The Chen Clan Museum 2Paintings And Embroideries

    The museum is full of paintings and embroideries. Here are some of them.

An outside view between buildings.

Some examples of folk art on display.


Another courtyard.



    Embroideries in Guangzhou, Fushan, Nanhai, Panyu and Shunde are referred to as Guangzhou embroidery. It had superb skill in Tang Dynasty, till Ming and Qing Dynasty it became one of the four well-known embroideries in China. The traditional Guangzhou embroidery is so simple and full of folk taste that recalls strong flavor of rural. Modern Guangzhou embroidery is elegant and generous, lays stress on absorbing skills from all kinds of paintings and has higher artistry. Tradition and modern come down in one continuous. Distinguished by magnificent colors, plump and symmetrical composition, Guangzhou embroidery is a model of folk arts with local characteristics.

Visitors admiring Guangzhou embroideries.

A close-up of one of the better examples of Guangzhou embroidery.

Xiaohong wanted me to take this picture to show the details in a traditional Chinese window.

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