Guangzhou, 10–15 January 2004

    I went to Guangzhou to visit the Institute of Geochemistry (with Zheng Mei) and the Foreign Language Teaching and Training Center, School of Medicine, Zhongshan University. The formalities of the second visit didn't work out, although I did get to meet Mr. Ni Xiaohong of that center, who is interested in learning more about teaching scientific writing in English. He and his wife Hong Jianwen accompanied me during nearly my whole time there, and we became very good friends. Enjoy the pictures!

The Ocean Hotel and views of Guangzhou

10 January
    The Muslim restaurant
    On the street

11 January—White Cloud Mountain
    1 Climbing
    2 Nengren temple
        Lower level
        Middle level
        Middle level 2
    3 At the top
    4 Patriotic singing
    5 Grass skiing and bungee jumping
    6 More singing

11 January evening
    1 Walk to Xiaohong's house 1
    2 Walk to Xiaohong's house 2

12 January
    1 The Chen Clan Museum
        1 Entrance and sitting rooms
        2 Paintings and embroideries
        3 Statues from Ah Q and other stories 1
        4 Statues from Ah Q and other stories 2
        5 Ivory Carvings
        6 Roof Decorations
        7 Courtyards
        8 Miscellaneous
        9 Outside the entrance
    2 Walking to dinner 1
    3 Walking to dinner 2—The Night Market
    4 The pedestrian mall 1
    5 The pedestrian mall 2—The old street
    6 Dinner at the noodle house
    7 Coffee at the Ocean Hotel

13 January
    1 The Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry
    2 Lunch at the Brazilian barbeque
    3 The Guangzhou Environmental Protection Department

14 January
    Zhongshan University
        1 Arriving
        2 Mei's talk
        3 Lunch
        4 A short walk
        5 A longer walk 1
        6 A longer walk 2
        7 A longer walk 3
    Dinner with Mei's relatives

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