Peter Whitmey

Peter Whitmey is a Warren Commission critic who keeps smiling. That alone sets him off from the others. He lives in Abbotsford, B.C. Although he has written 21 articles on the assassination, he is best known for his work on Jean Hill and on the "Winnipeg Airport Incident." As of this writing, I am focusing on his Winnipeg articles, with one on Jean Hill. Below is his brief autobiography, as it appears on Clint Bradford's web site. Below that are links to those of his articles that are posted on this JFK site.

Articles on Jean Hill
    Jean Hill--The Lady In Red (1994)

Articles on Mary Woodward
    Mary E. Woodward: The First Dissenting Witness
    Article in The Knickerbocker News by Mary Woodward, 22 November 1983

Articles on the Winnipeg Airport Incident
    "The Man Who Heard Too Much" (The Third Decade, November 1990, updated 2002)
    "The Winnipeg Airport Incidents" (The Fourth Decade, November 1995)
    "The Winnipeg Airport Incident Revisited" (The Fourth Decade, March 1999)

Other articles
    Pershing Gervais and the Attempt to Frame Jim Garrison (The Fourth Decade, May 1994)
    The Allegations of Cecil Small (The Third Decade, January 1993)
    Deception and Deceit: Media Coverage of JFK's Assassination (November 2003)
    Forty years after Kennedy's killing (Vancouver Sun, 22 November 2003)
    The Cubana Airlines Flight of November 22, 1963 (The Fourth Decade, January 1995)