Reconstruction Everywhere4

    The campus tour concludes...

Bicycles parked next to the arts building. In the rear is the chemistry building.

A view of the new track and field/football stadium

The front of the Science and Technology Building. Prof. Zhuang's group samples air and rain from the roof of the left wing.

A southward view of campus from the roof of the Science and Technology Building. The South Gate is in the right rear. The heavy haze is still typical of Beijing in summer, despite attempts to reduce it.

A view to the northeast from the same roof.

A view to the west. You can see the two athletic fields in the center, arts and chemistry to the right, and tennis and basketball courts to the left.

A view to the southwest. The stack belongs to the heating plant, with the new foreign-student building to its right.

This nice little statue is just off the street that runs for the S&T Building to the East Gate. It is easy to miss unless you are strolling around.

The street that goes to the East Gate, which is also shrouded in green while being reconstructed.

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