Christmas Dinner 4—Hijinks Afterward

    After the dramatic reading, the gift of Harry Potter, a funny thing happened. All of a sudden, everyone wanted me to autograph their copies of "The Night Before Christmas." So there I sat, doing them one by one, and pretty soon camera-girl Hui was taking more pictures, and then people started posing, and shortly the whole thing got out of hand. By the end, Prof. Zhuang had a Santa hat on too and the students were pulling them upright behind us. You can see the progression of events from fun to mayhem.

Santa gets ready to sign the first one.

"Yes, right at the top, please!"

Waiting in line for their copies of the poem to be signed.


Too many antlers!

Amazing how those Santa hats can stand up straight!

Prof. Zhuang joins the fray.

What wonderful hats!

Here is a puzzle for the viewers. How is this Santa hat standing up so straight with no visible means of support? Hint: Look carefully behind Santa's neck.

Let Ireland have its Three Tenors. We have The Three Santas!

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