Rough outline of logic in PSC404
(From “Further thoughts on PSC404”)

1.      There is overwhelming physical evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.

2.      There is an overwhelming absence of evidence that anyone else was involved.

3.      No other credible suspects, general or named, have emerged after 37 years of intensive investigation.

4.      Thus the exceedingly strong working hypothesis must be that Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone.

5.      The logical and procedural errors of the critics and conspiracists are so clear and obvious that further discussion of conspiracy is no longer justified without solid new evidence.

6.      Given that no conspiracy has emerged in 37 years, there is no reason to expect the present situation to change (although it could at any time).

7.      Therefore the era of national soul-searching and angst that followed the JFK assassination and the distrust of the government it created were unnecessary and hurtful. The spotlight should have been turned inward on the critics rather than outward on the government. Recognizing these things, we are now ready to write the simple, clear, and true history of the assassination.

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