Sunday 28 December 2—Supper At The Super Bar

    The students from the eight-floor laboratory, plus Jinghua and Hui, then went to BNU's Super Bar for supper. The Super Bar is modeled after a Western sports bar, as you can see in the pictures below. It serves Chinese food, but on individual plates. Somehow the camera again got involved.

Here we are, waiting for the food to arrive. Xingying is checking for phone messages while Hui is hiding from the camera.

Here is the way the food was served. I'm not sure why Hui was so interested in me and my chopsticks. Jinghua is busy examining some old money.

Now Xingying has the money, and he seems unusually delighted by it.

Digging in.

A view of the tables in the Super Bar.

A little more levity. Jinghua thinks that she can duck out of the picture.

Hui with her hero, some soccer player, I think.

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