Forbidden City 4

On the way to the little building, we passed this delightful little gate.

Like a picture within a picture.

We were approached by this young artist, whose name I seem to have mislaid. We went inside and viewed her work. Gail got a nice handing painting, and I got two smaller paintings, which I have now framed.

Here is the artist with one of the paintings that I got. We were able to incorporate the purple matte into the framed version, which now hangs on a second-story wall in my house.

The Screen of the Nine Dragons. It is a twin to the one at the northern end of Beihai Park, which is just north of the Forbidden City. There are nine dragons because of the lucky number being nine. You can even count the nails on some of the doors and find that they are arranged nine by nine. Good luck for everyone!

A little side part of the Forbidden City, which leads to museums and shops. It is also a pleasant place for the weary walker to sit.

The Forbidden City is full of beautiful little views like this.

Some of my friends think that the sense of scale offered by this picture is wonderful. I do, too.

Gail and Jinghua trekking on, followed as ever by your humble photographer.

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