and all others who blatantly defy the laws of the land. They are the hate mongers and the false liberals who would subvert our Constitution and undermine our democratic processes in furtherance of their selfish aims. They are the Communists and other subversive elements who wave false banners of legitimacy and patriotism while relentlessly, plotting to destroy our heritage of freedom. Communism—and all its forms and all its variations—is the avowed enemy of liberty and of justice and of God. The Communists fear free and independent thought. They fear truth. They fear God, even though they deny Him. They fear the inherent courage and dignity of man created in His image.”
We are not so much concerned in this volume with Communism internationally as we are Communism in the United States. We leave to other authors a detailed analysis of Communism internationally and” confine our major observations to Communist activities in the United States and the support they are receiving from the “Far Left.”
Communist objectives widely publicized in their own literature were briefly summarized by a Congressional Committee in 1931, which, I feel, is still the best short definition of Communism: “Hatred of God and all forms of religion. Destruction of private property and inheritance. Promotion of class hatred. Revolutionary propaganda through the Communist International. Stirring up Communist activities in foreign countries in order to cause strikes, riots, sabotage, bloodshed, and civil war. Destruction of all forms of representative or democratic governments including civil liberties, such as freedom, of speech, of the press, of assembly, and trial by jury. The ultimate and final objective is by means of world revolution to establish the dictatorship of the so-called proletariat into one world Union of Soviet Socialist Republics with the capital at Moscow.” (This is from report 2290, U. S. House of Representatives, by Fish Committee, 1931.)
The unfortunate thing is, as this volume will prove, millions of Americans who would greatly resent being charged with pronounced communistic leanings are actually promoting its apostolate through membership in various organizations and other associations.
When you talk of Communism internally, one of the first challenges from the liberals invariably is, “But the Communists represent so few Americans. There are probably less than 25,000 of them.” We must understand in dealing with Communism internally that the size of the Communist Party itself is not important. It will never be large. Even in Soviet Russia slightly more than one per cent of the people belong to it. Outside of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party wants trained men who will seek to get into every sort of organization, interest themselves in it and work themselves toward the top so that they may steer it into the direction of Communist sympathy. There are many such agents in the United States.
The present Communist strength in the United States is not to be gauged by the small number of people that the party leadership admits belongs to the Party. While our uninformed liberals insist that Communism is not a threat internally, we must remind our readers that the present Communist strength in the United States is not to be gauged, either, by the small vote it polls during an election. If there are so few Communists, how is it that in San Francisco, California, in the 1959 City-County elections, Archie Brown, number two Communist in California and one of the ringleaders of the infamous riots at the 1960 San Francisco hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, while seeking a seat in the Board of Supervisors, received 33,500 votes from the people in that county? The Communists had every reason to be encouraged by this result.
In a headline article in the San Francisco Examiner on Monday, September 25, 1961, entitled “U. S. Reds Come Out In Open,” there was a news story saying that there were “Communists from nineteen states in the largest open-party gathering since the Rosenberg execution protests of almost ten years ago.” In a rally at the St. Nicholas Arena in New York City, over 3,000 people heard the former professor of Union Theological Seminary, retired Methodist clergyman, the Rev. Dr. Harry F. Ward, pledge his support of Communist objectives.
If the present strength of the American Communist Party is limited to less than 10,000, as the liberals insist, how can they garner such a tremendous vote in San Francisco County and do so well in their New York City rally?
Far from being on the decrease, American Communism is on the increase. In the “Annual Report for the Year of 1961 of the House Committee on Un-American Activities,” page five, the Committee reported there are indications that, at the present time, the distribution and readership of Communist literature is increasing rather than decreasing. Circulation of the official Communist Party newspaper, The Worker, has risen steadi
ly since 1957.
It is not difficult to believe these charges by the House Committee on Un-American Activities when you read the May 6, 1962, issue of the Sunday Worker, in which the Communist boasted that “7,000 men, women, and youths attended the Communist May Day Rally in New York City.” In The Worker of May 7, 1963, the Communists boasted, “5,000 people braved forty-four degree weather and a brisk wind on Union Square to hear Gus Hall, Scott Nearing, William L. Patterson, Joseph North, and other speakers sound the May Day keynotes of ‘peace, civil rights, and job security.’”
In the annual report of the House Committee on Un-American Activities for 1957, the Committee revealed that the Kremlin “has succeeded in enlisting more than a million Americans into a nation-wide campaign of political subversion. Their participation has ranged from membership in the far-flung network of Communist-front organizations to the signing of Communist-sponsored petitions and has included substantial financial contributions.”
For someone to say that Communism internally represents no threat in the United States today, especially in the view of recent events when a Communist assassin took the life of the President of the United States, is to show gross ignorance and unconcern for truth and for America.
