Rafting 5

    Almost the end of our rafting tour...

Here is another raft that we passed. Personally, I don't think they look so happy about it.

Approaching a large rock with boat-coffins said to be over 3800 years old. The ancients buried some of their dead in holes partway of the side of the cliffs. They and the boat they were laid in were preserved. Some are in the local museum; some remain in place. There is much discussion about how they got the boats there. I suspect they lowered them down from above, but what do I know?

Here is a boat. It is almost exactly in the center of the picture, and the protruding end resembled a bunch of sticks.

Here is an enlargement of the critical area in the photo from above.

Back to the quietude of the Nine-Bend River.

Our guide kept up an active conversation the whole time. Management should give him a raise!

More stories as we round another of the bends.


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