Barb 1


Barb is a great hostess. He is the spread she put out as a little "snack" for us. She would have offered us a full meal, but she and her husband had a dinner commitment that evening.

This is Barb's husband Juha. As you can guess from his name, he is Finnish.

Barb and her little dog Zapruder. They call him Rudy for short.

Barb has a Mannlicher-Carcano. Here I am holding it in the classic Oswald pose. "Motor Home" had to substitute for "The Worker" and "The Militant," however.

Here is Barb pretending to carry the rifle into the depository, cupped in her hand a la Oswald. Note how no part of the rifle is visible above her shoulder. :-)

Gail really got into the Carcano. Here she is trying to shoot a CNN anchor.

The new few pictures are from Barb's collection of JFK materials upstairs.

Note the photo of Oswald pretending to be me.  :-)


Barb is showing Gail her closetful of notebooks on JFK.

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