16 January 2004On The Street 2

    I had lost my hat somewhere along the way, and so we looked for one in the stores.

Here is our saleslady. We wanted the red one, but someone else had spoken for it first.

We ran into this brass band promoting the opening of some store or restaurant inside this larger building. I couldn't resist taking some pictures. The had six trumpets, three trombones, one tenor sax, one tuba, and one of something that looked like a narrow-bell euphonium with rotary valves. They sounded surprisingly good, considering that the temperature was just above the freezing point.

They had all their marches memorized.

There was one girl in the trumpet section.

A closer view of the trumpet section.

From the front steps of one of the stores. Note the sign for Mary Kay cosmetics on the building across the street.

This is inside that circular covered walkway. It was rather crowded and intense, and we were happy to reach the other side.

Here is a view of the traffic as we were leaving the covered walkway. I assume that the traffic was heavier than normal that day because people were out shopping for Spring Festival the next week, but I understand that Guiyang's traffic is always heavy.


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