13 January2 Lunch At The Brazilian Barbeque

    Here we are at the Brazilian barbeque. It was surprisingly authentic, although perhaps with a few more noodles than the original.

These three cheerful Chinese-Brazilian girls greeted us as we entered and left.

Here they are, up close and personal.

Much of the food was served buffet-style, as you can see on the left.

The Brazilian gauchos came around with the meats on a skewer and pushed off a piece for whoever wanted one. You could eat without limit, just as in a regular rodizio.

Here is our gaucho. That's my plate he is filling!

You could go over to a different place and get food cooked to order, almost like a hot pot.

Bi Xinhui, Prof. Sheng, and Mei.

Prof. Xheng.

Prof. Fu.

All of us after the delicious meal.

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