The Capital Opera—Show 6, Bows And Congratulations

    When it was all over, the cast took the usual round of bows. They received flowers, too. Then the local dignitaries came to the stage, congratulated them, and took a round of joint bodw.

Here are the major characters, followed by the women's cast and the men's cast.

Now the minor characters are added. Some are looking to the left in expectation of receiving the local dignitaries.

The local dignitaries. I believe the first one is the mayor of Guiyang.

Then came a high-ranking official of the army (PLA).

Dignitaries plus flowers.

Everybody together.

It takes art to leave the stage. The woman in the center with her hands up knows how to do it. The others don't seem to.

The mayor plus the woman who knows how to leave.

Some last words.

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