However, in all fairness, the thing that should concern Americans most is not the number of Americans who vote for Communist candidates in an election or who support the Communist Party or join Communist fronts, but is the countless number of Americans who are being influenced by the seed of Soviet philosophy which is sown by columnists of the daily papers, by clever writers in magazine articles, by thousands of school teachers in the classroom, by many a college and university professor, by ultra-left clergymen, by the movies, by the television networks, by the radio networks, and, more particularly, through organizations with high-sounding, deceptive, and even appealing names. If it were not for the manner in which the left-wing press has misled people, Communism would have no possible appeal except perhaps to the destitute, to the indolent, to those who can be so easily emotionally aroused against the rich. Having nothing to lose and being promised much under the new order, such people readily listen to the Communist promoter. But the cleverness of Comintern propaganda has made Communism look good even to many men of wealth and to men of culture. As Senate Document No. 14 stated, “The Bolshevik movement in the United States would have sapped its own energies and disintegrated or have degenerated into pure anarchy if it had not been for the support and assistance it has constantly received from the so-called parlor Bolsheviks and pink revolutionists in America. They have served the function of keeping it alive and on an active footing, when otherwise the efforts of Lenin and the Communist international would have failed.”
The great American author, Howard E. Kershner, in an address delivered at Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas, on April 7, 1961, gave a fitting illustration:
“At the close…(of my visit)…in Moscow at the end of September, 1960, a top official of the Communist Government said to me: ‘We’ll be over to finish the take-over of America sooner than you think.’ Upon my return with these startling words still ringing in my ears, I began to search to see if he was telling the truth. It took me some time to comprehend the extent to which Communists and their sympathizers and dupes have influenced the economic, fiscal, military, and foreign policy of our government during the past twenty-five years. The official that I was referring to presides over a whole floor of a large government building in Moscow. Three hundred scholars work under his direction, studying all the important newspapers, journals, and books published throughout the civilized world. They work on projects he assigns to them and their reports become the basis of the policies of the U.S.S.R. I saw there all the leading papers and periodicals published in America and other advanced countries. At one point this man said to me: ‘You know as well as I that a mixed economy is not permanent and you have already mixed so much socialism with your formerly free economy that you cannot now avoid complete socialization. We do not have to urge you or fight you. We only have to sit here and wait until you voluntarily walk into our camp.’ I have said as much on many occasions myself, but I was surprised to see this Communist leader accept the rapid socialization of America as indicating beyond doubt that we are headed toward Communism. He smiled at me self-assuredly as though he was perfectly confident that we were already in the trap. When I argued strongly for free enterprise and limited government, he would turn to a bookcase behind his chair, take down a book written by some left-wing American author, such as J. Kenneth Galbraith, Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr., or Alvin Harvey Hansen, and from the mouths of many of my compatriots would prove his socialist theories correct. It was shocking to me to learn that the closest advisors of the President of the United States are also among the. ‘authorities’ that are diligently consulted and cited by the leaders of the U.S.S.R.”
One of the greatest patriots it has ever been my privilege to meet was Matt Cvetic, former counterspy for the FBI. Mr. Cvetic died on January 26, 1962. However, before his death he wrote an editorial for our Christian Crusade magazine entitled “One Communist.” Mr. Cvetic’s article should be a challenge to every American today to get into this fight against Communism internally:
“Why worry about the Communists? Why worry about a few Red crackpots? What possible harm can one Communist do? There are only 25,000 Communists in the United States; they wouldn’t have a chance against us…or would they?
“These and many similar questions have been asked me many times since I left my post as a Communist for the FBI in 1950 to testify in Washington.
“Many clergymen, educators, business men, bankers, political leaders, diplomats and others try to delude themselves into believing that ‘Killer’ Khrushchev really doesn’t mean it when he repeats over and over again his threat to communize America and bury us. Frankly, for nine years, while posing as a Communist, I sat in hundreds of secret Communist meetings where the overthrow of our country was plotted; meetings in which the mass murder or enslavement of many of the above mentioned Americans was discussed.
“Contrary to what many think, the numerical strength of the Communist Party is relatively unimportant in their plot to conquer the world. What is important to the Reds is getting their agents, sympathizers and dupes into strategic posts in all sections of American society as well as in our government.
“The numerical strength of the Communist conspiracy in the country is not actually known. It can only be approximated from available intelligence sources and Congressional reports. These sources place the number of Soviet Agents operating in the United States at some 15,000 at any given time. They operate with immunity, thanks to our gullibility in extending diplomatic recognition to Soviet Russia in 1933, and later to her satellite co-conspirators. While posing as a Communist for the FBI, every Soviet agent I met operated from the Red embassies and consulates; the Red-organized United Nations; through cultural exchanges; in the trade, travel and agriculture missions; and in Scientific and Educational expeditions from the Soviet Union and the satellite countries. In addition, literally hundreds of other Soviet agents find haven in Communist front organizations, many of which have had the support of such American personalities as Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Nobel Prize Winner, Chemist Linus Pauling.
“As for the number of Red quislings in the American Communist Party, they number some 25,000 hard-core and dedicated conspirators. On top of this, the Communists have been able to count some quarter of a million fronters, sympathizers, defenders, and dupes in our churches, educational institutions, political bodies, unions, social, civic and welfare groups to aid and abet them in their plot against our country.
“Let me illustrate by my experience as a Communist for the FBI how dangerous one Communist can be.
