Tour of Shanghai, 4 June 2005

    On the Saturday that I was  in Shanghai, Li Jin gave me a nice tour of the city. She is a student of Tang Danling (Lingzis), and is studying harmful algal blooms in coastal areas of the South China Sea. On my last trip to Fudan, Li Jin had offered to show me around the next time I came. I took her up on it.
    Li Jin had worked out an energetic day of touring. First we went to Duolun Road, a short street that is full of Shanghai's traditional culture. From there we went to Wujiang Road, which has many snack shops. Unfortunately, some of them were not open yet (about noon). After that we took the subway under the Huangpu River to Lujiazui, a famous commercial and financial center with many high buildings. We walked though a little park called Yanzhong Park, which has a small lake in the form of Pudong.
    We then had a late lunch in an underground restaurant People's Square. After that, we visited an area called Xintiandi (New Heaven and Earth). It is being developed into a trendy area with quite a few foreign restaurants. There we visited, among other things, the site of the First Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, in 1921.
    Then we left for the Bond (the historic area along the river). We searched for a dinner cruise, but couldn't find one. We got tickets for a one-hour cruise from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., which allowed us to enjoy the beautiful scenery along both sides of the river. Then we had a quick supper and returned to Fudan University, tired but satisfied.
    The day was beautiful—clear blue skies and not too hot or humid. We hope you enjoy the pictures!

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