On The Street

    After the dinner we walked on the street for a while. The nominal reason was to get some fresh-cooked meat in the muslim style, but we also used the opportunity to walk around the area. Here are some of the resulting photos.

This guy was cooking lamb right in front of the restaurant, although he wasn't associated with it. We tried some, and it was very good. You can see Xiaohong and a little bit of Jianwen on the right side.

Here is Muslim bread. We didn't try any, since we were full from the restaurant.

Here is a roast lamb.

A few blocks away was this area, known to locals as "Times Square."

The sign proves it.

The sign in Chinese absolutely settles it!

Here are some of the other tall buildings downtown.

We walked over near a sport stadium. Just outside of it there was a whole lot of ping-pong goin' on (apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis).

We heard music coming from the stadium. When we got closer, we saw that there was a dance lesson in progress just underneath the seats. The teacher was the woman on the left. The students were learning formal dancing. You can see that the students were of all ages.

At first I didn't know what all this bamboo rigging was for. Then Xiaohong and Jianwen told me that it was for floral displays during the coming Spring Festival.

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