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Records of JFK assassination investigation missing

NEW ORLEANS (Reuter) - Most of the documents amassed by former District Attorney Jim Garrison during his controversial investigation of conspiracy in President John F. Kennedy's assassination have been missing for 21 years, Garrison's successor said Wednesday.
Testifying before a public hearing of the federally appointed JFK Assassination Records Review Board, Orleans Parish District Attorney Harry Connick Sr. said four of five filing cabinets believed to contain records of Garrison's controversial investigation were missing when he took over for Garrison in 1974.
Oliver Stone's movie about the assassination, "JFK," was loosely based on a book Garrison published in 1990, "JFK: On the Trail of the Assassin."
"A lot was taken before we took office, and I think a lot of material is in the custody of people who worked in that office," Connick said.
"I think the files that were left were rifled and the material taken would be of tremendous interest to the American people and the world."
Board member William L. Joyce, associate University librarian for rare books and special collections at Princeton University, told Reuters he was surprised that the records were missing. "I didn't expect that."
The missing documents would not have affected the Warren Commission Report, which was completed before Garrison's investigation ended. That commission unanimously named Lee Harvey Oswald as JFK's lone assassin.
But the availability of the records could affect future inquiries, according to several conspiracy theorists at the hearing.
Garrison, who later became a judge and has since died, indicted and tried New Orleans businessman and French Quarter preservationist Clay Shaw in connection with the alleged conspiracy.
The jury deliberated less than an hour before exonerating Shaw in 1969. Connick called putting Shaw on trial "a gross miscarriage of justice."
The surviving files were given to the New Orleans Archives about five years ago and are available to the public.

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Nyla Hutcheson, Jua, Records of JFK assassination investigation missing., Reuters, 06-28-1995.

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