Views From The Flight To Beijing 2

    Part 2 of the pictures from the flight.

A closer view of the previous picture. This is the last view of material like the Loess Plateau, although I think it was out of the area classically called that. You can see some flat area on the lower left.

New we are entering eroded areas without table-tops. As we progress northward, the mountains diminish and more flat land at the bottom appears, along with increasing population and increasing air pollution. The relief stands out more as the day gets later.

Here you see greater flat, settled areas and (in the distance) greater air pollution in the form of widespread haze. Admittedly, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate haze from light cloudiness, and I wasn't yet sure this was haze. But it became obvious soon afterward.

More people and more haze. It is markedly stronger over the flatter areas. There even appears to be one strong point source just to the right of center.

Still-stronger haze over the lower regions, especially on the right.

Strong haze in the valleys.

Here you can see how the haze is linked to the valleys and the people.

Strong haze in the lowlands to the left.

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