Reading assignments for PSC404, Spring 2001


For Friday 19 January
    Using important words precisely
    Probability, belief, and proof
For Monday 22 January

    Types of evidence useful for understanding the JFK assassination
    Shadings of eyewitness testimony
For Wednesday 24 January

    A critical method for understanding the JFK assassination
    Science, pseudo-science, and falsifiability (Karl Popper)

For Friday 26 January
    Warren Report pages ixxiv

For Monday 29 January
    Warren Report Chapter I (pages 127)

For Wednesday 31 January
    Warren Report Chapter II (pages 2860)

For Friday 2 February
    Warren Report Chapter III (pages 61117)

For Monday 5 February
    Warren Report Chapter IV (pages 118195)

For Wednesday 7 February
    Warren Report Chapter V (pages 196242)

For Friday 9 February
    Warren Report Chapter VI (pages 243374)

For Monday 12 February
    Warren Report Chapter VII (pages 375423). Skin as needed.

For Wednesday 14 February
    Warren Report Appendices VIII and IX (pages 516546)

For Friday 16 February
    Warren Report Appendix X (pages 547596)

For Tuesday 20 February (Monday classes)
    Warren Report Appendices XI and XII (pages 598636)

For Wednesday 21 February
    The ten toughest issues
    The back/shoulder wound

For Friday 23 February
    The throat wound
    The head wound

For Monday 26 February
    The single-bullet theory (SBT)

For Wednesday 28 February
    The shooting of Patrolman J. D. Tippit

For Friday 2 March
    Jack Ruby and possible conspiracy

For Monday 5 March
    Evidence for conspiracy

For Wednesday 7 March
    NAA and the JFK assassination (revised and expanded)

For Friday 9 March
    Summary of the physical evidence

For Monday 26 March (beginning a section on Pre-WCR Reactions)
    Editorial from The New Yorker (7 December 1963)
    "The Paranoid Style," by D. P. Moynihan

For Wednesday 28 March
    Revilo P. Oliver, of the University of Illinois
        Marxmanship in Dallas I (February 1964)
        Marxmanship in Dallas II (March 1964)

For Friday 30 March
    Assassination and Its Aftermath, by Congressman Martin Dies (March 1964)

For Monday 2 April
    "Oswald Innocent? A Lawyer's Brief" (Mark Lane, December 1963)

For Wednesday 4 April
    "16 Question on the Assassination" (Bertrand Russell, September 1964)

For Friday 6 April
    "Who Killed Whom and Why?" (M. S. Arnoni, January 1964)

For Wednesday 11 April 2001
    "A Measure of the Achievement" (Herbert L. Packer, The Nation, 2 November 1964)

For Friday 13 April 2001
     "The Left and the Warren Commission Report" (I. F. Stone, I. F. Stone's Weekly, 5 October 1964)

For Monday 16 April 2001
     "A Critique of The Warren Report" (Dwight Macdonald, Esquire, March 1965)

For Wednesday 18 April 2001
    "Who's Afraid of the Warren Report?" (Edward Jay Epstein, Esquire, December 1966)

For Friday 20 April 2001
     "Notes for a New Investigation" (Sylvia Meagher, Esquire, December 1966)

For Monday 23 April 2001
      "The Warren Commission, The Truth, and Arlen Specter" (Gaeton Fonzi, Greater Philadelphia Magazine, 1 August 1966)

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