Views from the 12th floor (24 December)

    Whenever I go to Beijing Normal University, the first thing I do is go to the 12th floor of the Science and Technology Building, where Prof. Zhuang's students have offices, and check out the view from the roof. This gives me a quick idea of the air quality. Here is what I saw on the 24th of December.

A view to the west. There was enough haze this day to obscure the mountains just to the west.

A view to the northwest. The mountains are still obscured.

This is the rooftop of the twelfth floor, where Prof. Zhuang's group takes samples of aerosol and precipitation. Note the brown haze near the horizon.

A view to the southeast. The brown haze appears clearly here. You can also see some of BNU's new buildings.

A closer view ot two of the new buildings (the massive gray one right of center and the brick one to the left).

Your humble photographer being photographed.

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