Reconstruction Everywhere3

    The campus tour is not yet over...

A cluster of dormitories for undergraduate boys and their bikes.

The new tennis courts near the dorms. The red building on the left is the new arts building, with the chemistry building behind it. In the right center are the two sections of the Science and Technology Building. Just to the left of center is the roofed stadium for track and football.

Reconstructing the road between the arts building (tall, red) and the chemistry building (taller, gray). The lower red building on the left is a refurbished athletic facility that houses basketball courts, volleyball courts, and table tennis. When you walk by this place, you hear balls bouncing, sneakers squeaking, and players groaning.

A front view of the beautiful new arts building. The sign tells about a series of concerts being given in honor of the hundredth anniversary coming up. The street is nearly finished.

A beautiful, shiny structure at the rear of the arts building. To me it represents hands and organ pipes, but you may see something different in it!

The chemistry building.

A board in front of the chemistry building. The sign on the left board is informing students who have failed two successive examinations in a course that they must retake the entire course.

More road work between chemistry and arts.

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