The Capital Opera—People Arriving

    We arrived at the theater well ahead of time, and so were able to watch the people as they arrived.

You can see how few people were there. It was an hour ahead of time.

Our little group, sans photographer.

People were watching the orchestra as it prepared and warmed up (literally, too).

This is how you keep Ray occupied during the long wait—shut off all his breathing! (But he still loves his Auntie Mei.)

Examining the program.

I'm not sure what ll this computer equipment behind us was for, but I suspect it had something to do with controlling the lights and other special effects.

Some policemen waiting.

The Army (PLA) arrived in force. They filled up both sides.

They filled up the front, too. You can see some of them marching in on the right. They were even given commands when to remove their hats.

Almost ready to begin.

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