Banquet 4

    After singing, Mr. Shih-Der Chung called for some of the attendees to come to the stage and dance with him. Several aerosol scientists overcame their natural reluctance and went up. First, all had to be shown how to clasp their hands properly. This was not an easy job, because these guys were not candidates for "DancingWith The Stars," to put it mildly. (To be fair, your humble photographer hid behind his camera the whole time.)



It's too hard! I can't bend that way.

Ready at last!

Follow me. This is how we do it. (With a lot of luck!)

Mr. Shih-Der Chung is laughing at the prospect of trying to get a bunch of aerosol professors to follow his directions.

Here we go! Note how fast off the mark John Watson was.

I guess that first kick wasn't everything! John is now lagging behind the others in stepping. (Or is he really two steps ahead?)

Pretty good, boys!

Here you can find any position of legs that you want.

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