Driftwoods 1

    Here is a view of the Narragansett town beach just before the concert began. Even though it was 6:30 p.m., quite a few of the day's beachgoers remained. You can see the surfing contingent on the right.


I brought "my" two Asian students, Hui Yuan (Ph.D. student at Beijing Normal University) and Tomomi Kani (postdoctoral researcher just arrived from Kumamoto University, Japan). They are both digital camera devotees, as you can see.

Here are Tomomi on the left and Hui on the right.

Bikers were there, too.

The band in one of their opening numbers.




Tomomi and Hui are watching and listening intently, along with a whole lot of other folks.

Bill and Tom. Bill is really having a good time even though he doesn't show it. He's the strong, silent type.

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