The Chen Clan Museum 4—Ah Q And Other Stories 2

    More pictures of figures from Lu Xun's writings.

One of the villagers from Ah Q.

Another villager.

Ah Q taking a beating.


This picture and the next depict a scene from Lu Xun's story The New Year's Sacrifice in which a woman known to villagers as "Hsiang Lin's wife" was captured by a river and sold to be a man's wife up in the mountains. The kidnapping was arranged by her former mother-in-law a year or so after the woman had subsequently run away from the mother-in-law and family. The second marriage didn't work, either, but not necessarily because it was forcibly arranged. Her second husband died of typhoid, her young son was eaten alive by wolves who had entered the village during late winter in search of food, and she (the wife) ultimately returned to her village, where after a brief period as a servant she became a beggar and died during the New Year's Celebration (the scarifice).



I think this is another sculpture of Ah Q.


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