Violations of Physical Evidence in Files's "Confession"

It is easy to show that James Files is lying by noting multiple violations of the physical evidence. Here are the most important of the violations.

  1. He fired the XP-100 from behind the picket fence on the knoll and hit JFK in the right temple, just behind his right eye. [There are several reasons why Kennedy was not hit by a frontal right shot, including the pattern of backward movement, lack of damage to the left side of the brain, lack of an exit wound on the right, an entrance wound in only the rear, and a patter of fragments in the brain connecting an entrance wound in the right rear to an exit wound in the right center.]
  2. That shot blew out 60% of his brain via the lower left rear of his head. [The left side of Kennedy's head and brain were undamaged.]
  3. He watched the whole thing happening through the scope on the XP-100. [The XP-100 has such recoil that it flies upward after each shot, making it impossible to continue looking through the scope.]
  4. He watched JFK's body lurch twice from body shots before he or Nicoletti fired into his head. [Kennedy lurched only after the head shot. Bullets do not contain enough momentum to lurch a body.]
  5. He saw JFK's head start forward from Nicoletti's shot from the Dal-Tex Building, then 1/1000 of a second later saw it pitch rearward from his forward shot. [Superhuman feat, since the eye can't record movement faster than about 1/30th of a second. Files is claiming to have been 30 times faster than that.]
  6. He saw matter and skull being blown out onto the trunk. [Matter was deposited in the limousine ahead of the Kennedy's, not behind them—Secret Service.]
  7. Motorcycle policemen took fully ten seconds to respond to the shots. [Obvious nonsense, since the whole thing was over in less than ten seconds, and the motorcycle policemen had responded well before it was over.]
  8. Nobody fired from the sixth floor of the Depository. [Multiple eyewitnesses to a man with a rifle either standing there or firing. All ballistic markings on the bullets and fragments match the sixth-floor rifle to the exclusion of all other rifles.]
  9. He saw Jack Ruby, Frank Sturgis, and Eugene Brading in Dealey Plaza just before the assassination. [Jack Ruby was by multiple accounts at the offices of the Dallas Morning News; none of the three are shown by photos of the site to have been there.]
  10. He saw Lee Harvey Oswald the day before the assassination. [He could not have—Oswald worked at the Depository that day and drove to Irving with Buell Wesley Frazier right after work.]
  11. He met Jack Ruby at a pancake house in Ft. Worth the morning of the assassination. [Serious studies of Ruby's movements show that he did not go to Ft. Worth that morning.]
  12. The route of the motorcade was changed at the last minute to include the leg on Elm Street that would slow it down and make it vulnerable to assassination. [The route was not changed at the last minute. It was approved on Monday the 18th of November and published in the newspaper the next day.]
  13. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't kill Patrolman Tippit. [The evidence that he did, both direct and circumstantial, physical and testimonial, is even stronger than for him killing the president.]
  14. He did not see Zapruder. [Impossible to miss a man and his secretary standing so near his. His line of sight to the motorcade as it rounded the turn onto Elm Street would have intercepted Zapruder and his secretary.]
  15. He called it the XP-2100.
  16. Oswald knew how to drive. [He didn't know how—Ruth Paine was giving him driving lessons.]
  17. Oswald had top secret clearance from the military. [His clearance was only "confidential," the lowest possible, and that was revoked when he was sent to the brig for a month.]

A few days after I posted these brief comments, Bob Vernon responded with vigor, to put it mildly. Click here to read his remarks, which I have posted on this web site at his request.

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