Gulangyu 5

    The conclusion of the tour of Gulangyu...

Jiangjun poses atop the railing while Zhongyong admires her nerves of stone.

Your humble photographer with Zheng Chenggong.

The bronze sculpture "Driving away the invaders by the Cane Shield Army." See next photo for description.

The Bronze Sculpture Of "Driving away the Invaders by Cane Shield Army
    "According to the record, the Cane Shield Army was organized by Zheng Chenggong; they were incomparably capable and vigorous and brave and battlewise, and won many victories in driving the Holland invaders out of Taiwan. The bronze sculpture of "Driving away the Invaders by Cane Shield Army" lies in the center square of the Bright Moon Park. It's 13 meters long, 4.7 meters high and 18 tons. It's the largest bronze historical-figure sculpture in the country at present. The foreground of the sculpture is Zheng Chenggong galloping ahead with sword drawn in the middle, and escorted by the generals and advisers. The background is the huge and grand cane shield army; the grand spectacle and the various vivid moulds have high artistic value. This sculpture was awarded "Excellent Prize" in the national city-sculpture competition in 1994."

As we were approaching the ferry we saw a collection of peacocks, including the rare albinos, in a fenced-off area. Here is one with the traditional colors.

The ferry back to Xiamen City. Our tour of Gulangyu ends here.

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