Scenes at universities and institutesthe business part of the trip.

    Beijing Normal Universityour home base
    Peking University
Research Institute for Eco-Environmental Studies
Institute of Atmospheric Physics

Scenes near Tian'anmen Square

    Tian'anmen Square
The Forbidden City
Zhongshan Park

Other parts of the city

    Beihai Park
Lama Temple (Yonghegong)
Tientan Park (Temple of Heaven Park)

Outside the city

    The Summer Palace
        Walking around the lake
        Up to the temple
        Shopping at the Emperor Mall

    The Great Walk to the Great Wall
        The Great Walk
        The Great Wall

    Zhoukoudian (site of Peking Man)
        Museum and Locality 1
        Localities 4 and 15 and surroundings

    ShiduThe Juma River Valley
        I: Getting there; first views of the gorge
        II: More scenes along the valley
        III: A little beach
        IV: Back to Beijing; the Marco Polo Bridge

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