“In 1941 the FBI requested me to infiltrate the Communist Party for the purpose of securing intelligence information for our government. At that time I was employed by the United States Employment Service in Pittsburgh. My job was placing men and women in government employment and basic industries. As soon as I led the Reds to believe I was sympathetic to their cause, they began sending their Communist agents to me to put to work in government and industry. Remember, at this stage of my ‘Red masquerade,’ I was supposedly only a sympathizer, not a full-fledged Communist. True, I reported every move of the Reds to the FBI, but assume the harm I could have done, were I really a Red sympathizer being used by the Communists.
“After being recruited into the Communist Party, my first Party assignment was in the Professional Branch. My co-conspirators in this branch numbered some 200 Reds in various professions. Their Party assignment was to infiltrate our government, our educational system, the motion picture industry, communications, chemical laboratories, the legal profession, engineering, and any other place into which they could weasel their way. Once on the inside, needless to say, the Communist was to use his position to further the Communist conspiracy.
“From the Professional Branch I was assigned to the Clergical commission of the Communist Party. The objective of this Red unit was, and still is, the infiltration of church organizations for the purpose of promoting the Communist line in our Churches.
“My next post in the Communist Party was on their Finance Committee. My job on this committee was to raise finances from dupes, fronters, sympathizers and Party members to keep the Red machinery moving in high gear.
“From this ‘exalted office’ I was placed on the Reds’ Educational Commission. As a member of this conspiratorial group, my job was to plot the infiltration of American universities, colleges and high schools. Ironically one of the more than 400 Reds I named in my sworn testimony, when I unmasked as an FBI undercover agent in 1950, was an English professor in an Eastern university where one of my sons, Matt, Junior, was studying for his Master’s degree. This Red professor’s last act, before the university fired him as a result of my sworn testimony, was to flunk my son in English as retaliation for my exposure of his Communist connections.
“Another of my Communist posts was on the Political Commission of the Party. This is the outfit which set up the ill-fated Progressive Party in the late 40’s. Currently it is actively infiltrating both major political parties.
“Along with all these assignments, I was appointed to the Yugoslav Bureau of the Communist Party, where I worked with Tito’s Red Agents in America. Later as a member of the Communist’s Trade Union Commission, I helped direct the infiltration of many unions in steel, coal and electrical industries, and sat in on strategy meetings of Reds which directed the infiltration of the unions in the Rocky Mountain States and the Farm Organization in the Midwest and on the West Coast.
“As one ‘Communist’, even tho’ a pseudo one, I had many other Party assignments in those nine years. I have listed some of the most outstanding to prove to the reader by my own experiences how dangerous one sympathizer, fronter or Communist in the wrong spot can be.
“Bear one thing in mind. THERE ARE NO HARMLESS COMMUNISTS, FRONTERS OR SYMPATHIZERS. It takes only one ‘harmless’ Red to blow up a dam, waterworks or a plant. It takes only one Communist, fronter, sympathizer or Red dupe in our universities, colleges or high schools to poison the minds of many of our children. It takes only one dedicated Communist in a strategic position in our church organization to mislead many into supporting Communist causes and objectives. Yes, ONE COMMUNIST IS DANGEROUS!
“Remember…hateful Karl Marx was only one Red, and he founded the devilish Communist scheme for World Slavery.
“Ostensibly, I too was one Red, but thank heaven my allegiance was to God and my country which I was trying in my small way to serve.”
Mr. Cvetic’s words were a prophecy. Had they been heeded and had the Justice Department enforced the laws that are on the books against Communism internally, John F. Kennedy would probably be alive today.
No longer can we say, “Can it happen here?” It is happening here. Only an aroused, alert citizenry, motivated by love of God, can save this country now.
Dr. Charles Malik, the great Lebanese leader and former President General of the United Nations General Assembly, has said, “The civilization which has been blessed and transformed by Christ needs only a mighty hand to shake it out of its slumber, and once shaken, once really awakened to its world responsibilities which it and it alone can shoulder, there is nothing it cannot bear and do.”
Surely the assassination of the President of the United States by Communists would be enough to shake America “out of its slumber.” As my good friend, Ezra Taft Benson, said, “God and our children will judge us for what we do with our land and our liberties. With God’s help, the light of high-resolve in the eyes of the American people must never be dimmed. Our freedom must—and will be preserved. May God give us the wisdom to recognize the threat to our freedom and the strength to meet this danger courageously. We should all remember that we have the best government under the best Constitution in the world, therefore let us preserve them in their present form by combating every un-American influence in our midst, especially that which, based on pure materialism, is calculated to rob our nation of its attachment to religion and eternal spiritual values, of its faith in God and its trust in man.”
In this struggle, we are not alone; for the battle is but a renewal of ancient hostilities between the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Satan. In the 20th Century, as in the first century, Christ is still our Leader and Captain, even as He said, “I am with you always, even to the consummation of the world.” He prophesied that persecution would pursue the church; but He also promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against Her. And so today, loyal followers of Jesus Christ who make up the Church of Christ have every reason to believe that they are not alone as atheistic Communism launches its bitter attack against the Church, Christ, and God Himself.

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