Gulangyu 3

    The tour of Gulangyu continues...

The park had a memorial to a deceased woman doctor who devoted her life to caring for others, evento the extent of never marrying.

Heading back toward the ferry.

Approaching the huge statue of Zheng Chenggong.

    "The stone sculpture of Zheng Chenggong stands like a giant on Fuding Rock. It's 15.7 meters high, 1400 tons, and it carved out of 625 pieces of Quanzhou white high quality granite. It's the largest stone historical figure sculpture in the country at present. The sculpture is divided into 25 layers, the base is 3 meters deep in the rock, and there is the thunder-proof equipment, so it can resist scale 12 violent typhoon and earthquake of magnitude above 8. The sculpture attracts thousands and tens of thousands of visitors by its magnificent mould and profound intrinsic ideological level."

And here it is! Don't mess with Zheng Chenggong!

A little "marine walk" along the beach at low tide.

Real men need only one hand to take pictures!

Yours truly in front of Xiamen City.

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