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JFK records board seeks assassination pictures

WASHINGTON (Reuter) - A presidentially appointed review board appealed Tuesday for help in gathering film, photographs or other records of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy still in private hands.
On the eve of the 32nd anniversary of the killing, the Assassination Records Review Board said it would like to hear from anyone who knows of original snapshots or film footage taken of Kennedy in Dallas Nov. 22, 1963, before, during or after the shooting.
"It is possible that important pictures were taken in Dealey Plaza that day which neither the government nor the public has ever seen, " John Tunheim, chairman of the board, said in a statement.
"Now is the time for those individuals to step forward and help the Review Board to complete the record of this tragic chapter in our history," he added.
Tunheim said the board had been trying to track down "various individuals known to have taken" relevant pictures. He said there may be others who possess such images and who have not identified themselves.
The board's executive director, David Marwell, added that it was also hoping to collect other privately held assassination-related, non-photographic records that it believes may shed light on the killing.
Any such pictures or other records would be added to the giant collection of JFK assassination material already available to the public at the National Archives, the board said.
The five-member review board is an independent federal agency overseeing release of government records related to the murder, still the subject of numerous unproven conspiracy theories.
The board was created and mandated under the JFK Records Collection Act to identify, secure and make available all records related to the assassination.
According to the presidentially appointed Warren Commission, Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, killed Kennedy in Dealey Plaza by firing three shots from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas.
A House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979 that the president was the victim of a probable conspiracy that could have involved organized crime or Cubans opposed to President Fidel Castro.
Those with pictures, films or other relevant records were asked to contact the review board at 202-724-0088 or to write to: Assassination Records Review Board, 600 E Street, NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, D.C. 20530.

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