Beijing Normal University 2

    Here we are on the roof (the 11th floor) of the Science and Technology Building of Beijing Normal University, where Prof. Zhuang's group takes its air and precipitation samples. (You can see one of the air samplers at the back corner of the roof.) Jinghua and Gail are enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful blue sky, and Gail is getting her first look at the skyline of Beijing. Comments continue underneath each picture.


This is an office of the group. It looks out on the part of the roof shown above.

A beautiful, relaxing little park next to the Science and Technology Building. It is built on a little knoll.

A view of the track from the little park.

On the other side of campus, in the residential area for the students. The blue buildings on the left are dormitories.

That afternoon, Monday, I gave a PowerPoint presentation of Yuan Hui's work on the chemistry of individual particles in Beijing. (Hui is currently in Rhode Island with me for a year.) This is the assembled group, with Prof. Zhuang on the right. We are in the Chemistry Building.

Your humble presenter on the left, showing signs of tiredness from the previous two days of travel.

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