11 January, White Cloud Mountain—1 Climbing

    The next morning, January 11th, the three of us climbed White Cloud Mountain, a local resort. We got good exercise and had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures!

Here is the entrance to White Cloud Mountain. You can see its name on the blue part of the sign. You can also see the cable cars that go to the top. You buy your tickets at the building just to the right of the blue car.

Buying the tickets.

Here are the ticket-taking girls.

There are steps and a road to the top. We began with the steps and continues with the road. Signs along the way, like this one on the right, direct you to features of interest.

Here is a typical view of the vegetation as you climb.

A map of White Cloud Mountain and the trail to the top.

This is the little road. Even though its still was before noon, many people had already climbed to the top and back down again.

White Cloud Mountain is popular with groups. The groups can be from a school or, as likely in this case, a work unit.

More signs to more features. We were heading to Nengren Temple, even though I didn't know it.

Some of the beautiful flowers along the way.

Ahead to The Temple
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