Links to materials on James Files, the Remington XP-100 Fireball, and the alleged conspiracy

Documents from Bob Vernon's web site "JFK Murder Solved"

Bob Vernon's Home Page
    Joe West
    The Assassin
    CIA Pilot Letters
    CIA/Mob Driver
    Investigation Report
    The Knoll
    Sketch Artist
    The Cover-Up
        Notes, page 1
        Notes, page 2
        Notes, page 3
        Notes, page 4
        Notes, page 5
        Notes, page 6
        Notes, page 7
        Notes, page 8
    Oswald & the CIA
    VSA Test
    Dallas Evidence
    Dealey Plaza
    Reasons Why
    JFK's Skull
    South Knoll
    New Ruling
    Denmark Report
        Part 1  Part 2
    The Embalmer
    Ask Jim Marrs
    Picture Gallery

    Murder Weapon
        Learn about one of the most powerful handguns ever made.
    The Mob & The CIA
        Learn about the conspirators.
            Part 1  Part 2  Part 3       
    CIA Document  (James Files Implicates CIA!)
        The one they DON'T want you to ever see!
    VSA Test Results
        The results of Voice Stress Analysis tests given to James Files.
    The Grey Fedora
        Pictures taken on 11/22/63 that show a man in a gray fedora behind the grassy knoll fence.
    The 3 Tramps
        Evidence that the CIA had covert operatives in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.
    CIA Pilot
        See and read the confession of CIA pilot Robert "Tosh" Plumlee.
    Smoking Bullet
        See the interview with Dallas resident John Rademacher, the man that found the shell that killed JFK!
    Files Family Tree
        250 years of heritage on the family ancestry of James Files.
    More CIA documents
        Newly released documents that support the confession of James Files.
    James Files Pictures
        Pictures at ages from 10 to 52 years old. Do you know this man?
    Medical Evidence
        Read the forensic dental lab reports on the shell casing with teeth marks in it.
        Bob Vernon testimony to the Assassination Records Review Board
    Department of Justice
        What's the final step in bringing this case to justice?
    Casing Found
        Dallas man and son dig up casing that killed JFK! Assassin identifies it as his!
        Read the many FBI documents on James Earl Files
            Document 2  Document 3a  Document 3b  Document 4

Documents from other sources
    Dave Perry's JFK Assassination Pages
        Top Ten Reasons Why the Jim Files Story Needs Help
            Last Minute Changes in the Motorcade Route?
            Map Prepared by the Discoverer of the Shells
            Another Two Holes in the Files Story (including map from Dallas Times)
        That Pesky XP-100

    John McAdams's "The Kennedy Assassination" web site
        Martin Shackelford's review of the James Files video
        John Stockwell's insider's view of the video and the Files story
            Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8
        Edward Bell's review of the Files story, for Deep Politics Quarterly

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