Tour 1

    About 30 attendees took a tour of the Kaohsiung harbor on Wednesday afternoon, just after the conference ended. We first boarded a small ship for the tour, then landed at Cijin for a short look around that nice place, and then took a ferry back across to the Gushan Ferry Station, where we were met by our bus and returned to the hotel. Here is a series of pictures from that very nice afternoon.

In the bus at the hotel, waiting for the busy Yu-Chen Chang to arrive so we could get started.

The view from the front of the bus toward the harbor. The entrance to the Splendor Hotel is to the far right, just out of view.

A typical city street in Kaohsiung.


Crossing Love River to get to the tour boat.


Arriving at the tour boat. Yu-Cheng and Jim Gentry are eager to get aboard.


Our tour boat.

The guy in the read and blue striped shirt was the captain. He knew the harbor very well.

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