Sunday 28 December 3—Xingying Plays Volleyball

    After dinner at the Super Bar, we went over to the gymnasium to watch Xingying play volleyball. He is part of a group that plays every Sunday evening. Most of the others are teachers at BNU; he is the only student. You could sense the camaraderie in the group.

Warming up by passing the ball back and forth around a circle.

Xingying unleashes a mighty serve.

The other team tries valiantly to respond to Xingying's serve.

Up in the air Xingying goes to swat the ball.

Xingying crushes the ball right past his opponent. The other guy never had a chance!

Xingying bats the ball up into the air for the next player.

Another mighty swat by Xingying.

Ready for the other side to serve. Note the badminton in the background. The gym was full of simultaneous contests the whole evening.

Is this a legal move? Looks to me like he's grabbing the ball instead of hitting it.

Everybody is going for the ball at once.

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