17 January 2004Research Center of Testing and Analysis

    The next morning, Mei and I visited the Guizhou Research Center of Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis. The place is populated by very nice people, and I am pleased that I will be visiting there regularly under a long-term program of collaboration.

Jiang Yan (Janie) on the left, a woman in the center whose name I never learned, and Prof. He. Prof. He was formerly the director, but now has relinquished most or all of his duties to Prof. Tan Hong, his former student. They work actively together on building the institute. Janie divides her time between the institute and the Guizhou Academy of Sciences, also in Guiyang.

Prof Tan Hong helping Mei prepare for her talk.

Xiaodong was with us for the first part of Mei's talk, but then had to leave for another appointment. That is Prof. Tan on the right.


Janie and Prof. Tan.

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