Robert G. Vernon

    Robert G. (Bob) Vernon is a TV/music producer from Antioch, CA, who has had a long career in the entertainment business. He is originally from New Orleans, where he began as a professional drummer at age 6. Later he went on to manage the likes of Fats Domino. He also has a longstanding interest in the story of one James E. Files, who has "confessed" to firing the fatal head shot at President Kennedy. Former associate John Stockwell wrote this about Vernon some years ago: "Vernon is in fact a remarkable man. Perhaps 300 lbs. Looks like a large Phil Silvers. Chain smoker. Heavy bourbon drinker. Brilliant. Exceptional gift of gab, whether telling off-color jokes or wheeling a business deal. Large "Roladex" [sic] of phone numbers in the entertainment industry...."
    He may be brilliant in some ways, but my E-mail correspondence with him has revealed that he either does not understand or does not acknowledge the difference between physical evidence and other types. When I referred to physical evidence, he responded with everything but. This is characteristic of his approach to James Files and his story of killing the president—he avoids physical evidence at all costs. The net effect of this stance, whether intended or unintended, is to obscure the fact that Files's story is easily repudiated by several important pieces of physical evidence. (See Violations of the physical evidence in James Files's "confession." below.)
    The materials on James Files and the alleged conspiracy (see link below) are extensive, and we will not repeat there here. Suffice it to say that Bob Vernon is pushing this story aggressively, and has been for years. He contributes regularly to the major JFK newsgroups alt.conspiracy.jfk and alt.assassination.jfk, where he distinguishes himself by his strong language and repeated commercials for the story. But it is very easy to see that the story is false. Files is certainly lying about it, but I cannot tell whether Vernon really believes it or not. He certainly claims to. On the other hand, John Stockwell has reported that Vernon over several years said hundreds of times something like "Hey, I'm in this for the money." (Stockwell Critique of Files Story, Part 2, posted originally on CompuServe and later by John McAdams on alt.assassination.jfk). For detailed materials both pro and con on the Files story, see the "Links" page below.

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